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Why Does He Do That? Top 10 Most Annoying Things Men Do

If women pay attention of all the annoying things that men do, many relationships will never happen. Getting used to some of these annoyances might be wised. The problem is women can sometimes recognize these annoyances and try to change too ay habits rather than accept.

Why does he do it!?

Ever find that you are interested in a guy and just when you think that you are both about to hit it off he goes and does something really stupid and annoying? So these annoying things guys do, why does he do that? Or maybe it should be “why do they do that?”

guy brushes teeth while talking

Some people are just naturally annoying but, it is frustrating when the subject of your annoyance is the object of your fascination. The interest or annoyance at that person can easily turn into disgust. We might not have the answer but we sure can associate with things like that. Some of us have had our fair share and then some. Here are some of the most annoying things guys do;

Top 10 Most Annoying Things Men Do That They Won't Admit That Make You Ask—Why Does He Do It?

I am not saying that guys are more annoying than boys; but from a girl's point of view, yes guys have a lot of things coming because of all the annoying things they do. What makes it worse is that they won't admit it!

Talking about his ex… constantly

If she is a thing of the past why should there be a constant conversation about the kind of person that she was? No doubt women like to hear about the past relationship that their guy had, if only to get a good understanding of what the expectations might be in the relationship. There is however no need to make your ex the topic of every conversation. It is annoying and gives the impression that there is still an interest there; i.e. they have not moved on.

Doing things to show ownership

One of the most annoying things that men always do is to show ownership of the woman. If the relationship is budding and both parties are comfortable, there needs not be a public display to say “hey she is mine”. While being possessive seems to be the order of the day for so many men, the hugging, kissing and the pulling close just for show (and we know when it is just for show) is really not necessary. Let things happen naturally; being possessive and insecure means there is an individual problem that need to be dealt with before it ruins the relationship.

He returns your calls

The famous toilet seat; up or down? It is widely known that men really do not need a manual to know that women absolutely hates when the toilet seat is down. Why? Because technically, they have to sit on it! Men on the other hand have to lift it in order to use it. If he is man enough to lift the seat, he should be man enough to put it back down? Doesn’t that take even less strength?

Talking while brushing your teeth

It takes less than five minutes to brush ones teeth and brushing and trying to converse definitely falls into that category of most annoying things people do. It seems so unnatural. It seems that toothpaste is a brain stimulant that automatically jars the memory just at that point when the mouth is filled with that frothy substance whose main aim is to cleanse the mouth. 

Chewing with mouth open

Men seem to do this a lot. It is right up there with burping out loud and spitting for no apparent reason. We all know that digestion begins in the mouth but a demonstration of that truth is really not necessary, especially during dinner. Close mouth and chew. It is that simple. It makes the meals more enjoyable and makes you seem more human.

Doing a comparison to other women

There is nothing worse that a man can do than to compare his woman to another woman, especially to his mother. “My mother used to do it this way” or “I like it better if you cook it the way so and so did it”. It is annoying as it is frustrating. Men, in fact people on a whole, need to recognize that everyone is different hence their methods of doing things will be different. How else will we truly know someone unless we accept them wholeheartedly, flaws and all?

Not admitting to their mistakes

Now this is probably the most annoying thing that men do repeatedly; making an error and then not owning up to it. Even worse, is when they make excuses? So many times they are advised (by the woman of course) not to do thing A. they in turn switch on the ego button and declare that it must be done that way, only to realize it was their worst case scenario, and what do they do in return. Not admit they were wrong but rather blame everything else for that error. “If this wasn’t in the way then all would have been fine”.

Taking credit where it is not due

This goes hand in hand with not owning up to errors. They will be advised about something and when they eventually do it, they take full credit. Even if the woman was the actual guide every step of the way. Men need to realize that this only makes women want to shy away from supporting them and being their trusted advisors. And trust it; they really can’t survive that well on their own.

Urging you to get dressed

Now if you want her to look her best, why deny her of the privilege? Surely men know that to get fully dressed, including getting hair and make-up done, does not happen at the casual wave of a magic wand? Surely they understand that is a process that has to be undertaken with care and precision? Why else would they annoy women by urging them on every few minute?

Thinking their lives are more important

Why is it so hard for men to acknowledge that female roles are just as important as theirs? Even in modern times, there are still that annoying set of men who believe that the sole purpose of a woman is to wash, cook, clean, take care of the kids and then do their hair and nails all without batting an eyelash? Women’s roles go way beyond that. It requires the ability to organize and delegate so that the household runs smoothly. This has to be done double time especially if she has a 9 to 5 job.

How to cope with the annoying things men do

Even with those annoying things men do, the best dating advice  for women is to learn to love and tolerate them; life isn’t perfect so don’t expect them to be. Sometimes it is these annoying imperfections that keep us going.