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How to Fall in Love Again: Get Back on the Love Horse

So, you want to know how to fall in love again? It can be a tricky thing to accomplish, even more so when you are actually trying. Read through this article for some insight, and get yourself back on track.

Five Simple Tips On How To Fall In Love Again

Being in love is one of the best, most powerful feelings for a human being to experience. We all crave that passing feeling, the rush and the excitement, the butterflies in our guts and the purple haze in our heads.

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The constant surge of adrenalin basically gives us minor super powers, as we need less food and less sleep while in this state. And when the feeling is gone, we want them back, so we try to fall in love again. But, how exactly does one go about this? How to fall in love again?

Five Important Things You Should Or Should Not Do While Trying To Fall In Love Again With Someone New

When thinking about how to fall in love with someone new, first make sure you are done and over with the old. Although falling in love again might seem like a good idea to distract yourself after a bad break up, it will most likely just mask the issue rather than solve it. Getting over someone is a process that takes time, and involving a third person into the ordeal may complicate matters even more. If you think things are complicated as they are, imagine being in love with two people at the same time? Not to mention that it may be unfair to your new love interest. Nobody really wants to be the rebound guy. Another thing to consider is, that if you do actually fall in love with someone new and start a relationship with them, do you really want to enter it dragging in old baggage? And how would you feel if they were to do the same?

Now, once you are sure that you do want someone new, here is how to fall in love again.

Accept yourself

First thing you need to do is be at peace with yourself and comfortable in your own skin. It has been said a million times already, and it needs to be said again: in order to be appreciated by others, first you need to appreciate yourself.

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Building self­confidence is hard, but necessary, and it can be one of your most attractive characteristics. Present yourself as a confident, self­aware person. Show the world that you know exactly who you are and what you want; it just may help boost your ratings with a potential partner. It will also ensure that you are not taken lightly

Know what you need

The second thing you need to do to get back in the love game is to be careful not to look for a replacement. Meaning, don’t just go out and track down another copy of your previous love. Of course, it is perfectly okay to have a type, for example, to have a preferred eye color, height, weight, or to be attracted to a certain kind of personality, such as the geeky or rebellious type.

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Meeting someone new and falling in love with him just because he reminds you of a previous love will probably end in disappointment.

Step out of your comfort zone

The third thing you need to do is to be open to new experiences. It’s unlikely that anything fun will happen if you just shut yourself in your bedroom. Try to extend your comfort zone, the more the better. Science has proved that we tend to fall in love with people we experience new things with. So be bold, and try to choose something new or unusual for a first date, or go somewhere new with friends and see if you meet someone interesting.

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You could even try giving an opportunity to someone who is a bit outside your standard preferences. For example, if you usually had talkative boyfriends, maybe try giving it a shot with someone who is more of the quiet type. This way, you can experience a completely different relationship dynamics. Who knows, you just might like it.

Pace yourself

The fourth thing you need to do is try to keep yourself in check. When you have met someone new and you are just getting started, resist the urge to speed things up. Do not rush the development of your relationship, or pursue that feeling of being an item with someone, as it may end up hurting your goals. Forcing any kind of development will just make you come across as needy, or unsynchronized with your partner.

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Being optimistic will certainly do good to your relationship, but steer clear of having too high hopes, as it will probably put undue stress on both of you. Let things run their natural course, and be ready for love to happen whenever it decides to show up. And if it doesn’t… Well, at least you know that you gave it a shot and that it simply wasn't meant to be. And you just move along.

Reflect on your feelings

The final thing you should be aware of when considering how to fall in love again is being in touch with your own feelings. Sometimes, it is hard to know exactly what you think or how you feel about someone, as we all often have many confusing feelings at the same time, and a lot of them can be conflicted.

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So you should try to think about them, until you are sure about where you stand. For example, if you realize you are thinking about someone a lot, try to decide if you are analysing, or daydreaming. We inevitably tend to idealize people we are romantically involved with, but keeping this fact in mind, we may be able to be a bit more objective while observing them. Be careful, don’t try to psych yourself into thinking you are in love. You will probably just end up being obsessive, with none of the wonderful feelings that come with being in love.

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In the end, no matter how much we try to pick and choose, it is pretty much impossible to control who we will or who we won’t fall in love with. Sometimes, it happens at first sight, but sometimes it will be with the most unlikely person. It can happen anywhere, to anybody, when we don't expect it. So, how to fall in love with someone new? Just get yourself out there, and wait for it to happen. Be patient, and it surely will.