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8 Simply Cute Love Notes: Charming Ideas to Show Your Appreciation

Cute love notes do not necessarily have to be cheesy. Or maybe it is cheesy you are going for. Regardless of what you are looking for, for sure you will find something you like and he will like on the list we compiled.

List of Cute Love Notes to Leave Your Boyfriend

Love notes aren’t only words written on paper. Sometimes they could be heavier than rocks and liberating. The main point of the cute notes is to let the other person know you care about them. You don’t have to think about something very cheesy, such as a note with little hearts or a stuffed animal holding a large heart.

Agenda, lipstick, and sunglasses

As a matter of fact, it might be a lot better to add some fun to the note as well, that will make the other person smile. Here are some ideas on how you could achieve this and what to do.

Tips and Tricks for Sweet Love Notes for Him that Will Surprise Him and that He Will Always Remember

Anybody can leave a love note and regardless of the form you choose, you can be sure that your boyfriend will appreciate it. However, in order to make it a not to remember, consider the following ideas:

Make a drawing

Let’s face it: men can sometimes be a bit slow at mind, especially when it comes to the matters of the heart. You may have been giving him all kinds of hints, but the cute love notes for him might do the trick.

Drawing of a little girl

To make sure he will understand what you’re trying to tell him, you should make a drawing: draw a girl (with a pretty skirt) with long arms held out to the sides saying that this is how much you love him. This is a hint he cannot miss. Aside from this, you can be sure the drawing will make him smile (especially if it is something you’re not really talented at).

A guy loves his pizza

There is a saying all women have heard before: the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. You may have never thought about this, but some of the cute notes to leave your boyfriend actually involve food.

Pizza with lots of cheese and parsley on top

Just think about this scenario: you order him pizza, but make sure that it comes with extra cheese (or you could go for Quattro Formaggi, which has only cheese) and write a note on the box’s lid. You could say something like “I love you! Or is this too cheesy for you?”. He will appreciate both the effort and the humor, not to mention that he won’t be able to eat pizza without thinking about you ever again.

It’s all about the eyes

In case he happens to be an ophthalmologist or if he wears glasses, you could think about cute love notes for him that have some eye-humor. For instance, you could print him a note saying “I only have eyes for you”.

A note in different font sizes

The catch is that the “I” should be large, “only” should be a bit smaller, “have” even smaller, “eyes” smaller and “for you” should be written with tiny fonts. This will remind him of the eye test ophthalmologists usually do. All there is left for you to do is to print it out, place it in an envelope and leave it somewhere for him to find, such as his laptop case.

Look in the mirror

One is the thing that everybody does in the morning? Look in the mirror. If you want to be sure that he will find your note, you might want to leave it on the bathroom mirror. Such love notes for him always have a big impact.

Guy taking a picture of a mirror with a heat shaped mark

You could be thinking about a grand gesture, such as writing with lipstick, just like in the movies. However, if you want to be sure that you will be able to wash it off, you should avoid greasy “markers” and go for those that can be simply wiped off. If he gets it, you will find a note responding to yours when you get home.

An apple a day…

We all know that it’s healthy to eat fruits, but the truth is that it’s more than that. You can use a health snack to send a message. If you would like to write a cute love note for him, you should pack him lunch, including a fruit with a special message.

Two apples on a cutting board

For instance, get him a pear with a special tag saying “You are ‘pear’fect!”. Some other fruits work as well, like bananas saying “I am bananas for you” or plums saying “You are plum perfect!”. This is something you can play with and come up with different variations that will make him smile and think of you.

A box of… notes

In case you’re preparing for a special occasion, you might want to offer more sweet love notes for him (the more the merrier, right?). In this case you should get a box of chocolate and empty it (wonder where will all that chocolate go?). Replace the chocolate with small love notes.

Box of chocolate with a heart shaped one on top

You could write some short love quotes or simply give him reasons for which you love him. The point is that he isn’t supposed to read all the notes at once; he should savor them, just like he would the chocolate. Naturally this only works in case he doesn’t really like chocolate.

In an eggshell

One ingenious way to write a love note for him is to use an eggshell. In order to do this you will have to clean the egg white and yolk of an egg through a small hole. Use the same hole to get the love note inside the eggshell.

Blue egg with a drawing of a cloud

Paint the egg to make it look something like an Easter egg. Then pack it in a small cardboard box. You can be sure he won’t know what to do with the egg at first. Then tell him to crack the egg. He will be surprised to find that there is nothing inside but a love note from you.

Gummy… Worms

If your boyfriend happens to like fishing, the best love notes for him have something to do with his hobby. In this case you should fill a jar with gummy worms and add a label saying something like “hooked on you”. For sure he will understand the humor and he will also enjoy the candy. Maybe he will share it with you too.

Racks with different gummy candies

When people hear about love note to boyfriend, they instantly think about something childish or cheesy. However, the good news is that there are other ways as well to make it work.