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4 Signs You're in Love with Him and It Is Not Just a Whim

If he is the right one for you, signs you love him are all around you, you just need to notice them. Figure out your feelings with these easy guidelines to your love, recognizing true love is not that hard.

Know if you are in love

Are you looking for love, or for a relationship? It is not the same; you should always be striving for that feeling of love that makes the whole world seem much better and that empowers you to go through day to day life, appreciating everyone and everything to the fullest. Signs of falling in love with someone can be subtle, so you may want to sit down and think things through - in this article you can read about signs of love and how they manifest, so you know what to look for in a relationship.

in love at sunset

Love is an abstract term, and as such, is experienced differently by different people, but the feelings of empowerment and of joy are the best signs of being in love with him, and there are many more, showing you the path towards true love, and not just on a whim.

Do You Go with What Your Heart Is Telling You or Do You Hold Back - If You Are Looking for True Love, Putting Effort into It Is worth It

True love is the foundation of every good relationship, but how do you know for sure you are in love? How to know that it is not a mere attraction, whether physical or emotional? Of course, both of these elements are a part of what love is, but it is much more - when just seeing someone takes your breath away and scrambles your thoughts, that is love. You want to be sure about being in love, don't you? Here are some of the telling signs that you are in love.

1. You want to spend your time with him

couple standing face to face joined by hands
Spending time apart is not an option

This is the most obvious sign you have fallen for him. Spending time with someone, and not just regular amount, like the time you spend with your coworkers or occasional gatherings with your friends; If you think you can spend all of your time with someone, from the moment when you wake up early in the morning, grumpy and looking for your dose of caffeine to the moment when you come home from classes or from work, worn out, if you think you can share all of these moments with someone and still be happy with him, you are in love. Sit and think - is the person you are thinking about a person you can share all these moments with.

2. You worry about him

Of course, obsessive worry is not healthy at all, but it's a good sign if you consider his day and worry about some harm coming to him. Is he going to be fine going biking on such a long track? How's he doing with the exam he is taking at the moment? Will he enjoy the book you loaned him? Thinking of someone is one of the clear signs of attraction, our loved ones are never too far from our thoughts.

3. Physical response

Do you blush when you are in his presence or when you think about him? Do you get the butterflies if you have to communicate casually with him? Your mind already knows if you love someone or not, and it's sending the signs that you are in love to you, urging you to act on it. Physical attraction is a big part of a relationship, not the most important one, of course, but you are not likely to fall in love with someone you don't find physically attractive. Is he your type? You should know the characteristics you enjoy seeing in a man by now, if you like them tall, short, blue eyed, tanned or pale. A guy that fits your personal fantasy is one you're more likely to fall in love with.

4. Pangs of jealousy

woman with doubtful look towards guy due to jealousy
He makes you feel jealous without even having to try

Do you get annoyed if he mentions an ex or another friend he spent time with? Is it annoying that he spends time on things that don't directly involve you? Being jealous is a mark of caring about someone enough to want to usurp his free time - keep that under control, as acting on it too brazenly is not a good thing, he deserves his free time to spend with their friends, but you can tell that you like someone if you want him to notice others much less than they notice you.
Does he make you feel good about yourself - This is one of the most important things you have to consider when you question your love about someone. You can be attracted to someone, love him and even spend a lot of time with him, but if he doesn't make you feel good in return, that is not love. At least not a form of love you should be striving towards - love is a partnership where both partners try to make each other feel special, a game where both players are winners and are there for each other, through good or bad. Of course, nobody expects two people to perfectly match their hobbies, their views on life, religion, freedoms and even love itself, but as long as these views don't clash directly, or as long as there is a compromise to be found where both sides almost get what they want, than that can be called love. If your partner has a positive effect on your self-confidence, and you can do the same for him without having to change yourself or him too much, then you are on the road of love, as love is a journey, not a destination, and it's only worth taking with someone who will make your days special.
All of these signs you're in love should clear up any confusions you have about you being with someone. You should appreciate the love you have, and know that it is not a constant, eternal thing. People change with time, and love is a creation of people - thus, love changes with time. It is up to you to nourish your love and have it last for as long as it can, as it is one of the best feelings in the world, and we all strive to achieve it.