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6 Cute Ear Piercings Ideas to Draw Attention to Your Face

The women looking for cute ear piercings should know which style complements their features and which are those that they should avoid. Knowing all this can make wonders for their looks and also their style.

Cute ear piercings to make your style pop

In case you are thinking about piercing your ears and getting cute ear piercings, there are numerous different styles you could consider. The majority of women pierce their ears on the ear lobe. However, in our days there are numerous other options that will make you look different from all the rest. For instance, if you are wondering about a way to look great at a concert, you should choose a style that reflects your personality, but that is also somewhat different from what people are used to. Give some thought to the following styles and choose the one that seems the most suitable for your taste:

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Cute ear piercing ideas

1. Helix piercing

In case of the helix piercing the cool ear piercings are added to the cartilage of the ear. The upside is that this offers a multitude of options for mixing and matching. The downside is that it is a bit more painful than a regular ear piercing.

2. Industrial piercing

The industrial piercing is a variation of the helix piercing. The only difference is that there are two punches instead of one. Since the punches are located on the opposite sides of the ear, they can accommodate longer pieces of jewelry.

3. Conch piercing

This type of piercing is just as popular as the above mentioned styles. Just as the name suggests, the ear piercings are added to the conch. This is the corn shaped area of the ear that is highly visible, making it easier to make a statement.

4. Daith piercing

If it is comfort you are looking for when it comes to pierced earrings, daith piercing is for you. In this case the jewelry goes through the inner cartilage fold of the ear. This is really comfortable because the earring can slip into the conch and it won't bother you.

5. Tragus piercing

In case you like small jewelry, you should really think about tragus piercing. This is a similar area to the daith, but it is even smaller. Nonetheless, you can be sure that it has quite an impact. You can't get a piercing small enough for people not to notice.

6. Orbital piercing

This piercing style is similar to the industrial piercing, but the punches are closer together. In the majority of the cases women choose pieces of jewelry with a closed design for a bigger impact.

Find the Best Cute Ear Piercing Ideas That Will Enhance Your Features and Draw the Attention Away from Your Flaws

So, which cool ear piercings will you opt for? Which one is the most suitable for your style and your everyday looks?

1. Helix piercing – keep it simple

This is one of the most popular ear jewelry styles at the moment. This is mostly because the style gives women ample space to display a multitude of ear jewelry, making it super trendy. Some of the women opt for mixing and matching different styles, while others prefer the more elaborate designs. Nonetheless, the most common way to rock it is to have one piece of jewelry, usually something special and unexpected. If you would like to make a statement, you could be looking for single studs, dainty arrows, dream-catchers, or metal rings.

In case you are worried about piercing ears, you should know that the pain isn't as bad as it seems at first. Although the first couple of days are a bit uncomfortable, you will find later that it was all worth it.

2. Industrial piercing – taking it up a notch

If you happen to be bolder and want more than the helix piercing, the industrial piercing is the style for you. As a matter of fact, this is a variation of the helix, having two punches instead of one. The punches are located at the opposite sides of the helix, making it possible for you to rock longer ear jewelry. When looking for ear piercings, you should know that the arrows make a very good choice because of the size and shape. This is something you can get really wild with. Think about unusual designs, such as thunderbolts, chains, or even spirals.

You might be worried about not being able to incorporate the jewelry into your everyday look. If you are thinking about piercing ear, you shouldn't worry about such things. Rocking a piece of ear jewelry with studs looks really hot in every setting, including formal events.

3. Conch piercing – the "it" thing to do

Although it is a bit more unusual than the styles mentioned above, the conch piercing is just as popular. This might be because they are very visible so it is easy to make a statement with your jewelry. Having pierced earrings is a statement on its own, but having conch piercings is even more special. The conch is the cup-shaped space near the ear canal that offers ample space for you to play around. In many cases women opt for ear jewelry with 3-5 colorful studs. If you don't feel bold enough, you could also get a simple stud that adds an element of surprise to your look.

In case studs aren't your thing, give the bead rings a thought when it comes to cute ear piercing ideas. These require a punch in the conch, but the design itself isn't inside the ear, but on the outside, pulled together by a ring.

4. Daith piercing – something more daring

If you are looking for cute cartilage piercing, then it is the daith piercing you need. In this case the jewelry goes through the inner cartilage fold of the ear. A lot of women opt for this style especially because the jewelry is very comfortable to wear since it has ample space to sit in the conch. The most popular options for jewelry include the captive bead rings, hearts, and curved barbells. This is mostly because they grab the attention of people around you and they can make your style pop.

It is a misconception that women have sexy ear piercings to seem rebellious. As a matter of fact, these pieces of jewelry can be really feminine and girly and they can add a twist and some glam to every look. Naturally it still has a tint of rebellion in it, so you could rock the style even if you have a white collar job.

5. Tragus piercing – you don't have to make it big

In case you would like to make a statement, but you don't want something bold or daring, the tragus piercing style is the perfect match for you. This style is similar to the daith style, but the jewelry is placed lower. When looking for cute ear piercing, you should consider barbells, studs, and captive bead rings. You might think that everybody has these and that they are boring, but don't worry: there are thousands of different designs and styles for you to choose from. Some other popular choices include the infinity sign, a feather, a key, a heart, or a turtle.

These cute body piercings are so popular mostly because they are discrete, but still filled with meaning. Another advantage is that the jewelry is very comfortable to wear so you won't have to think twice about getting your ear pierced. The style is just perfect for everyday wear.

6. Orbital piercing – two punches for one ear jewelry

This style is very similar to the industrial piercing. However, there is one major difference: the punches are closer together. The good thing about the style is that it can be added to any part of the ear, giving you more freedom and more flexibility to play with it. There is also no danger of tearing or stretching. In the majority of the cases women choose ear jewelry with a closed look. For instance, you could be thinking about a larger ring. If you think it is boring, consider having a piece heart shaped jewelry.

When looking for cute body piercing, you should be thinking about something that represents you. Also be mindful of your everyday life. If you are an executive at a large company, getting an earring with flames might not be the best choice. Nonetheless, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't get any piece of jewelry. Just think of a design that is acceptable in your field of work. You don't want your colleagues or business partners think that you are too rebellious for your work. On the other hand, you don't want to become just like all the other people around you either. Try to find a balance between your unique personality and the look that other people expect from you to please everybody.