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How to Be Sassy to Grab the Attention of Every Men Around You

There are a lot of girls wondering how to become sassy as men seem to favor these kinds of girls. If you are one of them, you should read on and adopt the tips and tricks to make a change in your life.

How to Adopt a Sassy Attitude for a Change

While some men might appreciate it, there is nothing fun about being shy and nice. This is why women want to know how to be sassy. The truth is that there are different approaches that you could follow. For instance you might be interested in jokes to tell your boyfriend. You don't want to blend in with the crowd. No! You want to stand out. Don't just go with the flow; create the flow. You don't necessarily have to change the way you look; you should change the way you think. It's not your looks, but you attitude that makes you really special.

woman in sleeveless smiling outdoors

Ways to be sassy

1. Fire quick comebacks

When making a comeback, you don't want to seem rude. Usually sassy girls disguise their opinions in the form of generally acceptable statements or questions. The point is to show the other person that you can be tactless as well.

2. Project confidence

If there is one thing being sassy is all about is self-confidence. For this you will have to know yourself and to love yourself. You also must have a spine. If you think you are lacking confidence, you should start working on the outside first.

3. Learn sarcasm

Sarcasm is a language that not all people speak and not all people understand. However, if you become a little more sarcastic, people will pay more attention to you and they will be more interested in the things you have to say.

4. Be direct

All women know how to put things so that they won't have to say what's really on their mind. Although you should be direct and honest, you don't have to be mean. People will only like you less if you put things in a mean way.

5. Have some energy

For some reason all sassy girls seem to be fun. You should banish the lack of enthusiasm and boredom from your life and be the happy and energetic person you always wanted to be. You have no more excuses not to be sassy.

6. Make people notice you

For sure you know there are some women who seem to be invisible to others. Your sassiness will bring all eyes on you. You don't want to be the one to blend in. you thrive when you are in the center of attention.

7. Rise up to any challenge

It is common for people to think that sassy persons aren't afraid of anything. For sure you have some fears too, but this is the perfect time for you to face them. At least you will have a good story to share with your friends.

Learn How to Be Sassy to Grab the Attention of All the People around You and Make Them Truly Remember You

So, how do you get that specific sassy attitude? What can you do to change your life and become the girl you always wanted to be?

1. Fire quick comebacks

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If there is one thing that all sassy girls have, it's quick comebacks. In case someone is less than tactful, you should behave the same way. You don't need to be mean. As a matter of fact, you should have a smile on your face or you could even laugh. For instance, if someone decided to leave your party, saying that there is another, cooler party, you might suggest them to change their shirt first so that it will match the outfit.

A comeback is sassy if it is put as a question or as a statement of a fact. You shouldn't just state your opinion. If you want to be sassy, you should say something like "I would really agree with you, but I don't wish to be wrong". This is the kind of comeback that leaves people thinking for a while before they realize what you just insulted them.

2. Project confidence from all your pores

self-assured woman standing against wall

If you are serious about being sassy, you have to make sure you have the self-confidence for it. You have to know yourself and to love yourself to be able to speak your mind. In the same time you should make sure you also have a spine. In case you have any problems with your self-confidence, you should try to work the other way around. While in the majority of the cases confidence comes from the inside, you should try to look confident on the outside until you make yourself believe that you truly are confident.

One of the best things you could do to become a sassy chick is to dress up and put your makeup on. Knowing that you look nice will increase your self-confidence. This is something you should practice on a regular basis. Remember: practice makes perfect.

3. Learn sarcasm - a new language

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It is common for sassy chicks to be sarcastic. This is a whole different language that people have to learn. You can use sarcasm for good or bad purposes. If it is used properly, it can be a tool for having fun. However, if you want, you can really hurt people with it. The main point is to poke fun at people, but they must know that you are only joking without you having to state it explicitly. Basically speaking, when being sarcastic, you usually mean the opposite of what you say or you say things that obviously aren't true.

4. Be direct and be honest

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All people at one point learn about all the things they aren't supposed to say. They learn that they have to be polite, which means that they can't really speak their mind. It seems like we are limited by being polite. In order to become a sassy woman you will have to let it go a bit. Nonetheless, you shouldn't use this to be mean to the people around you. If a colleague doesn't help as much as they should with a project, you shouldn't say that he should pull it together, but point out that the others are working hard and if he isn't willing to make an effort, he is more than welcome to look for another project. Also add that you would all prefer if they stayed.

Despite of their efforts, some might still consider sassy people mean. However, you should listen to these people. They just can't take the truth and they'd prefer if you were a doormat. As long as you don't hurt the feelings of people around you, you can be sure that you are doing fine.

5. Have some energy to be sassy

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All sassy people are considered to be fun and energetic. There is no couch potato sassy person. In case you are listless or subdued, most probably your sassiness will be considered cynicism. Sassy women are always present and they are living in the moment. They don't live through their phone and they don't do daydreaming. They are always aware of what is going on around them. Make sure that you actually look at people when they are talking. Give them a smile and an understanding nod for them to know that you are really listening to what they have to say.

6. Make people notice you and they will

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For sure you know some people who manage to enter a room without anyone noticing them. It's not the way sassy city chicks do it. This is not who you are. You are the kind of person who is constantly cracking jokes, putting on fashion shows, or telling stories. You enjoy being in the spotlight and the best thing about your attitude is that you are the heart and soul of a party. This is a role that only a few people can pull off and you are one of them. It's not just a role you assume because you have to; it's who you are.

7. Rise up to any challenge - especially your own

woman as seen bungjee jumping from a crane

Your sassiness will help you through all challenges. All people have their fears, but you are (or you should be) the kind of person who faces them. Start thinking outside the box and you will realize that the world is a lot bigger than you ever thought. Being confident, giving attitude, and speaking your mind are easy; you can truly show what you are made of when it comes to your fears. In the majority of the cases these fears aren't even rational. Once you realize this, there will be no stopping you.

There is nothing more rewarding in life than challenging yourself. Regardless whether it's public speaking, slugs, or heights, you have to know that you can do it. This will add to your sassiness and it is something that the people around you will notice as well. You will be known as the person without any fears. That sounds good, right?