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10+ Summer Bucket List Ideas: Dare to Rock Hundred Days of Summer

Are you in need of a fun bucket list? You want this summer to be great, but cannot think of any ideas? Stay tuned and read through our unique summer bucket list ideas and for sure you will be inspired!

Genuine Summer Bucket List Ideas for a Great Summer

You’ve just got into the Christmas spirit and you’re already thinking about summer. If you’re the type of person that enjoys summer more than winter and can’t wait for it to pass, you should make the time fly by till your favourite season. You can do this by creating a fun bucket list, so that your summer doesn’t pass uneventfully.

Girl in a white bikini, with a face covered with a hat.

Everyone has a bucket list, whether it’s for Christmas holidays, your everyday bucket list or your life’s most important goals. To make the most out of next year and the summer you need to come up with good summer bucket list ideas, which are going to make your summer unforgettable. We’ve come up with some insightful summer bucket list ideas to transform your one hundred days of summer into three months of blissful happiness.

Recharge Your Batteries This Summer And Create the Perfect Summer Bucket List Packed With Exciting Summer Ideas

Nothing recharges your batteries in the summer like doing something worthwhile? Here are some great ideas to just get away for a while.

A Week With Your Best Friend

Fun bucket list ideas can’t be fun unless they include your best friend. What’s more exciting than spending an entire week with your bestie? Make your best friend pack her things and move to your place for the entire week. There’s nothing more cathartic than sharing your favourite season with your favourite person, because best friends make even the most boring event exciting and hilarious.

two girls in black bikinis sunbathig

Go on an Exciting Road trip

If you’re an adventurer and an explorer looking for fun summer bucket list ideas that are going to enlighten you at the same time, you should definitely add this one to your list. It’s an old classic, but definitely worth doing if you haven’t done it before.

curvy road and a sunset

Summer bucket lists should be filled with the most amazing, fun and original experiences. Going on a road trip with your closest friends is a one-of-a-kind life experience that can’t be lived through movies or books.

Surf Through Summer

Summer is all about learning new things and expanding your horizons. It’s a time when you are inspired to go everywhere and do just about anything, because the warm sun and great weather just put you in a great mood. Why not learn how to surf? Your funny bucket list must include acquiring a new skill, which you aren’t really good at.

Girl in a tee with a surfing board

Get Into a Waterball

It’s warm outside, but you don’t really want to get into the water. No problem, you can still have fun on the water. Get into a water ball and chase your friends around in it. It might sound silly, but summer is perfect time for letting go, so don’t skimp on the funny bucket list ideas. A day of childish activities can lift your spirits high and make this summer the most memorable so far.

Hat near a pool

Sunset at the Beach

A trip to the beach is the best escapade anyone could have. Looking for fun bucket list ideas for couples? Yes, this is the one. Nothing is more romantic than sand between your toes and wonderful sunset while the sounds of the sea push you right into the arms of your loved one.

A couple jumping on a beach

If you’re feeling especially romantic, wait for the sun to go down and enjoy a night of stargazing at the beach. It’s definitely the most romantic summer activity you will do next year.

Romance in Drive-in Movies

Everyone needs a little romance in his or her life, especially during the summer. Good summer bucket list ideas include your partner, but instead of staying in and watching a movie, go to a drive-in movie and cuddle for a night of great movies and wonderful romance.

Retro yellow car

You should make use of the great weather and do everything you can outside, even if it’s something so old-school like a drive-in movie. It might not be 3D with special effects and all that jazz, but it’s true romance.

Go on a Safari

Are you into wildlife? Then get started with your funny bucket list and jot down a safari trip. It’s an amazing experience, where you will get to grab yourself from your everyday surroundings and be exposed to true nature. You will see wild animals up and close, which is a once in a lifetime thing for most people. Can’t get more exciting than that for all of you nature lovers!

Camels in the desert

Swing Over the Water

If you haven’t tried swinging over water, you should definitely put it as a summer bucket list idea for 2015. The sea sets you free from all the worries and negative thoughts. Swinging over it is even more liberating. Take the time to smell the sea, enjoy the sky, and let your spirit fly. Don’t forget that it’s okay to be a kid again, at least for one night.

Lake and a wooden swing on a tree.

Attend A Concert

Without a doubt there are so many summer bucket list ideas, we can’t name them all, but this is one of our favourites. Attending a concert of your favourite artist, out in the open, is one of the best experiences you can have in your entire life.

Stage and a huge crowd in the open

Fresh air, warm nights, loud music, and a couple of friends are all you need to create a perfect memory. Remember, crazy nights make the best memories. Dare to rock!

Make a Memory Album

The last thing that should be on everyone’s bucket list for the upcoming summer is a book of memories. Cherish and recognize your unforgettable moments and keep them forever in your mind by creating an album or book of all the fun things you did this summer. When the winter comes, you can always open up the memory book and live through those great moments again.

Thick photo album with 4 photos on a sheet.

Summer is a favourite season of many people, because sunshine really is the best medicine. No matter what you decide to put on your bucket list for 2015, strive to make your days as full as possible. Don’t miss a moment to do something new and exciting. At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty from sand, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling.

Bonding time: With animals

Plan a field trip of your own. Take a couple of friends or your siblings and organize a visit to a nearby countryside, farm, or a ranch. Spend a day enjoying the animals there: find out more about them, ask if you can help in taking care of them while you are there, pet them, and simply enjoy their presence.

teenager girl with bunny in the nature

Spending more time with animals, especially the domestic animals you can’t get in touch every day, can be a really unique experience. It can help you learn to cherish them in a different way and let you appreciate their beauty and meekness. For some of us it takes more time to see what is this all about, but a day spent breathing fresh air and enjoying the vibrant life around you can’t be a bad day after all, right?

Experiment with your hair

It’s summer: Let your hair enjoy the weather, too. Give yourself a break and that sassy makeover you’ve been longing for for so long. After all, when was the last time you did something different with your hair?

woman holding up hair

If you want to try out a new color or a new cut, summer is probably the best period to do that. Why is that the case? Because whatever you do, you can easily “hide it”.
It’s not like no one is going to notice if you’re going to chop off 5 inches of your hair! It’s rather that it won’t be a big deal if your new hairstyle doesn’t look good on you. Your hair is mostly going to be wet from all the swimming, or messy because, well… Whose hair isn’t messy in the summer?! We all know that is so hard to keep it in place. But we have no problem with that: If anything, it gives us the restless and casual look which is just perfect for summer.