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Flirting Tips for Girls with 8 Ways to Flirt with Guys

How a girl flirts will determine the kind of result she will get from a guy. Perfecting the technique by paying attention to self before trying to garner interest is important. Here are a few pointers that will quite likely help you to know how to go about your flirting techniques.

Flirting Tips That Actually Work for Girls

Not everyone can flirt. Most persons have tried and failed because of a lack of confidence and a low self esteem. Flirting boosts the way you feel about yourself especially when you seem to be getting positive results.

girl looking at guy with flirtatious eyes

Here are some great flirting techniques for women that will grab the attention of the guy you like. The aim is to come across as sultry, not scary. The end result you want to achieve is to pull him towards you, not push him away. If you already know how to flirt with guys these additional points will be great to add on to what you already know.

Bat your eyelids

Flirting is always associated with batting eyelids. Some of the best best flirting tips for women starts with knowing how to flutter the eyelash. Why is this so? If you have ever heard the saying that the eyes are windows to the soul, there must be some truth to it why this technique is used so often. One of the most tantalizing features of a female is her eyes. Guys will be drawn to it easily, making it one of your biggest weapons to ignite his interest in you. You don’t need to be all “cartoonish”, all you need is to bat them subtly and let him see the flirty side of you. Contrary to what you might think, guys love it when girls make it obvious that they are into them, it makes them feel more “manly”.

Swing your hips

Men love this. The way you walk will make or break your chances with a guy. If you can master the art of having a very sexy walking your flirting techniques will be much better and will become an easy task for you. Men love certain physical features on a woman. When their eyes are forced to be drawn to particular areas it boosts their interest. One of their most favorite parts on a woman is her hips. Mastering the art of flirting is not so difficult. Some of the best flirting technique for women involves her strutting-her-stuff. Hip swinging is tantalizing and will definitely capture and keep his attention.

Dress the part

Before you even consider testing out your flirting technique, you should ensure that your overall appearance is top notch. With these flirt tips there is no need to be revealing or to have any of your precious assets hanging out. You can still dress to say ''I am single'' without being revealing. This will ensure that you will avoid unwanted attention. What you wear and how you behave will most times determines the way you appear in the eyes of onlookers and the kinds of men that you will attract. With these in mind, try dressing modestly while still maintaining your overall sexy appeal.

Look great

Paying attention to those tiny details such as how you dress is important. Dress stylishly so you wear things that compliment your overall features. Apply makeup sparingly. One of the best flirting tips for girls, is to make yourself comfortable before stepping out. Dressing comfortably will boost your ability to effectively flirt. Wear clothing and shoes that you are yourself with. Your flirting techniques might starts with how comfortable you are. Looking good starts with feeling good.

Have a high level of confidence

Not everyone has the ability to flirt well. The technique has certain aspects of it that if not employed correctly the results might end being less than desirable. Knowing that you are all that will make you flirt better than ever. Men are not just attracts to looks but also to an overall appeal. In other words, if you are exuding a certain level of confidence then you might definitely be coming off to a guy as extremely sexy.

Know why you are flirting

The real reason why you are flirting is important. Making your intentions clear in your own head is important. Flirting tips for women might be different based on reason. Some people have reached a point where it is done merely for fun. No deep meaning to it. No intentions on forming any bond either short term or long term. Most persons flirt when they see someone they like and want to grab their attention and probably form a bond somehow. Flirting will be done in an effort to draw you both closer. Flirting is not only for those who want to get into a relationship. Couples flirt in order to keep the fire burning in their relationship. Knowing why you are flirting will also determine your technique.

Perfect your technique

Wisely use your flirt tips. For women, especially if you are new to flirting, tying out or running through your technique might be wise. That way you will know what works and what doesn't. Try out your wall in front of your mirror and see which ways thou can adjust them. You can we what the guy you like will be seeing when you try out your technique on him.

Be the life of the party

If you intend on being dowdy and boring then it makes no sense trying to flirt. It will not land you those great results that you are hoping for. If you want a guy to notice you, you have to show him how interesting and fun you are. No need to be loud or vulgar, you can ensure that you engage in conversations, and contribute to these conversations efficiently. Start topics that are engaging and interesting.
Flirting is just one way to get a guy to notice you. Having a delightful personality is always a great asset. If you cannot hold an interesting conversation with him then flirting might be absolutely useless. Getting a guy's interest takes more, much more than flirting.