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Does He Really Love Me? 6 Signs That He Truly Loves You

Need tips to answer the question, does he really love me? Are you wondering how to tell when a guy is in love with you? Stay tuned for sure signs that you have caught him in your love web and he is not going too far.

Recognize love when you see it

It’s springtime and just as nature, the emotions are waking up. If you’re in love, or in a relationship you sometimes wonder ‘Does he really love me?’ We don’t blame you, because men are creatures of mystery. And so are we to them.

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We spend our lifetime thinking about them, puzzled by all their actions, words, and emotions. We’re here to make that lifetime of research a bit easier. We have gathered for you a couple of things that will help you find out if he really loves you or is it just a game to him. These are the signs a guy really likes you, so don’t go too far.

Does He Really Love Me? 6 Signs That Reveal Whether He Is Madly in Love with You, or That He Is Playing You and You Should Run for the Hills  

You’re not changing yourself too much

He isn’t trying to change you at all

The way to get the answer to the question ‘Does he really love me or is he lying’ is by thinking about how he looks at you. If he is not trying to change your personality, or the way you live your life, than you’re on the right track. Men who love their women are happy with their flaws as they are with their good sides. Of course, you can always change the small things, and that’s okay, because that’s compromise. But if a guy is trying to change the way you dress, do your nails or the friends you hang out with, then he’s definitely not in love with you. He’s trying to create a person to love, and that’s not something you want to deal with, because such men can never be pleased.

You’re his first, his last, his everything

He treats you as his priority

If he doesn’t call you two days after your date, or he doesn’t bother to see what you are doing, then ask yourself ‘Does he really like me or is he a player?’ A real man who is open about his feelings and truly loves a woman, should be able to include his girl in every aspect of his life. If a man, calls you to check up on you, includes you in his decision-making as well as think about your feelings and desires that means you have been put in the first place in his life. When you are in the first place, you have all you need to create a happy relationship.

He introduces you to other people

He’s not excluding you from his circle of friends

The answer to the question ‘Does he really want to be with me’ is exactly this. If he is more than willing to introduce you to all the people in his life that are important, then he really wants you in his life. The signs that he really loves you are when he holds your hand in public with no shame, takes you to family celebrations, and introduces you to his co-workers at company events. A man who is not ashamed of his woman and considers her a part of his life, is willing to do that and more. That’s a definite symptom of being in love.

He uses the ‘WE’ instead of ‘I’

You and him are like two pieces of puzzle that fit in perfectly

A relationship means that you are a team. You enjoy together, laugh together, and make decisions together. If your guy acknowledges that, and uses the word ‘we’ more often than he uses the word ‘I’ than you are in luck. Well, not in luck, because every lady deserves a loving man. But, you snatched yourself that guy that doesn’t really want to be single again. He is loving being in a relationship with you and you should never ask yourself ‘Does he really like me?’.

We will… we are going to…

You are in his plans for the future

Don’t worry if you’re just starting a relationship. It can be scary at first to plan a future together, and even overwhelming. You don’t need that over-eager guy that wants to get married right away, without even knowing you that well. But if you have taken the time to know each other, and feel that it is it, he should definitely talk about the future and you in it. First, try to nice the little things. Does he take you to his friend’s wedding? Are you present at his company events? If he includes you in all of these, and talks about having children with you and a marriage, than you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Cuddling is his favorite activity

He becomes gentler when in love

There are many girls in a relationship that wonder ‘Does he really love me or is he using me?’ Some guys are in a relationship just so they can have a woman satisfy their needs. Every single need, if you know what I mean. But, when you notice that your guy is turning into the professional cuddler when you are on the sofa watching TV, or giving you surprise hugs out of never, then you’re safe. That means he likes your affections and needs your love, and that’s definitely an advantage you should take and enjoy in. He can remain being the stud, macho hero you like him to be during the day. But when you’re alone, enjoy his cuddling, because that’s a sign that he really likes you.

He loves me, he loves me not

Savor the rose petals, and use the knowledge we have bestowed upon you. Don’t waste your time and tears wondering if he is playing you or not. There is no need for that anymore. Men are a puzzle, a puzzle with many pieces, but they are not unsolvable. On the contrary, the little signs are the ones that are a true indicator of his feelings, and you should be smart enough to learn to decipher them. When you notice the one’s we have chosen to share with you, you can relax and enjoy your relationship the way you should enjoy it.