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Having a Fear of Heights: 13 Life Experiences You Will Miss

Your fear of heights is a crutch that's hurting you in ways you don't even realize. Just check out these life experiences you are missing out on! Is accepting this fear really worth the trouble you are causing yourself?

Things that Having a Fear of Heights Can Spoil

Don't let your fear of heights control your life. There are many things you need to experience at least once before giving up all of hope of overcoming your fear of flying. You might find that if you experience only one of these things: you can finally graduate from your strongest fear. Overcoming fear of heights will give you the confidence to try more risky things to give you the thrill you've been craving your whole life. Life is too short to be boring, so have a sense of adventure and start getting up in the air!

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Fear of Heights Consequences

1. No Roller Coasters

You are truly missing out with a fear of heights not allowing you to experience the thrill of a bumpy wild roller coaster. It will rock your socks off.

2. No Bungee Jumping

Only the fearless can attempt to freefall over a bridge or building with nothing stopping them from hitting the ground other than a spongy stretchy cord.

3. No Rock Climbing

Your fear of heights is causing you to miss out on great exercise and adventure potentials of the great outdoors. You can start out small at an indoor rock climbing wall and work your way up to real mountains.

4. No Hiking

Hiking up tall mountains is enough to provoke anxiety, so you would rather sit at home and watch TV. Shameful, really. Expand your horizons and start getting active.

5. No High-Rise Hotels

The nicest rooms are on the top floor, they say. But you can't bring yourself to book something so high in the air. Start living, for a change.

6. No Glass Floors

Those scary glass floors magically levitating yourself up in the air are scary yet amazing at the same time. You need to experience the effect of floating above nothing but air at least once.

7. No Ladders

Even something basic like climbing up a ladder scares you. You will never be able to fix your own lightbulbs, for fear that the ladder will collapse beneath you.

8. No Springboards

Yes there is water beneath, but being so high up intimidates you. You had nightmares from your childhood about being the only kid who was too scared of heights to try the high springboard. It's never too late to conquer your fears.

9. No Staircases

Long staircases that seem to stretch far enough to go into heaven will leave you unable to get to the upper floors of most buildings. Time to graduate from your fear of heights.

10. No Waterfalls

Beautiful waterfalls cannot be experienced up close from the best angle at the top with a fear of heights. If you truly want to experience everything nature has to offer, you need to be fearless.

11. No Treehouses

Building a treehouse with your father is the childhood dream that could never be accomplished because you were afraid of falling down the dream. Now that you are grown up, you are still too afraid of heights to build that treehouse

12. No High-Lining

Walking across a tiny cable over insane distance in the air scares even the people without a fear of heights. It's a unique experience that most of us will never have the guts to experience.

13. Airplanes

Being able to fly is important if you want to see the world. Unless you are comfortable where you are the rest of your life, you should think about conquering your fear of heights.

Are you ready for a real adventure? Fly high and experience everything life has to offer. Some of these things could be a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Some of them can be just everyday things you need to have a little courage for to get done. Life is easy when you are fearless. A fear of something as simple as a height phobia can be overcome by anyone, anywhere.

A Fear of Heights Can Seriously Ruin a Good Time. If You Have a Fear of Heights, Just Look at Everything You are Missing Out On!

Don't miss a single one of these things! Humans aren't birds, but if you can be up in the air then why wouldn't you? You will never know unless you try to get over your fear of heights.

1. You Can't Ride on a Roller Coaster

Your fear of heights is causing you to truly miss out if you've never been on a roller coaster in your life. They are safer than you think, and there are some roller coasters that aren't even that high up. You need to overcome fear of heights or you will never experience the thrill of going up in the air and back down at fast speeds. The feeling you get hiking up slowly to top of the roller coaster is an addicting kind of dread that cannot be explained in words. And then the descent down with your hands up in the air is a kind of experience that everyone should experience, even those with a fear of heights.

In Fact: You Can't Step Inside an Amusement Park, Period

Amusement parks are filled with daredevil attractions that bring you high up in the air, like the towers where you go up and down way too fast. The thrill factor is what keeps bringing you back to the amusement parks. If you have a fear of heights, there is not much you can experience at an amusement park except the kiddie rides. Also, your friends will ridicule you for your silly fear.

2. Bungee Jumping? Plane Diving? Out of the Question

Most people, even the ones without much of a fear of heights, refuse to do these two things any time in their lives. People fear for their lives too much. The truth is, there are very few accidents that happen when you or your guide know what they are doing. Bungee jumping and plane diving have the ability to change your life and make you an adventure-seeker after a day. The thrill factor in these activities are the highest in life, and totally worth trying at least once in your life.

3. Rock Climbing: Indoors or Outdoors

You can't rock climb out in the open, and you can't even climb a small wall inside of your local gym. The fear of heights is preventing you. But once you conquer your fear of heights, you will open up a whole new world of possibilities of rock climbing. It's a great adventure and a great way to stay in shape. And there are many places in the world to do it. There are even some places that nobody has even climbed yet. Try it once, and you will become hooked. Then you will become an expert rock climber, and your fear of heights will be no more.

4. Hiking up Mountains

Like rock climbing, hiking up mountains can get pretty high up depending your location. The trick is to pick a side of the mountain where you don't have a view of the ground below. Always keep your eyes on the path and don't get distracted by what's around you. And don't climb all the way to the summit, as your fear of heights will paralyze you. Hiking up mountains with friends can be a fun and fresh experience if you don't let your fear of heights control you. The higher the mountain, the better you will be able to find your fear of heights cure.

5. Staying in a Hotel Room above the 2nd Floor

Hotel suites on the top floor are what's so great about travelling. But you will never experience the view from a high skyscraper with your fear of heights holding you back. Anything above a couple of floors will render you helpless as you can't even sleep from knowing that you are so high up in the air. A lot of people with fear of heights will ask to be put on the lowest floor or even just skip hotels altogether.

6. Standing on Elevated Glass Floors

Elevators with glass windows looking out or those rare occurrences where you are lucky enough to be standing on a high floor with a glass floor underneath your feet are like your kryptonite. A fear of heights won't allow you to experience some of the coolest things in life. Just pictures of someone dangling from high up in the air will make you cringe and shrink back in your chair. If you ever have the opportunity to see far below you from glass protecting you, then do it. Some people with a fear of heights don't because they have an image in their head somehow of the glass breaking underneath them.

7. Climbing up a Ladder to Fix a Lightbulb

Ladders with more than 4 steps are something to be avoided. You don't know how other people climb up tall ladders without breaking a sweat. People with jobs as skyscraper window cleaners or telephone pole maintenance operators baffle you. With a fear of heights, the world seems like such a small place with the ground as your only home. Being up in the air is a concept that should be comfortable for you. It will open your mind and convince you that the world is a big place meant to be explored.

8. Using the High Springboard at the Pool. Or the Low Springboard, Either

This is how many children first gain a fear of height in the first place. They are at the community pool. Her friends dare her to jump off the springboard into the deep end of the pool. She steps up onto the board, walks up to the unstable part of the board, and immediately cowers back in fear. It's a traumatizing experience, and now all her friends know about her fear of heights. The truth is, springboards can be dangerous if you are timid. But showing some courage and getting back on that springboard will conquer your fear of heights and you will have a one-in-a-lifetime experience. The high springboards are the most fun.

9. Going Anywhere Near a Staircase

Long stairs are a big no-no for someone with a fear of heights phobia. The higher you get, the more anxiety you feel. You want to opt for the elevator, but in some ways that's even worse. You could end up being caught on a high floor with no escape. That is both an acrophobic and claustrophobic's worst nightmare.

10. Watching the Beauty of a Waterfall Up-Close

Waterfalls are some of the most beautiful parts of nature. If you want a one-of-a-kind experience, check out Niagara Falls from the top view. People with a fear of heights can't do it, they can only take a look at the pictures. But with a fear of heights, you are truly missing out on the beauty of nature. A fear of getting wet could also be preventing you from achieving this goal, but the fear of heights is far more common.

11. Building a Treehouse

The classic image of a child being excited to build a treehouse with her parents is deeply rooted in our history. For everyone except those with a fear of heights, that is. The tree is high up, and the fear of falling out of the treehouse is too large. You will never experience what it will be like to build something yourself and live in there with no cost. The best time to build a treehouse is when you are a child and crave independence and a haven from the world. You won't experience that feeling if you let being scared of heights control you.

12. Going High-Lining between Cliffs or Buildings

Ok, so maybe this is an impossibility in the mind of almost everyone. High-lining is that thing where you walk across a thin cable attached to two surfaces and you are walking high up in the air. This is the thing that makes a daredevil legendary. Only the bravest of the brave are courageous enough to accomplish this feat. With a fear of heights there is no chance you could ever do anything like this. It is probably the best way to do away with your fear of heights, or any fear. Because if you can do this, you can do anything.

13. Fly Cross-Country in an Airplane

Can you step on an airplane being afraid of heights? Many will find it too difficult and anxiety-provoking to even try. That means they will never experience the feeling of travelling internationally, or even domestically. They will have to use a car instead, which is more likely to have an accident than a plane. If you get over your fear of heights, you can get over your fear of flying high up in the air. When you do, the world is available to you and you can truly start to experience life the way it was meant to be experienced.

Moral of the Story: Get Over Your Fear of Heights

Your irrational fear of heights is deeply affecting the way you live your life. All of these fun and important things you could be doing with your time, you will never get to experience with your fear of heights. Part of life is grabbing it by the horns and controlling your own destiny. You can't let silly fears run your life forever. Take a chance and try one of the 13 things above. It will change you and make you a better person.