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How to Pick up Guys in a Bar? 5 Pickup Line Ideas for Men

Nowadays men have become lazy when it comes to woo a woman. Today girls are bold enough to hit on men, flirt with them or pick them up and ask them out. If you are too shy for such things but still want that cute guy in the bar, try these subtle and not so bold pickup line ideas.

How do you pick up a guy in a bar?
You see girls hitting on men so casually and end up dating them. Secretly you wish you could pick up a man from a bar and spend a lovely evening with him or go out on a date with him.
But being a shy girl you dread going over and start a conversation yourself? You lack courage to do so?

two girls having fun at bar

Don't you worry girls. All this and much more can come true!! Just read on, to find out about how to pickup guys in bar, gym, cafeteria wherever be it. To help you even more I have come up with a list of some pickup line ideas for men. Once you follow them and start talking you can also find out how to make him fall for you.

You must have heard the age old adage "Men will be men" and it remains true no matter what. No man will let go the opportunity if a girl herself comes over and hint she is interested in him.
These days men either have become lazy or less trying when it comes to woo a woman. It may be because the girls have become more outgoing and bold and are more open to experiments when it comes to dating and relationships.

So if you like someone or find a cute guy in a bar, don't expect he will come to you and ask you out. How is he to know you are interested? Before any other girl hits on him, you have to let go of your shyness and try.
Who said men have to be the first to break the ice? Those days are gone!! Today's men like it when a woman takes the initiative. It shows she is confident and they love this about a girl.

So next time when you are tired of being single or want to pick up a man just for the fun of it, you need to remember one thing, be confident and straight forward. You can try going to the bar alone. Believe me it is not as scary as it sounds.  A lady sitting alone at a bar is enough to get men's attention. Try going on a regular place where you know the people there or just try talking amiably with the bartender. It will look like you are friends and will make you less awkward. You may just order your drink, gaze on to crowd and when you find the guy you are interested in, you can go over and talk to him.

Now you must be thinking, 'what on earth should I talk to him about? He is a complete stranger!!'

And that's when my list of pickup line ideas comes to play. All are tried on men by me or other people and they have worked each time!! Try them and find out for yourself.

5 Pickup Line Ideas for Men

Here are some simple pick-up line ideas that girls can try on guys.

One: Compliment his attire

Just like women, men too love to hear compliments. If complimenting his looks is a bit bold for you for the first time, try saying something nice about his outfit. Just a simple "Hey, nice shirt" or anything similar will instantly gain you his attention.

If there is a moment of awkward silence after a thank you, do not worry. He may be nervous. Wait patiently. You have already let the ball rolling. He will definitely start conversation from there.

Two: Notice his gadget/cellphone

Most of the guys are very attached to their gadgets. May it be their smartphones, tabs or even a watch. Go to him, order a drink and while you wait for your order, comment on his gadget. Like "isn't it the newly launched…. Phone or whatever it is…" or
" Nice watch!! Tommy?" or any other brand that it might be.

He will be really impressed to see a girl noticing technology for a change and not clothes and shoes.
Try this out only if have a tad bit knowledge of what you are saying. You do not want to call a Rolex a Tommy and make a fool of yourself.

Three: Ask him for recommendation

If you see a cute guy having his drink and seems like a regular visitor, you can go to him and say something like "A beer person? Could you recommend something for a first timer to this bar?"

That's sweet plus every guys likes to show off. He will not only recommend a nice drink but may buy you one too. Who knows?

Four: Hi

Nothing can beat the power of a simple 'hi'. Any guy, shy, bold, smart, flirt anyone will respond to a 'hi'. It can be the safest icebreaker. It surely starts a conversation but doesn't make you look too desperate.

Just stand next to him, say hi and go back to being very casual. May be start talking to the bartender about your drink. He will be intrigued to know more about you. Let him start the introductions.

Five: Eye and smile

If going over to him and be the first to talk is just not your thing, then the only way to make him come near you is to look at him and smile. Stare at him (not the creepy way) to give him a hint that you are interested in him. And when he looks back at you just smile.
He will definitely walk over and talk to you.

See, starting a conversation with a man isn't too difficult after all. And you do not have to use those cheesy lines we have heard so many times. These simple yet effective pickup lines for men can get you started with a conversation and maybe even a long lasting relationship? You have try them to know.

But keep one thing in mind. If for any reason, a guy seems uninterested or doesn't encourage your effort, do not get disheartened. There may be several reasons and you may not be one of them. May be he really wants to be alone at the time or he is already taken, if you know what I mean.
So do not take such things personally. Wait for the man who will be worth it.

Should you wait for a guy to approach you or just do it yourself, pick him up?

Now that you know the pickup lines ideas that work, why the wait girls? Go, hit the bar nearby, and as I always say, dress your best, look your best and pickup any man you want for a fun filled evening.