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7 College Bucket List Ideas to Make This a Year to Remember

All college students want to make sure that they make the best of their college years and this is something easily achievable if you have a good college bucket list. Just listen to what people with experience have to say.

College bucket list ideas

You may be asking why should you have a college bucket list. Isn't it something only people up to no good have? Keep in mind that a bucket list doesn't only have to contain things that the faculty members wouldn't agree with.
For instance, you might want to become a member of the debate team as a part of your bucket list. For sure your professors would also agree with this. Naturally, you have to go a bit crazy sometimes and do things you wouldn't normally do. In this case you just have to make sure you won't get in any trouble that could affect you on the long run.

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Your College Bucket List? All the Crazy and Out of This World Things You Should Get Done While in College

In college, they say these are the days of our lives. Aren't they? Depending on your deposition, you may need a bucket list to make the most out of your college years. Here's how you would do it!

1. For sure you have a crush

If you're looking to add something to your college bucket list ideas, here's one for you: confess a crush. This is something you should do before graduation. There might be someone you really like but you are afraid to let him know. Since you are about to part ways and maybe you'll never see each other again, this is the perfect time to spill the beans.

Girl being shy around boy

The good news is that if they don't feel the way you do, it is highly unlikely that you will ever see them again. On the other hand, if they respond the way you want them to, it could be the beginning of something beautiful. Plus, it's a good story to tell.

You'll never know unless you try

If you don't confess sometime, he will never know and nothing will happen. That is a certainty. But by confessing, you are giving yourself a chance for love. Don't go all throughout college having not taken that risk. You will probably have a boyfriend or two soon anyways, but why not go out on a limb and get the one you want? There is nothing to lose. College is not high school; most people don't know each other. Rumors travel a lot more slowly and with less meaning than in high school. You know how high school was: gossip about every little detail. But not anymore. This is college; there are no rules and no games, just go after what you want.

2. Make the best of the first weekend

If you just started college, you should start your crazy college bucket list with visiting your best friend on campus. In case there are some things you always wanted to do but are reluctant about doing on your own campus, this is the time. Since it is the first weekend, nobody really knows anybody and you could try everything you'd like.

Girl taking a tour of campus

This point on your list takes us to other crazy college bucket list ideas, such as flirting with guys you just met or even kissing them. Remember, nobody knows you there (but you can let them get to know you if you want them to). Just make sure you don't do anything you might regret later.

First impressions

You only get one first week of university bucket list; make it a memorable one. You will meet many new people, and will meet many more people if you are friendly and inquisitive. Start your classes off right and make good impressions on everyone you meet. Since the weekend is only two days, you have to make the best of it and get as much in as you can.

3. Take pictures

When it comes to college bucket lists the majority of people are thinking about crazy ideas. However, you could also use your bucket list to make sure you college years are well documented. Take pictures of the people who had an impact on your life. These could include friends, roommates or even professors.

Girl taking pictures with a camera

Keep in mind that you shouldn't only use your camera at crazy college parties. Most probably you won't want to see those photos for a long time anyway. Such bucket list ideas are meant to ensure that you will never forget the people who really influenced the way things turned out for you.

Memories that will last forever

College memories will last you a lifetime. To make those memories last longer, don't forget to take pictures of all your adventures. No bucket list is complete without something to share with your future family and kids when you're older. Your days in college are unique because of all the friends you will meet. College is an unpredictable experience and you will want to take pictures to remember all of those crazy times.

4. Have a picnic on the football field

In case you would like to have a funny college bucket list, this is a must have for you. Wait for the offseason period and gather some friends who are up for a good time as well. Since people in college are always up for some fun, you can be sure that there will be numerous persons ready to accompany you.

College football field

Although you might think that this idea isn't crazy enough for you, you should know about its advantages as well: it won't get you into trouble (at least not into a lot of trouble). If you want to turn this into one of the crazy bucket list ideas for college, you could also invite the team mascot to the picnic and take some pictures with them. It will be an afternoon you will never forget.

A rare opportunity

Picnics are a great way to spend your college experience with friends. If you ever get the option to relax on an enormous grass field, don't pass up on the opportunity. Chances are that they don't allow just anybody to go onto the field depending how big the university is; but it's always worth a shot.

5. Have a culinary adventure

If you are looking for college bucket list ideas for girls, you might want to get your taste buds involved as well. For sure there are some places on campus where you eat all the time. Well, this is the time to break away and try something you never had before. For sure there is a place you heard all about from your friends, but never tried.

Having dinner at an Indian restaurant

For instance, you may be reluctant about trying Indian food simply because it is supposed to be spicy. You could go to an Indian restaurant with a friend who knows their way around food and ask for suggestions. If this isn't an option, you could always ask the waiters about dishes they would recommend. Don't forget that they are there to assist you.

Many choices

There are some great cuisine choices on most college campuses these days. By not experimenting with the various food options around school, you are only hurting yourself. You don't want to spend your college days not enjoying yourself during your college senior year bucket list. Your stomach craves nourishment and the food in college is a lot better than the lunch trays they serve in high school.

6. Get involved with the school paper

There is a lot you could do in college and if you're thinking about college bucket list for girls, you should consider writing a piece for the college newspaper. This might be something you never did before or you might have some experience with it.

Writing an article for the school newspaper

If this is the first time, you might realize that you have talent for journalism. In the same time you might also realize that you have absolutely no talent whatsoever, but at least you can cross something off your bucket list. Don't forget that the newspaper is for everybody and if you feel like there is something you would like to express your opinion about, this is the best place to start. You can be sure that nobody will judge you.

Bigger than yourself

It's good to get involved in something that is bigger than yourself and your life. It will put your life in perspective and give your daily routine new meaning. Your work will be seen by many people, and that will motivate you to write good articles.

7. Have campus all to yourself

Girl being alone on campus

College doesn't only mean classes? it also means having summer breaks and you should prepare for them with a college summer bucket list. Although you could let your imagination run wild, there is one thing you should try: being alone on campus. The place will have a whole different feeling when you have it all to yourself. You will feel like you own the place and you will get to do crazy things you were ashamed of when you had other people around.

More freedom

The best time to be places are when they are deserted. Take the roads for example; driving at 3am is a lot more enjoyable than driving during rush hour traffic. Same applies to your college campus. Nobody is around, so you have more freedom to do the things you want during your fun bucket list ideas. Find the times of day when there are less people walking around and enjoy your privacy and freedom.

Make your own college bucket list

These are just some ideas for bucket list that you could use as a starting point for your very own bucket list to help you make the best of this time because college is an experience you will never be able to repeat.