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How to Not Be Nervous: 6 Techniques to Reduce Nervousness

Racing heart and a racing mind will leave you unable to complete even the smallest tasks. Being chronically nervous is a problem for many people. Learn how not to be nervous and take control of your life.

How to Not Be Nervous: Stay Calm Under Pressure

Sometimes a little nervousness is okay, but not when it is affecting your social life. In extreme cases, your body reacts to things in physical ways like shaking and this will make people wonder what is wrong with you. If you need to get your mind and body under control, there are many proven techniques to reduce anxiety and make you calm in the right situations.


How to not be nervous

1. Mindfulness

The first and most important step to inner well-being is a healthy dose of mindfulness and only thinking about what is happening in the present. Only worry about things you can control and half of your problems will vanish.

2. Sleep Well

Nothing cures ailments better than resting your eyes and giving your mind a shutdown. In order to restore your functioning to one hundred percent you must go to bed at a reasonable hour. This will help you stay level-headed the next day.

3. Find Stress Release

Exercise, conversation, and games are traditional stress-relievers that will help you recover from your nervousness. If conversation is not your thing, find ways to relieve your stress alone. Sometimes some ‘me’ time is all you need.

4. Think Positive

In order to think positive, you must surround yourself with positive people and stimuli. Make your home a comfortable place to go to. Have friends that make you feel good. This will give your life a positive outlook and relieve your worries.

5. Get Rid of Things

Live a life of simplicity by removing excess things from your life that you no longer need. You should do this ‘life cleaning’ at least twice a year for maximum benefit.

6. Plan More

Sometimes what’s really making you nervous is the lack of organization in your life. You make things harder on yourself by failing to be prepared time and time again. Take charge and invest in routine planning to relieve your worries.

How to not be nervous involves simply waking up with the right mindset and using time-tested strategies to have you thinking positively. Scary things and stigmas will no longer frighten you and you can carry on about your day in peace. The worst thing about being nervous is that you don't always know when it will strike. Sometimes there are spontaneous bouts of anxiety and the only way to cure it is to remove yourself from the presence of other people. As long as you remember that nerves are normal and can even make you more alert, you will take your first step towards reducing most of your anxiety.

How to Not Be Nervous with Simple Techniques that Will Rid Your Fears and Worries about Things You Cannot Control

Nervousness can ruin your life unless you keep yourself in check. By learning how to control anxiety, you will be better able to not let fear run your life.

1. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the concept of immersing yourself in the present moment. This can be a very invigorating feeling and makes you to lose all consciousness about everything going on around you, especially if you are a nervous person. The outside world can be a scary place when you consider how many things are happening around you at every moment. In order to suppress these nerve-causing stimuli you should relax by understanding yourself and what you need to do at the current moment. Practicing mindfulness is the first step for how to not be nervous.

Try Some Breathing Exercises

Learn how to breathe correctly. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Practice mindfulness by paying attention to your breathing rhythm more. If you can get used to breathing in more air, then you are supplying extra oxygen for your brain to think right. Your nerves are a result of a brain that is thinking too much, thus causing all of your muscles to tense up.

Close Your Eyes

Along with breathing deep, closing your eyes and visualizing a better place is a way to snap you out of your nervousness and relax. Think of somewhere that you would rather be. Sometimes the best way to relax and get rid of nervousness is to use your imagination. The mind is a powerful tool that can alleviate many symptoms of illness. Never underestimate what a little bit of meditation can do for your well-being.

2. Get Adequate Sleep

It is very possible that you aren't getting enough sleep and this can contribute to your chronic nervousness. You need a full night‘s sleep to repair your brain functioning. There are many proven neurological consequences of not getting enough sleep and anxiety is one of them. If you ever wake up feeling tired or feel inexplicably tired during the day, you are not getting enough sleep. Look into the possible reasons why you are either missing out on sleep or not getting restful sleep and fix them.

3. Find a Way to Release

Stressors build up in your life, often without you even noticing. You need an outlet to release your stress. Whether it is exercise, spa treatment, or watching television, everyone has something they need to do to get their mind off of everything for a while. Just make sure that your stress release isn't destructive to your well-being. There are many ways to forget about our problems in life that don't involve harming yourself.


Being involved in sports is one of the best ways when it comes to how to not get nervous. Get active and escape from the hustle and bustle of your daily regimen. We are all in such a hurry to get things done. Sometimes you need to settle down and find a stress release. Playing a team sport where you are cooperating and communicating with other people will do wonders for your mental health. Doing this regularly will put your mind in a relaxed state and all of your problems will disappear.

4. Surround Yourself with Positivity

If you have no way to release from your stressful life, there is another way to help and that is to place yourself in good environments. That means choosing the right friends and the right neighborhood. You will live in an atmosphere of peace and you will become comfortable in your surroundings. One of the main causes of being nervous is the uncertainty of life. But if you surround yourself with reliable people with a positive mindset, you too will develop that positive mindset.

5. Eliminate Excess


We hold on to too many things and that is making our life too complicated. Your mind can only keep track of so many things before it starts to get overwhelmed. Sometimes the best solution is to start eliminating the things in your life you don't need, one by one. It doesn't even have to be material possessions. It could be people in your life, or their numbers in your phone book. It's a radical concept for some, but living life with fewer things takes a huge weight off of your shoulders. Give your life a spring cleaning sometimes; you will be surprised how much stress it relieves.

6. More Planning

Sometimes all you need to do for overcoming fear is to schedule your life better. It's a stressful environment always being unprepared for events in your life. Set aside time to make your organization more efficient and all of a sudden your life will seem simpler. Invest in calendars, planning books, and reminder post-it notes to keep your mind up-to-date with your daily and weekly events.