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8 Insomnia Symptoms that Signal Very Serious Sleeping Problems

Don't fall into the deadly trap of insomnia symptoms, because once you pull together a string of sleeplessness days that does permanent damage to your health. Both your mental and physical health rely on regular sleep to repair your body's functions.

Insomnia Symptoms Leading to Chronic Bad Health

Are you sleep deprived? The symptoms you get from insomnia can leave you less and less reliant on sleep; which is a dangerous cycle. You start out with a few nights of no sleep and eventually it turns into a very severe insomnia where you have to be wheeled into the emergency room. In order to prevent a trip to the hospital, you must practice good sleep hygiene habits. Don't wait if you experience any of these insomnia symptoms; get checked out immediately.

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Symptoms of Insomnia

1. Sleep Anxiety

Your sleep anxiety is getting serious enough to the point where you cannot close your eyes without thinking about how late it is. It's caused by lack of sleep and is preventing you from getting any sleep.

2. Concentration Problems

Your concentration problems stem from a lack of a functioning mind caused by insomnia. Your mind isn't getting necessary rest and it's costing you.

3. Moody

We all have bad moods sometimes; it's just hormones. But it's more serious if it lasts all day. It normally means something is wrong with your physiology; whether it is hunger or sleep.

4. Tired All Day

Your insomnia symptoms are most apparent in how tired you are. It is not a normal feeling of tired. It is feeling like your body can't even tell if it is daytime or nighttime.

5. No Control over Sleep

Your circadian rhythm is off and your body is out of control. You can't fall asleep when you want and you wake up at strange hours of the night.

6. Always Sick

Your main insomnia symptoms is a feeling of un-wellness. Your immune system is barely hanging on and your body can no longer fight off sickness-causing bacteria.

7. Waking Up Sleepy

You wake up feeling sleepy, yet you can't go back to sleep. It's the worst feeling ever. This is when your insomnia is at its worst. You need a change in schedule if you always wake up needing coffee. It's not normal as popularly thought.

8. Stomach Issues

Your stomach issues like gas and stomach aches could be a symptom of sleeplessness. Gastrointestinal problems most often occur with stress and insomnia.

9. Chronic Migraines

Headaches happen for many reasons, but don't underestimate the power of sleep on your migraine cure. Nothing helps your head problems better than sleep.

The right time to get your insomnia checked out is when you are experiencing any one of these 8 symptoms on a regular basis. If you are falling into bad sleep habits, then it can transition into these symptoms that indicate bad sleep health.

Your Insomnia Symptoms Indicate Not Only a Problem Sleeping, but a Problem in Your Lifestyle that Could Lead to a Hospital Visit

The time to do something about insomnia symptoms is immediately. Don't let the sleep symptoms run your life and make your life a waking nightmare. Only those who have experienced insomnia know the devastating effects it has on lives.

1. Anxiety about Getting to Sleep at Night

We all have those nights where we can't stop looking at the clock in bed. Our heart starts picking up a beat and our eyes feel more wide open the more we think about the fact we cannot fall asleep right now. We think that by staying in the bed we can make ourselves more tired, but that's never the case. Sleep anxiety is real, and is apparent almost every night for an insomniac. Sleep anxiety is a killer, and the only treatment for insomnia caused by anxiety is to prevent the problems before they begin. Get up out of bed and start doing things until you are so tired that you have to collapse into the comfortableness of your bed. Counting down the minutes until dawn in bed is a good way to start an insomnia habit.

2. Inability to Concentrate on the Smallest Tasks

Running low on sleep has the effect of making our days longer and our decisions harder. You cannot concentrate when you have a lack of sleep. People with insomnia are often in their own world when awake and can't pay attention to most of the things going on around them. If you have a string of a couple of days with irregular sleep, you will start to experience a malfunctioning of your brain throughout the day. Your mind gets tired just like your body does. Without rest, you can't think normally and are more prone to mistakes.

3. Irritable, Moody, and Just Unpleasant to Be Around

It's no secret that lack of sleep can affect your mood in many ways. Usually, it makes you grouchy around others. If you ever act unkindly to people and you aren't sure why, it might be insomnia. Sleeplessness causes moodiness and shows you that you haven't been getting enough sleep. If you aren't on par with your usual self, it signals something wrong with your living habits. Something has changed, and if it is your sleep cycle then that could be the most damaging thing for your mood. And if you are tired every day because of insomnia, then it will affect all other aspects of your life.

4. Yawning and Tiredness All Day

If you are yawning more than usual, then you need to start sleeping before you start experiencing more insomnia symptoms. Yawns are annoying and happen randomly throughout the day even if you aren't tired. But yawns are usually a harmless effect of your body telling you that you need sleep. If you have been getting a regular amount of sleep lately, it is possible that you aren't getting quality sleep.

5. Difficulty Getting to Sleep and Waking Up at the Right Times

One of the reasons for insomnia is if you have problems controlling your sleep cycle. If you let it go on for too long without getting checked by a doctor, you risk developing a serious form of insomnia. With a busy and active lifestyle you should be tired enough to go to sleep at the same time every night. Early to bed, early to rise is the healthiest lifestyle philosophy that we humans can have. With erratic and unpredictable nights of sleep, we are slaves to our own body. You need control over the times you sleep or you risk gaining a new sleep disorder.

6. Getting Sick Very Often

Getting sick often is a sign of insomnia that you won't figure out until that 3rd time you get sick in the same month. Sometimes it gets so bad that you have a cold that never gets better. You aren't allowing your body to recover, because sleep is what strengthens our immune system. A weak immune system means your body is less effective at fighting off new bacteria. You will acquire new diseases you never knew about before while suffering from insomnia. Chronic insomnia symptoms can be scary if you are always sick. Your body is trying to tell you to sleep well before you develop serious health complications.

7. Waking Up Feeling Unrested

With insomnia, we get choppy periods of short rest with the occasional long sleep cycle without any REM sleep. We wake up feeling unrefreshed. Every morning we are like a zombie. Symptoms of insomnia include a general feeling of dissatisfaction with our sleep. And naps are hard to come by too. With a graveyard shift at work, a person's body is subjected to odd hours during the day to sleep. It's not a natural sleep you are getting during the day. Those late night shifts where you have to force your body to stay awake can be very damaging to your health. It always leaves you feeling tired.

8. Gastrointestinal Problems

Sleep issues relating to insomnia can give us stomach aches among other ailments in our stomach. Our stomach and intestines are very fragile and subject to very many factors that could affect it. One of the main factors is sleep. Without sleep, our digestive system doesn't function properly. Without our gastrointestinal issues running smoothly, we have trouble digesting food. We gain even more health issues. It's a downward spiral that all begins with the stress on our bodies that insomnia causes.

9. Headaches that Last All Day

Those never-ending migraines are a real killer. They can be caused by numerous amounts of factors, but more often than not can be traced back to our trouble sleeping. Migraines are part of insomnia symptoms that lead to chronic insomnia if we aren't careful. You don't want chronic migraines. That is a health problem that will make you go crazy. Lack of sleep causes stress on our minds that can translate to an aching that cannot be fixed with any amount of medicine. You need to fix the problem at the source; which is sleep.