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8 Foods to Avoid While Eating out on a Date with a Guy

While going on a date, you consider various dating things-not-to-do such as wearing appropriate clothes, looking gorgeous, taking care of your words and behavior etc. But one thing most girls forget is considering what food not to eat at that time? So, better learn about them before you might make your guy cringe!

Foods you should never eat in front of a guy you just started dating

While going out on a date, you must be wishing that it ends beautifully without any problem. Normally, you must be more concerned on your appearance and talking; ignoring the major element of the date i.e. the food you order and eat! That’s the pitfall which is mostly ignored by most of the girls.

hungry woman

They order random stuff out of excitement and even end up with holding napkins to hide it! So, in order to avoid such food accidents, you must be careful and decide beforehand the foods you should never eat while on date with a guy. Doing this, you can spend a perfect date with perfect outcomes!

8 Things Not to Eat While Dating Your Guy in Order to Avoid Getting Him Uncomfortable in Your Company Not to Mention the First Date

During the date, you can impress your guy with your looks, talking and little tickling. But what thing can make him run away from you? That’s one and only - the wrong food selection. So, check this following list of foods not to eat to save yourself from getting into an awkward position in front of your guy!

Foods dripping with sauces

Imagine your fingers dripping in puddles of saucy meal. Won’t it be your worst nightmare? You will probably make your guy uneasy seeing this food mess. So, here comes the first items among the list of foods not to eat on the date i.e. extra saucy foods. Such foods make your fingers stick together, thus your hands gets messy. You might even make noises while swallowing it down, and this for sure will make your guy uncomfortable while watching you doing this. So better avoid or let him crawl away from you!

Non-vegetarian food if you are a vegetarian!

Being a veggie-person is not a problem until and unless you ignore it. So, if you are a vegetarian and your guy isn’t, and you order non-vegetarian food, then you are surely in big trouble girlie! You might have done this in order to share same menu as of your guy, but how can you force yourself to eat what you haven’t eaten since your birth? The possible outcomes here will be you getting not feeling good, getting smelly, and of course your guy will be getting ready to call the date off. So, being a vegie, always mark the non-vegetarian food among the foods you should never eat!

Spicy food

While ordering foods at date, you must consider the condition of your stomach and most of all, stamina to eat and absorb spicy foods. But what’s the rush in that? Nobody is forcing you to appear wonder-woman by eating foods which might make you sweat and your nose run! So, here is another food not to eat while out on date i.e. spicy meals. The foods which normally contain high concentration of spices include Thai meals, Indian foods, and often wings and ribs. So, always look into the menu and abstain from ordering such spicy meals. It is recommended to consider concentration of chilies in each dish, which is often mentioned on the menu card of various restaurants you will see while eating out. Doing so, you can decide beforehand that whether your stomach can bear it, or you might have to make your way right from the table to the toilet. In both cases, it is better to simply slip off such meals.

Messy food

Another thing not to eat on a date is the messy foods. Such means include meals which need to be slurped such as oysters, burgers like Big Mac, seafood such as lobsters and awfully cheesy ones. These items must be within your things not to eat with braces list, or you will be welcoming a great wave of mess over your table. The foods which need you to open mouth wide enough for swallowing them will make your guy’s jaw get wider also! Moreover, while eating lobster and separating the meat from the bones, you might be wasting your precious time on that messy meal, keeping your guy waiting once you get free from that bone-meat fight. Even the over-stuffed cheesy meals will make you ashamed while a big cheesy string gets lengthier till you finally break if off! It appear funnier but more embarrassing, so call such meals off the menu strictly!

Vanilla ice-cream as a dessert

Ordering dessert after the meal is another critical stage while you are out on date. Desserts are appetizing and much yummier, but don’t make your selection appear you childish. This can happen only when you order vanilla ice-cream as a dessert! You will surely appear as a small girl in front of your guy who would be looking away to hide his anger of choosing you as his date. So, vanilla ice-cream is for sure among the foods to avoid on the date, else he will see you as a boring, dull and immature girl.

Foods containing corn

Another dating don’ts include corn foods not to eat in front of your guy. Eating corn will simply result into multiple problems. Firstly, you will make noise while those tiny corns crack in your mouth. Doing so, some of them might get stuck in your teeth. That’s the main problem. You will be rubbing you tongue whole of the time to get that piece out of the teeth, meanwhile your mouth will be giving odd shapes on your face. This will totally distract you from the person sitting beside you, and as a result, he will start portraying you as a future-friend. Ouch! Hurts, right? So, better list corns among the foods not to eat on the date.

Salad as the meal

Salad is undoubtedly the great appetizer. But ordering it as a meal, gosh! Are you weight-conscious? Even if you are, do not expose this to your guy, else he will see you as a totally vain or the one avoiding spending less money on the date dinner. So, worst foods to eat will surely include salads. This was the situation if you are paying bill. Now, if your guy invites you and you orders salad, it will not portray you as a sophisticated girl, but a non-interested person who is not excited to eat something delicious and proper meal from the menu.


Soup tastes good, surely one of the best appetizers to eat during winter, but should you mark it among the foods to never eat on a date? Yes, of course! This is due to various reasons. Firstly, it is messy if some drops happen to fall on your fingers. Secondly, it is very hot, thus keeping you busy while blowing it to get cooler, and your guy getting irritated seeing you doing this. Lastly, it takes relatively longer time to finish it. There might be the possibility that after finishing the soup as an appetizer, your stomach gets full making you uncomfortable while eating the real meal. So, while deciding what foods not to eat as an appetizer, always cross out the soup.