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How to Improve Your Relationship: 23 Ways to Do Better Instantly

Aren’t you even the slight bit worried that your relationship isn’t going anywhere fast? Fact is that improving relationships require more effort than typical singles aren’t prepared put forward, which would pose a problem if you were single.

Improve your relationship

On the premise that you are willing, there is no better way to improve your relationship than to address his needs. It may not zap improvement instantly into what you have with him, but it's off to so great a start that you'll be happy your tried.

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How to improve your relationship

1. Seek out professional help

2. Show interest

3. Identify problem areas

4. Support

5. Honesty

6. Be more romantic

7. Eliminate distractions

8. Do things at the same time

9. Help your partner out when in need

10. Focus on the now while allowing yourself remember back the good times

11. Exercise more often

12. Dance

13. Get out more

14. Hug

15. Get to know your partner more

16. Appreciation in all forms imaginable

17. Leave room for failure

18. Positivity

19. Leave out anger

20. Work towards a common goal

21. Share

22. Understanding

23. Friendship

Things he needs that help you improve your relationship

I know exactly what you are thinking, "If anyone needs to improve, it should be him." You may have a point but... He has needs. And his needs may be the key to improvement in the relationship.

He needs professional intervention just as much as you do

It isn't a stretch to say that couples counseling is the anger management of relationships. Whether you need professional help with working out relationship issues, anger related issues or both, intervention is just what you need to make yesterday's happiest couple on the block want some too.
That is why if you are worried about how you are going to improve on your relationship, seeing a relationship counselor is one giant step towards improvement. Furthermore, if what stands in the way of your relationship improving just happens to be communication, then counseling is a must do. Though getting counseling is in ways to save a relationship, I recommend that it only be used as a last resort.

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He needs to know you are still interested in him

One reason why most relationships hit rock bottom is that one half feels that the other half may be losing interest.
If you really want to improve your relationship it's time to start showing interest, work on communication. What do you mean, show interest? Well, let's see... show-show interest. That is to make it obvious that you are interested in their activities. Do that and you are on the right track for improving your relationship.

He is just as clueless as you are about what the real problem is

Showing interests works if your relationship problem just happens to be that the person you are involved with believes that you are not really interested in them. So, what if it isn't? If not then, you should start by identifying the problem.

He needs support too

Are you doing everything you can to support your partner? One reason why relationships start to plummet is support, or lack thereof. If there were ever a list of things to improve your relationship that works, being more supportive is on it. The first step to be supportive is listening. Though be advised, there will come a time when honesty comes into play.

He needs your honest opinion

Honestly speaking, you only get so for lying to someone's face just to make them feel better. Though it will work in a relationship where one holds their tongue for fear of waking the dragon, honesty is only hammer you need for improving relationships. Don't be afraid to wake the dragon.

He needs you romantic

If you survived waking the dragon, then it's time to work on being more romantic. Not only is it one of the best ways to improve a relationship, it breeds intimacy. Intimacy breads... more dragons. Next things you know, you will be up all night; but why do you care? You have romance.

He needs all your senses

Every distraction is an opportunity missed to improve your relationship without talking about it. How does eliminating distractions help you with relationship problems? For starters, when sharing a space it assures the other party that you are all eyes ears month and nose. It's like saying, "I only have eyes for you" when all you are doing is putting away your phone.

He needs someone in sync with him

Wake up together. Brush your teeth together. And the list goes on... Even though you are so set on ways to improve your relationship that you are willing to start doing things at the same time, don't overdo it. Just remember that at the bare minimum you should at least go to sleep at the same time.

He needs a helping hand from time to time

Just because he don't say it doesn't mean he doesn't want to cry out for help. When he is in great need of help, be the person that picks him up, helping him get back on his feet. Be advised that he should know that you are not his pick me up for when things go awry.

He needs reminding of where the relationship is heading

Like self-improvement not all couples in a healthy relationship were that way to begin with. Though looking back at your unhealthy past may not serve to improve your relationship, it serves as a reminder things are better off now than they were and there's no going back.

He needs more exercise

If you've seen the good that come from getting more exercise, then imagine what it can do for a couple. Who is to say that exercise alone doesn't improve relationships. You would be surprised.

He needs dance time

Dancing goes hand in hand with exercise. Amongst other ways to make your relationship better, it is a sure improvement if you are not doing it already. Where to dance? What to dance to? It doesn't matter. What does is that someone is. Why? It's contagious.

He needs time out

One of the many relationship questions you've most likely heard before is "Why don't we go out anymore?" If you are stuck wondering how to improve my relationship right now, instead of going on with him, you should simply get out more.

He needs hugs

Very often than not, you underestimate ways to better your relationship like hugging. It may seem elementary at first, but if you aren't doing it yet, it may be time to go back to school and study how to improve a relationship. If you do, you will learn how each hug clearly improves relationships.

How long does it take to revive your relationship?

In a perfect world where everything happens in an agreeable fashion like clockwork, relationships could be revived instantly. However, since that is not the case, it will take time to make change in your relationship towards noticeable improvement. How long? No one knows. While you are waiting, keep in mind what matters the most, heading in the right direction.