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How Do You Get a Guy to like You? 7 Things to Get Liked by Him

Are you tired of going unnoticed by the guy you like? Do you want him to like you back but that is not happening? Getting attention from a guy is an art in itself. Find out the ways to lure him and make him fall for you.

Do you like a guy but he isn't aware of it? Do you want him to get to like you back without him knowing about it? Whether it is a guy you have just met or someone you already are crushing on, sometimes it is difficult to gain his attention. They may either be too shy or just are not good in reading your feelings.
How Do You Get a Guy to like You?
That's where you have to take the charge. It is very important to let him know how you feel about him. No, that doesn't mean, you have to go to him and tell him about the way you feel. Instead you can make him come to you, by doing things that will make you simply irresistible.

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Some guys are too shy to take the initiative. Some just are too afraid to take the friendship to another level. Commitment issues or whatever be it, if you happen to like one of such kind, girl you need to take charge.

But do not worry. I have come up with a list of things that you can try to get him to like you. He will start noticing you, and things can kick start from there on. May be a date on your next meet? Who knows?

7 Things That Will Instantly Get Him to like You and Crave for You like Never Before.

Here is how to get a boy to like you. Note that these tips also work for guys and men.

Look into his eyes

This is a sure shot formula to force him to notice you. Be bold and look directly into his eyes while talking to him. That does not mean staring him in a creepy way. You want him to notice you not to run away from you.
Just look a second longer than necessary into his eyes then look away. Eye contact shows you are confident and comfortable with him and the little longer one signals him that you like him. He will be tempted to look at yours again and again. And the best part is even when you are not around he will remember your eyes and will want to meet you again soon just for that look.

Wear a nice perfume

We humans tend to notice a nice smell instantly and it gets etched in our brains for long. Make sure you wear a nice subtle perfume next time you meet him. Make that your signature perfume so every time he smells that scent he will unconsciously think about you and vice versa.

Get to know his interests

When you already know about the things he like, sports he is into or the places he likes to visit, it might get easier for you to talk to him and gain his attention. Obviously he will talk about those things with great interest.
Talk enthusiastically about his interests and he will be drawn towards you without even realising it. He will leave feeling a time spent good and unconsciously will relate it to your presence.
Of course, he will want to meet you soon again.

Touch his arm while talking

Skin contact is the ultimate way to get connected. Graze his hands or softly touch his arms while talking. He will love the touch but most importantly, all his focus will come down to you in an instant.
Just make sure you do not overdo it, you want to shift his attention to you not to make yourself look desperate.

Tell him your opinions

When a girl stands for herself and speak what she believes in, it shows she is not afraid to be herself and guys love this. You do not have to agree on everything he has to say to get him to like you.
If there are certain points where you do not agree with him, tell him that. He will respect it and love it.

Appreciate him

Guys want appreciation as much as women want compliments. If you want him to like you, that is what you have to do. When a man feels that his efforts are getting noticed and are appreciated he feels proud of himself and if you're the reason he is feeling this way he will definitely want to be with you all the time.

Make him a part of your life not your whole world

To get the guy to like you may have become your mission of life for now, but do not forget you had a life before this guy came in the picture. Thinking all the time about him or the ways to make him fall for you, may make you do some studio things you will regret later on.
Like texting him too often or saying silly things in excitement.
So keep calm, continue to do whatever you were doing in life earlier and try to make him a part if it. Do not make him the centre of your whole world.
Seeing that you are busy with your life will make him come to you even more.

These are the 7 infallible tips to get him to like you and start thinking about you day and night.

Remember, if at all the guy never seems to take the hint, chances are low but if that happens, do not worry. Do not take it personally. May be the guy is already committed or doesn't want to be in a relationship right now. Whatever be it, just let it go and continue being as awesome as you already are. You do not want to waste your time and energy on a relation that is just not meant to be.
Just get over him and move on. There will be other guys and may be way better than him.

If he starts responding to your tricks, high-five girls!! No more, secretly adoring him or wishing he would come to you and ask you out. Just a little effort from your side and a bit of intelligent yet casual flirting can literally pull the guy towards you. Read how to flirt with him at work.
So why the wait girls? Go win his heart over, be smart, be confident and do as I said, and wait for the guy to come to you and convey his feelings.