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How to Be Happy Single: 8 Things You Can to Make Yourself Happier

There are many ways to be happy again, and they are all about finding your balance once more. This survival guide to happiness will help you find your own path to feeling good about your life and yourself again.

How to be happy single

What are some things to do to be happier?
Feeling bad after a breakup is only natural. Sometimes you feel so down you don't know where to be when it comes to how to be happy single. Single? Yes, single (not just single, single-single); but before you panic again, don't stop because here is how to be single and happy. — There you go … Now that we've got rid of all that built up tension, let's discuss some effective ways to be happy.

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Things to make yourself happier

1. Cleaning up

2. Contemplation

3. Distractions

4. Friends

5. Hobbies

6. Indulgence

7. Exercise

8. Your thoughts

Check out These Eight Simple Advice on Quick and Easy Ways How to Be Both Single and Happy with Life Again

There is no magic formula that will make you instantly happy again. However, there are several steps you can take towards happiness that will bring you closer to feeling normal again. Now that you're single, you can direct all that extra time and effort back to yourself. It is important know that there are ways to be happy again, and that they are readily available and easily achievable. All you have to do is make yourself try, even though you probably don't feel like doing anything other than sleeping, it will be worth it.

1. Clean out any and all things he left behind

Go yard sale

The first thing you should do is look around your room, and identify all the items in it that remind you of him. Find a box, and neatly store all birthday gifts, photos, souvenirs he brought you, trinkets he gave you, or even something of yours that you associate with him. Then, put the box somewhere out of sight. Do the same with your phone. Delete messages, and transfer the photos to your computer. Put them in a hidden file, and don't look at them afterwards. Among all the ways you can accomplish the task, this will probably hurt a bit, but it is a necessary step if you want to be happy again, as it removes the remaining bits and pieces of him. If you want a fresh start, you need a clean slate.

2. Contemplate the situation

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Did something go wrong during the break up?

It is often the case that after a breakup, one is left wondering: why? How did it all go wrong? Was it me? Was it him? When did this happen and why did I not see it coming? It will probably help if you could look at the situation objectively; realize the cause and the effect of the things that happened between you. This might be tricky, especially during the period while you are still emotional about it, and therefore unable to think rationally and logically. At this point, talking to a friend about it is a good option, as they are not influenced by their feelings as you are. While thinking about the past might get you down, in the end it might be helpful if it gives you insight into what went wrong, and maybe how not to make the same mistakes again.

3. Distract yourself from the pain

Distraction is the only pill you need

Even though some people turn to pill popping, anti-depressives and tranquilizers in search of how to be happy again, be warned that this path leads nowhere. The only way to feel better is to come to terms with reality, not to ignore it. This is not to say that you need to dwell on the breakup and painful memories. Even though you should contemplate what happened, you should balance it with activity. It is a good idea to find activities that distract your mind and make you focus on what you're doing. Completing this sort of task will give you temporary relief, and make you feel capable and productive. Anything you find interesting will do the trick. One unusual way to forget about your own problems is, believe it or not, to listen to somebody else's.

4. Find time for friends

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That's why we have them

Your friends will gladly try to help you be happy again, and be there for you if you need to talk, or take a walk, or go out on the town and show you a good time. Don't shut them out, even if you are embarrassed of being depressed over an ex-boyfriend, or still hung up on him. If they are your friends, the will want to listen and understand, and not judge you for being in pain. Go have a drink, go to a mall, go to a park bench and have a few laughs, and you will feel a lot better afterwards.

5. Pick up a creative hobby

Take up painting

It has been said that the best works of art are born out of suffering. Take, for example, the famous composer and violin player, Paganini; He fell in love with a woman that didn't love him back, so he locked himself in his small apartment, and did not leave it for years, all the while creating some of the world's finest compositions ever. The only person that visited him was a cleaning lady, who came once in a while to take care of his apartment and cook for him. She was also in love with him, but Paganini was so absorbed in his own pain and art that he did not notice.
Art was always a powerful medium for expressing emotions. So try it, get it out of your system. Any hands on art form can be useful and fun, from creating music, to finger painting. You can join a course, meet new people and have fun, or you can do it in the comforting privacy of your own bedroom, the choice is completely up to you.

Pick up a new book

Your imagination craves a new story to wipe the cobwebs out of your mind. Reading books serves the purpose of keeping us literate and coherent with our ever-outdated vocabulary. We need to keep up with how to speak with new and possibly old words that we might have forgotten. Reading a lot has the effect of making us more intelligent without us even knowing. Speaking is a skill that can degenerate just like any other. We must keep practicing our skills in order to remain coherent.

6. Indulge yourself

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If you're not going to pamper yourself after a breakup, when will you? Allow yourself some pleasure: eat your favorite candy, drink your favorite drink, and listen to your favorite music as loudly as you want to. Go out dressed to kill. Get your hair done. Read that book you never have the time for. Have it all, because frankly, you deserve it anyway.

Cheat day

Nothing wrong with letting go once in a while and enjoying the finer things in life. If you are going to splurge, go out with a bang and have a ‘cheat' day: doing all the things you wish you could do every day of your happier life. Have pizza, hamburgers, milkshakes, cheesecake etc. and don't feel guilty about it. Do something adventurous and crazy you had always wanted to try. Make your cheat day a special day to remember. The point is to not have these types of days very often, thus make them an event to look forward to.
With a strict regimen of healthy habits that you follow every day, even you can afford to live it up once in a while. If you practice good habits, there is nothing wrong from taking a day vacation from living with self-control. It will make you all the more motivated to stick to your good habits when you have a cheat day once every two months or so to look forward to. Personally, I don't take many vacations. But when I do, I really do enjoy myself to the best of my ability. Work hard play hard, they say.

7. Start exercising

After pain, comes the anger. And that anger is best vented through physical activity. Every time you feel like screaming, or have daydreams about slapping your ex, drop down and do some push-ups. Or sit ups. Or go running. Tire yourself out, it will not only make you fall asleep better at night, but it will make sure you look damn good when you finally come out of your depression and become happy again.

Feel-good chemicals

If you've ever wondered about that high you get after a very strenuous exercise work out, it's the feel-good endorphin chemicals rushing throughout your brain. It's what gives you a euphoric sense of accomplishment and a craving after to eat junk food that characterizes the post workout. Exercise makes us become happier, even if just for a brief couple of moments. The suffering that we put ourselves through is then rewarded by a feeling of accomplishment afterward. That is the reason why sometimes we have to do things in life that we don't want to do in order to help me be happy afterward.

8. Remember who you are

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After a breakup, people often feel like they weren't good enough for their ex, and that's what went wrong. This is untrue. Keep in mind that you are still the person that your ex fell in love with, meaning that you still possess the same qualities, and that you are still worthy of being loved. And soon you will be loved and be happy again, it's just a matter of time until someone new falls in love with those same things.

Keep your values

When life throws you lemons, it's easy to forget who we are sometimes. How are we expected to make lemonade when nobody wants us to be ourselves? We are encouraged from young age to conform to the rest of the society; to be like others in order to "fit in". In the process, many of us forget our own values and thus conform to society at the expense of losing ourselves. We shouldn't have to sacrifice our beliefs in order to be in harmony with others. We should always remember to be ourselves, especially in times of hardship. When you are having trouble and getting the urge to do something desperate, remember who you are and where you came from. The key to be happier is to understand who you are. Nobody can change that.

Why can't I be happy and single?

Why not?
After all that and you are still asking yourself why can't I be happy, whatever you do don't panic. So just try to relax, and try to enjoy your freedom, and remember, first you need to love yourself, and after that love and be loved by someone else. So, bottom line, how to be happy and single? Try to build a quality relationship with yourself; you'll be surprised how fulfilling it can be.

Will I be happy single?

We invest ourselves in a relationship, we try hard to make it work, and when it doesn't, the bitter taste of disappointment and a sense of failure tend to stick with us for a long time. It's important to remember is that although you feel terrible now, and you're hurting, it will pass as you come to terms with the situation, and time does what it does best. Quote me if you will, you can and you will be happy single girl, it just takes some time to adapt to the situation and rearrange your life to fit you.