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Top 7 List of Phobias: Most Common Fears of Every Woman

We all have them; something to be scared of. But like they say, the only thing to fear is fear itself. First step to conquering your list of phobias is to first understand that other women suffer the same fears. Let us unite and fight our fears together!

You Have One of These 7 Phobias, Most Likely

This comprehensive phobias list is the only one that you will ever need to read. All of these different phobias have withstood the test of time. They are not for the weak of heart. These are the top 7 of the most commonly creepy, spine-tingling, neck-hair-raising, disturbing fears that plague all of us. In fact, if you don’t have even one of these phobias, you are truly a rare specimen.

woman scared of plastic spider

List of Phobias

1. Fear of Spiders

They range in size, from small and annoying to big and terrifying. Our fear of spiders is sometimes irrational, but they are just so gross!

2. Fear of Snakes

Snakes are scary in appearance. It’s really hard to appreciate a snake’s beauty when one is anywhere in our vicinity!

3. Fear of Heights

Or rather, it’s our fear of falling that really makes us scared. Fear of heights isn’t easily fixed, so stay on the ground if it really bothers you.

4. Fear of Crowds

The fear of crowds is one that really gets to us with social anxieties. There is nothing worse than feeling trapped and unable to escape.

5. Fear of Germs

Fearing something you can’t see can often be really terrifying. So try to sympathize with someone who has a fear of germs, because they can’t escape from it.

6. Fear of Needles

Sharp objects going into my skin? No thanks. The fear of needles is common among women and is often the reason many of us don’t donate our blood.

7. Fear of Public Speaking

The fear of public speaking is deeply rooted into our DNA from birth. A bunch of people listening and judging me doesn’t sound too appealing. I don’t know how celebrities do it.

Whether it is creepy-crawlies, daredevil heights, a visit to the dentist’s office, or a fear of commitment to your boyfriend, there is always something out there for us to be afraid of. What do the majority of women fear most? We have the answer. Tailor your next prank around one of these fears, as it is possible that this list of phobias contains one of your friend’s worst fears.

To Graduate from Your Fears, Find Other Women with the Same Problem and Fight Together. This List of Phobias Applies to All Women Everywhere

This list of phobias is sure to clear up any doubts you had about being alone with your fears. Starting from the least common to the most common, here are the top seven phobias of women:

7. Glossophobia: Fear of Public Speaking

Out of all phobias in this list of phobias, this one is arguably the most correctable. The fear of public speaking is very common, but many women are able to overcome this through the right motivation. Being afraid to speak in front of large groups of people is a kind of social anxiety reserved for those with introverted tendencies. “Try to picture them in their underwear”, some would tell you. Some people just tell you to suck it up. However, the best way to conquer your fear of public speaking is to practice. You also must understand that you can only fail at first in order to learn from your mistakes.

6. Trypanophobia: Fear of Needles

Trypanophobia isn’t just the fear of sharp objects, it is the fear of needle injections specifically. It is the fear of a sharp object being inserted along with your blood and extremities. I have this fear more than any other on the phobia list. Needles creep me out. The thought of the needles being used before, although highly unlikely, creeps me out more. Giving blood is an impossibility for those with the fear of needles. The only time when you can convince someone like this to take vaccines, the only time to do it is when they are babies. By the time a girl grows into an adult with a fear of needles, good luck trying to convince them.

5. Mysophobia: Fear of Germs

Wash your hands, that’s what we always heard growing up as kids. And for good reason. The fear of germs is one of the more unusual phobias, as germs are everywhere. People would rather avoid illness. But mysophobia takes it to another level. Have you ever known anybody who is obsessive about exposing themselves to bacteria? Mysophobia. It is another crippling fear that causes people to isolate themselves from the outside world in pursuit of the perfect health. The only problem is, humans aren’t supposed to be healthy all the time. Getting sick occasionally will make our immune system stronger. Sure we’ve all known people who get sick once every one or two years. But when they get sick, they get very sick.

4. Agoraphobia: Fear of Crowds

Fear of crowds, or even open spaces, is what defines agoraphobia. It is the fear of too much or too little space. Similar to claustrophobia, it is the fear of situations where escape is difficult. Those with this fear are prone to high anxiety and panic attacks. Agoraphobia is the number one social phobia on the most common list of phobias that limits us to the confines of our own homes or other comfortable places. Fear of crowds is a crippling phobia in terms of those with mental illness correlation. It is common to find those with panic disorder develop agoraphobia sometime in their lifetime.

3. Acrophobia: Fear of Heights

Fear of heights makes the top three most common list of fears in modern society. I think it’s safe to say that everybody is afraid of heights to some degree. I mean, the thought of falling down is impossible to avoid considering. Many of our nightmares consist of falling down tall places. By getting on a roller coaster we are taking a slight risk for our lives, and that slight risk is what gives us the excitement to live. However, acrophobia is an irrational fear of heights. This is when someone refuses to get on airplanes or into amusement parks. This fear of heights causes someone great anxiety when around high places.

2. Ophidiophobia: Fear of Snakes

The fear of snakes is well-documented in history as one of the most common fears on the phobia list. All reptiles, in fact, those slimy smooth exteriors. Just something about the texture of snakes that gives me the creeps. There is a good reason to be fearful of snakes, as some are poisonous and dangerous to humans. But the surprising thing is that there are far more lethal animals out there than snakes to be worried about. But for some reason, fear of snakes is high on phobia lists. The truth is that, if you can get over your fear of snakes, they actually make great pets.

1. Arachnophobia: Fear of Spiders

Almost all species of spiders are for the most part are harmless to humans. However, the fear of spiders tops the list of phobias as the most common fear among humans to this date. What is it about these crawly little insects that makes our blood pressure rise to heart-stopping levels? Well, they have more than 4 legs. That’s pretty creepy. And if there happens to be one inside my bed, forget about it. I’m not sleeping for the rest of the night. And to top it all off, the webs they spin are difficult to see. Running into one makes me want to take a shower immediately.