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The 8 Major Emotions List: How to Effectively Use Your Emotions

Be a master of yourself by first learning how to control your different emotions effectively. Then you can use your emotion words to serve yourself the best, rather than serving others the way that they want.

The Major Emotions List: Master Your Emotions

Find out how to control your mood swings, and you will become more emotionally grounded. Find out how to effectively use both your positive and negative emotions, and you will become a more approachable and intriguing person to everyone you meet. There are 8 major emotion list that define our personality. We experience these list of human emotions daily. The way you handle your emotions will ultimately decide how far you go in life. Effectively controlling your list of feelings is of the utmost importance.

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8 Major Emotions

1. Happiness

Joy is a great thing to bring to the table when others can share the experience. But being happy all the time can also leave you vulnerable. It’s best to look happy, but be on your guard at the same time.

2. Anger

Control your anger and don’t let anger control you. It’s a normal emotion on the 8 emotions list. Just make sure that you use anger to help yourself and not others.

3. Sadness

Think of the 80/20 ratio for a good balance between happiness and sadness. If you are sad too often and people can see it, it doesn’t bode well. Be sad in your own time, and limit your sadness around others.

4. Love

Love is an emotions that can’t be described, only felt. When you love someone else, you have an unusual bond with them. Cherish the emotion and ride the good times as long as you can.

5. Fear

Fear gets the best of all of us sometimes. Don’t let fear dictate your life though. Be in control of even your most powerful emotions.

6. Surprise

Surprise can be good or bad depending on the situation. Make the most of your surprise by over exaggerating the emotion around people. It can be a funny emotion to share sometimes.

7. Disgust

Disgust is a negative emotion best left out of conversation with people you just met. However, like anger it is effective to use in order to set boundaries.

8. Anticipation

Excitement is as natural as any other on the emotions list. True excitement comes around every so often, so ride it out for as long as you can.

"She wears her emotions on her sleeve" is a saying describing someone who is very emotional in all aspects of her life; which isn't always a bad thing. However, someone who can effectively control her emotional words list and use them at the appropriate times will stand far better than the girl who impulsively reacts emotionally to everything. Be a master of your emotions and your friends and family will look up to you.

The Comprehensive Major Emotions List Will Tell You Everything You Need to Know About Emotions and the Right Times to Show Your Emotions

There are eight major emotions we experience that have the ability to show who we are. Emotions are the true marker of individuality. Our style and the way people remember us all boils down to our use of emotions on this feelings list.

1. The 8 Major Emotions List: Happiness and Joy

Joy is the feeling that drives our behavior to new heights. I don't need to explain to anyone how to effectively use the emotion of happiness. We know how to act when we are happy; it comes naturally. Being truly happy is easy, and life comes easy to us when we are happy. However, did you know that you can force yourself to be happy? Just by being conscious of your smile, you can actually make yourself a little bit happier. Try it; fake it until you make it. Besides, those wrinkle lines at the side of your eyes are the most attractive wrinkles on your face and the only one any of us wants. The signs of someone that has smiled a lot in their life is a very attractive feature. So get out and smile more; it's good for your health. Be happy and share your joy with others.

2. The 8 Major Emotions List: Anger

Anger, like happiness, can also be faked pretty convincingly. You want to use anger when it benefits you. Anger is a natural emotion. However, learn to control your anger and don't let it control you. Showing anger in situations that call for it can show someone that you actually are angry. The only time when you want to show anger is when the other person doesn't expect it. If someone is bothering you for whatever reason, don't just hide your emotions and feelings. Use anger as a tool to set boundaries. And if they cross the line, show anger to show them that they have crossed the line.

3. The 8 Major Emotions List: Sadness and Grief

Sadness is inevitable in life. We all want to avoid sadness that comes from the pain of losing someone special. But acceptance is part of the process of healthy emotions. If you lost a family member at some time in your life, it is healthier to mourn and forget than it is to hold onto those painful memories. They would have wanted you to let go and live your life anyways. Just like anger, your negative emotions need to be controlled and used in the right times. People who are sad sometimes just need someone else to be around. It's acceptable to be sad with a friend who is suffering. Empathy is what creates bonds between two people.

4. The 8 Major Emotions List: Love and Infatuation

There's love, and then there's infatuation. Love is a broader term describing your feeling beyond liking something. It could be friends, family, or your boyfriend. Infatuation is the passion you feel for your boyfriend at first meeting. It is a strong attraction that transcends love and makes us do crazy things. If we are unable to control our love for someone else, it eventually leads to pain and sadness. This is why it's important to set healthy boundaries in your relationship. Love can get the best of us if we aren't careful. Someone who doesn't manage this emotion properly can come off as overly needy and clings to the object of their affection for dear life.

5. The 8 Major Emotions List: Fear and Phobias

Fear is a powerful emotion that elicit a strong response from people who don't experience it very often. People who grow up in harsh environments are often tougher than most people; thus experience fear less often than someone pampered and spoiled. If you get scared by things easily, then perhaps this applies to you. Containing fear can be near impossible depending on the circumstance. What is important is keeping a clear head in the process. Otherwise, your emotions and feelings are getting the best of you and thus you show poor emotional words control. Remember that the only thing to fear is fear itself. If you control your fears, you can go places and see things that nobody else gets the chance to see.

6. The 8 Major Emotions List: Surprise

We experience good surprises and bad surprises. Some people have mostly bad surprises; thus where they exclaim to everyone, "I don't like surprises!" But life in itself is a surprise; the surprises never stop coming. The only time when you aren't surprised anymore is when you've experienced everything life has to offer, and that's no fun. We should only stop being surprised when we are getting to old to be surprised. That happens a lot sooner for some people than others. But try to show surprise as often as possible, whether you are surprised or not. Your reaction gets a rise out of people and makes you out to be a more interesting person.

7. The 8 Major Emotions List: Disgust

Disgust is one of the strongest negative emotions you can feel. It's when you truly pity, or are grossed out by something. And it is actually quite obvious to see when someone is disgusted by their facial expression. The most common sign being the pursing of the lips. Jealousy is also a powerful emotion words on the same level as disgust. Just like with anger and sadness, they are all healthy emotions to have. Just not healthy to display to others all the time. Obviously, if your new friend puts on a dress that you find hideous, you don't just tell her the truth. Just like you wouldn't show your disgust on your face. You barely even know her yet, use some tact and save your disgust for when it's appropriate.

8. The 8 Major Emotions List: Anticipation and Excitement

Anticipation is a good emotion to experience and also to show. Whenever I'm excited, I never try to hide it. It's because like the surprise emotion, it can be rare to experience. We are only ever truly excited once every blue moon. So take advantage of it; relish in it. Euphoria is the feeling you get when you wish this moment in time would never end. Try to experience it as much as possible. When you make the purpose of your life about fun and good experiences, only then are you truly living. When you are excited, tell people! Get them to be excited with you, because positive feelings like this are best when shared.