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How to Wear a Suit with 2 Tips to Look Perfect for Any Occasion

If you have never worn a suit before or you would just try to add something new to your professional every day style and experiment, check out our suggestions on how to wear a suit and look gorgeous in every occasion.

Tips on how to wear a suit

In the past, suits were commonly men clothes, but nowadays, they become more and more popular among women as well. First pantsuits for women were not introduced until the second half of the 20th .century. But now, there is wide variety of suits for women which can flatter every body shape and be suitable for every occasion.

woman dressing suit

Although, wearing suits means that you are adding a piece of masculinity to your style, suits can actually accentuate femininity.

Look Gorgeous and Elegant in Every Occasion with Our Style Ideas and Tips on How to Wear a Suit

Suits are perfect for work,? job interviews, formal? occasions when you’re supposed to be dressed up,? when you want to leave an impression of independent, strong and serious woman or when you simply want to feel elegant. We are lucky to live in the age when all different kinds of suits for women are available, and there is a suit for every body shape and for any occasion. When it comes to choosing the right suit, bear in mind that you should not hide your body silhouette with oversized, baggy suits, but rather enhance everything that you like on your body. Suits are very flattering for any body shape because they can hide what you want to hide and accentuate what you are pleased with on your body. However, dressing for a formal occasion or event can be quite stressful for young women. Here you will find some suggestions on how to wear a suit and dress appropriately for any formal occasion.

How to choose the perfect suit

Grey or beige?

Firstly, when it comes to choosing the right suit for you, you have to take care of the size and the fit. Suits are pretty expensive, so you want to purchase something that will last you a long time and that you can wear on many occasions and combine with other pieces of clothing you own. When it comes to choosing the color, the best thing you can do is to buy a suit in some neutral color that will allow you to wear anything with it. Also, black, white, navy blue, grey or beige are the best choices if you want to wear your suit for formal occasions and they are easily combined with other colors.?

Pants or skirts?

Suits can be way of showing your sexy, flirty side. So, chose a suit with fitted jacket that will accentuate your waist. High waist trousers are always a good choice for any figure, especially for ladies who want their legs to look longer and slimmer.
If you want the masculine look, chose traditional cigarette trousers which you will pair with button down shirt and put a (bow) tie to get the boyish look. This is a bold look and not every woman will feel confident wearing it. High heels and jewelry can make the look more feminine and stylish. You will achieve another trendy look by adding suspenders. This unique, creative accessorize will give you playful and carefree look.

Look young in a suit

Suits can even be casual. If you want to achieve youthful look with a suit, chose tight trousers and blazer that will be in some softer fabric and pair it with a shirt in some with some interesting print. This way, you get an outfit that you probably won’t wear in formal occasions but rather when you just want to look trendy youthful. This outfit doesn’t require wearing high heels, so you can go for espadrilles or sneakers instead.

A fashion disaster can mean looking older than you really are

For the ladies who prefer skirts to paints we suggest you choose the pencil skirt that will be a little shorter than the knee length. The blouse beneath the suit should be basic in some matching color that will go well even if you choose to take of your jacket. Again, high heels are better choice than flats or sandals and they will make the look more professional and dressed up. You can choose a simple V-neck blouse or something with lace on it. If you want to keep things strongly professional go for the good old button down shirt, but be careful because this may make you look older and more serious than you want to.?

What to wear with a suit

You’re probably wondering what to wear with a suit; Blouse or camisole in some matching, nude color and you will achieve look that is appropriate for work but also for any formal occasion when you want to embrace your femininity and be sexy by showing your elegance and style rather than your skin. As we already mentioned, in some less formal outfits you can wear just a regular t-shirt with print. High heels contribute to the more feminine and dressed up looks as well as longer looking legs. When it comes to accessorize, the jewelry can play important role in your outfit because it will bring the femininity to the outfit. Looks with business suits can be really simple so you can add the touch of color and fun with your jewelry. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Also, your hairstyle is important in your final look, so if you want strictly formal, elegant look, go for a sleek bun. However, if you want more relaxed look, beachy waves are the perfect choice.

Mix Colors

You should definitely stick to simple basic colors but feel free to mix them. Instead of wearing the whole suit in one color, try wearing a jacket in, for example, black and skirt or pants in white or if you don’t like the black and white combination try matching burgundy or navy blue with beige, white or grey. Those are simple basic colors but mixing them together will make your outfit more fun and you will look less uniformed and more stylish. In addition, you can always add a pop of color with a shirt or a blouse you’re wearing under the jacket or with shoes, of course.

Path to the perfect suit

Suits are stylish way to look smart, professional and elegant. Although they are usually expensive, they are definitely an investment that will pay off because with one suit you can make many different outfits and looks. Once you’ve found the perfect suit for you, don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations every day. You can wear suit from office, to the party or concert and you can be sure that you look great. Pair it with some fashionable, colorful accessories, adjust it to your own style and embrace your professional and elegant personality.