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8 Attention Grabbing Techniques for Him on How to Get a Guy to Want You

For sure you have been trying to catch the eye of another person. While perseverance may have a word to say, it is also useful to know what a guy wants and giving him exactly that. These tips will make it easier for you to get him to want you.

Make him want to want you more than ever

Just to get things clear, you have to remember that you can’t actually make people like you. However, there are some things you could do to seem more appealing to them without losing yourself in the process. In fact, all you have to do is to focus more on your positive characteristics and less on your negative ones and you can be sure that the other person will do the same.

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Naturally it all starts with finding out what a guy wants. Then you have to give him exactly what he wants to get his attention and from that point on there is no way for you to go wrong.

8 Tips That Will Help You Make Him Ache for You in a Way That He Thought He Will Never Feel for Any Girl or Woman without Him Even Noticing It

So here is the answer to the question how to get a guy to want you:

Show off your self-confident side

woman trying on purple dress looking in the mirror In case you are asking yourself how to make guys want you, you should know that it all starts with you becoming the woman all guys want: sexy and confident. This is why you should take the time to prepare for your date. Try on different dresses and different makeup styles until you find those that seem the most advantageous for you and that make you feel confident. A confident woman is a major turn-on for the majority of men. Apparently, this is something that they can sense and that they really appreciate about women.

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Zen down your thoughts

Since the beginnings of time men have considered women to be complicated. As a result, if you are interested in what guys want, you should know that they want a woman they can understand. This means that the process of making a guy want you requires you to make your thoughts less complicated. This doesn’t mean you acting dumb, but try to be as clear as possible and don’t expect the other person to guess your thoughts especially during the first dates. You can be sure that if a man thinks you’re too much trouble, they will start looking for someone less complicated.

Get him talking

woman holding a cup of coffee listing to a guy talk The women asking how to make guys want you ought to know that men just love talking and they love talking about the things that they love. If you know that your guy is passionate about something, you should bring it up and let him talk about it. Some men like to talk about their job while others prefer to share their thoughts regarding sports. It is possible that you aren’t really interested in the topic, but listening to your partner is one of the basic flirting rules that you will have to learn about.

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Don’t lose yourself

Although you might think this is a cliché, the best way to get noticed is to be yourself. Women hear this all the time, but this is the piece of advice that they usually forget about. Although you might think you know how to get a guy want you more, you shouldn’t become the person he wants you to be. There is no point in giving up your personality just for him to like you. Although things may work out for a while, in the end you will realize that you are miserable and you will see that you have a fake relationship.

Use a small little beauty trick

woman sitting in courtyard with guy on laptop flicking hair back In case you are asking how to get any guy you want, there is a little beauty trick you should consider using. Before you leave your home, you should spritz a bit of your perfume on your hair. During your date gently flick your hair for him to sense your perfume. Keep in mind that this should be something subtle so there is no point in using the entire bottle of perfume for this purpose. Your smell will get stuck in his subconscious and he won’t be able to stop thinking about you or your smell.

Let your hair down

couple hiking Even if you want to make him want you, you should always wear appropriate clothes and makeup. This means that if he invites you mountain climbing, you skip wearing that revealing cute little tank top and you go for something more appropriate and comfortable. In the same time you will give up heavy eye makeup and lipstick, even if they look amazing on you, and go for something more natural looking, such as lip-gloss. This is something that the majority of men really appreciate.

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Talk about the things you love

You may have noticed that when people are talking about something they love, they have a special glow which is really appealing. So when you are asking how to get guys to want you, you should make use of this. Talk to him about something you love and that you are passionate about. You will simply light up and this is something that men find really attractive about a woman, not to mention that they like you having something to talk about. It’s nice to have a break and listen to others for a change for men as well.

Show off your brain

woman wearing glasses holding pointer finger up In case you would like to make him ache for you, make sure that he will ache for your brain as well. Although some men do like not so intelligent women, the majority wishes to have a woman in their life that can talk about anything. So, make your best to talk about something else besides celebrity gossip on the next date. This is something that men are already tired of. Share something related to your work, your hobby, or anything else you like talking about. If you show your date that you have brains as well, he will be more likely to call you the next day. Nonetheless, it is also possible that you will intimidate him. If this is the case, you should forget about him; he is not good enough for you.
Use these sneaky little tips to make your way into his heart and his mind as well in the shortest time period possible.