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How to Have a Healthy Relationship with 8 Tips Better to Know

For sure you have been wondering how to have a healthy relationship. Although it is not a good idea to put labels on relationships, being able to recognize the signs you will stay together will help you grow from an emotional point of view.

What is a healthy relationship?

Going through a rough patch in your relationship? Or are you taking preventative measures to make sure your relationship rock solid? Either way, there are secrets to maintaining a healthy relationship that go beyond going through the motions. Relationships require effort, so do your part in ensuring that you are the right partner for him as well as vice versa.

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What is a healthy relationship? Before answering that question, I would just like to point out something you should find very important: Use your partner to supplement your life, not to complement it. Grow and learn from each other's mistakes and enjoy your successes.

What is a Healthy Relationship? Ways to Show Love and Respect for Your Partner, You Will Never Have to Worry about a Bad Relationship Ever Again

Not every day in a relationship has to be new and exciting in order for it to work. In fact, it's often the relationships that are the most predictable that can be the most successful. What is a healthy relationship? One where both parties trust each other.

1. Focus on yourself, expect the same from him

Healthy relationships are ones where each person is striving to improve themselves in as many ways as possible. As a couple, you are a team working to make each other better instead of bringing each other down.
You are there to help each other, not to force them to live the way you want them to. The less control you have over their lives, the more fulfilling the relationship will be for the both of you.

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2. Don't worry about changes

Sometimes we feel like we have to remember the things we did the first year of when we were dating him to truly appreciate him. But that's how all relationships will go. Once you feel like you have him for good, you will take him for granted from time to time.
This is normal. Just roll through the punches and let him know occasionally how much he means to you. The dynamic of every relationship will change throughout the first couple of years. So expect the unexpected and don't try to make the relationship too perfect.

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3. Don't Control Him

What is a healthy relationship? It's a relationship where both partners are able to talk with whom they want and go where they want without constantly worrying of what the other one will think. If your boyfriend wants to go to a party with his friends and lets you know exactly where it will be, do you think you have a right to stop him?
We often try to influence the decisions of our partners by shaming them out of their daily obligations. This is the wrong thing to do in a relationship.

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4. Explain your emotions instead of reacting on them

In every relationship, we say things we don't necessarily mean in the heat of the moment. Instead of reacting negatively to something he did wrong, try explaining how you feel instead. That is more likely to influence his future behavior than just insulting him. Anything that can potentially lead into a fight will damage the relationship. People like to say that every relationship has inevitable fights; this is true. But don't be the one to cause them. Be the one to prevent the fire and extinguish the flames afterward.

5. When you Apologize: Mean it

An apology can't solve all of your problems. But if it's a really genuine apology, it can certainly solve the problem temporarily. If your boyfriend trusts you it's because you show that you are sorry and not just saying it. Make your apology count by using it only when your partner is obviously hurt by something you did. With a legitimate apology, you can lessen the impact of any wrongdoing you did. So use your apology only in times of emergency.

6. Share Your Common Interests with Each Other

Sometimes we can forget that our boyfriend can be our best friend too. If you haven't found out each other's interests by now, start making an effort of doing so. How does it answer the question: What is a healthy relationship? It's when a couple can enjoy memorable experiences together and look back on them later in life as something truly special that a deep, healthy bond is created. Find a hobby you both love and do it with each other at least once every week. Shared interests should be a priority in your relationship.

7. Say "We" Instead of "I"

The worst habit is to make every conversation revolve around ourselves. If you don't listen to your boyfriend's opinions, it is a very one-sided relationship. Everyone wants their voice to be heard. The foundation for what is a healthy relationship is the one where we mutually support each other. We should always be connected with each other and willing to hear what he has to say. A couple together is a lot stronger than two individuals posing as boyfriend and girlfriend.

8. Ask Questions Instead of Making Assumptions

You aren't a mind reader, so stop acting like one. In relationships where one partner is always quick to assume the worst when it comes to their significant other are simply not mature enough for a relationship. Do yourself a favor and start asking "Why?" more. It will clear up the confusion most of the time. Instead of ruminating on your thoughts by yourself, confront him about it and find out the truth for yourself. We are often too blind to understand the importance of effective communication.

9. Try something new and be happy

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When a couple does something together, they will have a greater satisfaction once they are done with the activity. According to the studies in the field, the couples who have a lot of common activities tend to last longer. In order to put this in practice, you should try something new. For example, couples who enjoy traveling may consider hiking. This may turn out to be more fun than you have imagined and this way you will create some common memories that will only make your bond stronger. Just don't forget never to underestimate the power of nature.

10. Have some trust

Although this may sound like something you've heard a thousand times, when it comes to healthy relationship tips, you should remember that trust is the building block of healthy relationships. In case you are asking what is a healthy relationship, the answer should be something like: a relationship that you feel comfortable in. If you have a healthy relationship you don't have to worry about what your partner might be doing when you're not together. Naturally this works the other way around as well: Your partner must be able to trust you, too. It's not healthy to have a jealous or control-freak partner who calls you every five minutes. Being in a relationship also means that the partners have to give each other some space.

11. Make some space for gossip

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Although we all know that it is not nice, let's face it: Us girls would go crazy if it weren't for gossip. Even though you might think that this is something you can only do with your girlfriends, there is another side to gossip as well. Having a healthy relationship means that you can discuss anything and everything with your partner. It could help building a healthy relationship if you guys share some stories about the people that you know. Talk about the problems that they encountered and discuss the solution options. This way gossip will become educational that will improve your relationship and it will help learn new things about you.

12. Be a source of inspiration

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You may think it's cheesy, but one of the signs of a healthy relationship is the partners being able to inspire each other. One of the goals of having a relationship is having the opportunity to grow and to develop yourself.
If you have a partner who can inspire you to be a better person and to motivate you to achieve your goals, you will feel fulfilled, which will lead to happiness. Nonetheless, you have to remember that you have to do the same for your partner as well. Try to be supportive and help them reach their goals.

13. Accept and appreciate them

Appreciate and accept your partner

In case you are looking for the characteristics of a healthy relationship, you should make sure that you accept your partner. Everybody has flaws (even you) so you shouldn't expect your partner to be perfect. However, this doesn't mean that you should settle for mediocrity. Naturally, if your partner has some personal traits that you feel like you can't live with (such as being overly jealous), there is no reason for you to be with them. In the same time you have to appreciate all the small things that they give you and don't expect grand romantic gestures all the time. Of all the tips to a healthy relationship, this one can usually be the trickiest one.

14. Make no comparison

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Habits happy couples in non-toxic relationships have in common include talking about how other people are doing.
As it has been mentioned before, you could talk about other couples, their problems, and their solutions, but keep in mind that your relationship is unique, so you can't really compare it to any other. In case you are asking how to be in a healthy relationship it is very important to remember not to make comparisons because this will only lead to frustration. Also remember that you can never know what hidden problems other couples may have, so you shouldn't follow their lead; this is your relationship and you are in charge of it.

15. Build a stronger relationship

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One reason why relationships fail is that couples often forget the aspects in their relationship working to strengthen the bond between each other.
Sometimes people are too proud to say the things that they are thinking. If you are looking for the key to a healthy relationship you should make sure that you take the time to say things like "Thank you", "I love you", and "I am sorry". In case you are able to say these words it means that you have a strong relationship and if you keep up with it, it will only become stronger with time. Don't forget that there is no rush (having a relationship isn't like running a race) and that you have to let your feelings evolve at their own pace.

16. Let the small stuff slide

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Give your significant other the benefit of the doubt. Instead of looking for arguments, look to avoid arguments by keeping things in perspective. For example if he buys you a new outfit for you as a gift out of the goodness of his heart, is it really necessary to mention to him that it's the wrong size? Just appreciate his generosity, and find a solution yourself. No need to bruise his pride over something so insignificant. Save that frustration for when something really unacceptable happens.

Worrying about small things can damage the relationship in the long run. It would be better for your health and his peace of mind if he knew you were content with the way he did things. Let him know when he does things right, and hide the obvious truth when he does things wrong occasionally. It's okay to let him win sometimes. Your primary focus should be to be happy together. If you can't do that with one guy, then maybe you can't do it with any guy. In which case, you may not be ready for a relationship. It's important to be comfortable with yourself, otherwise you will never be building a healthy relationship with anyone else.

17. Talk about money

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According to statistical data, about 40% of all people lie to their partner about their spending. Money can be a big issue in a relationship, so as one of the tips for a healthy relationship you should tell the truth about how much you spend. One of the keys to a healthy relationship is to be honest with your partner. You can be sure that they won't judge you. Even if you spend more than you should, you could come up with a common plan to set a budget. It is also a good idea to discuss short and long term financial goals. This will bring you together and it will ensure you that you both want the same thing.