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Is He Thinking About Me? 6 Methods to Ensure He Really Is

One of the trickiest questions women can ask is “is he thinking about me”. Although you can never be 100% sure of what he is thinking, there are some tips that will ensure you he will always be thinking about you.

Does He Think of Me? Ways to Make It Happen

There is something cute about thinking about your partner all the time. If you are wondering "is he thinking about me", you should know that, although this isn't a guarantee for a long and happy relationship, it is a good start. When you are asking does he like me or is he leading me on, for sure you want to know what he is thinking. The good news is that there are some more or less sneaky ways for you to ensure that you are always on the back of his mind (in a good way). Just follow our tips.

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Is he thinking about me?

1. Stay true to yourself

Women are often tempted to become someone else around a guy they like. However, if you tell yourself "I think he likes me", you have to make sure he likes the real you, not the person you become just for him to like you.

2. Look your best

A woman may wish to look her best without being shallow. It is just natural for you to wish to enhance your features and hide your flaws. For this you will have to be well-groomed, have a nice haircut, and simply be charming.

3. Smell good

Here is a tip for you: a scent can evoke memories like nothing else. If you are wondering "is he thinking about me too", you should make sure you have a signature scent. However, you should also make sure you don't overdo it; you don't want to reek.

4. Be a cheerleader

Everybody loves to be praised and something men need someone to cheer for them. Although you want to make him feel good about himself, you should stay natural or he will think you are only faking it.

5. Body language

If you are asking "does he think of me", you should be mindful of your body language. Some of the little things you do could make sure you will be always on his mind, such as keeping eye contact or mirroring his movements.

6. Be yourself

You don't have to agree with him all the time. As a matter of fact, a nice little disagreement can become more than memorable. You could be the girl who didn't agree with him on the given subject.

Is He Thinking about Me Too? 6 Ways for You to Ensure He Feels the Same Way about You as You Do about Him

1. Stay true to yourself – don't ever change

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If you tell yourself "I think he likes me", you have to make sure he knows the real you, not someone you become just to please him. There is nothing more attractive in a woman than her being confident and having her opinion on matters. Nonetheless, this doesn't mean you have to be self-absorbed, a poor listener, or bossy. You should let him know that you think for yourself and you're not dependent on anyone. Also show him that you are well-informed on current matters and make it clear that you're not clingy or needy.

When asking "is he thinking about me too", but you're not sure he likes you for the person you really are, you should reconsider this relationship. Remember that you can't maintain a facade for very long and sooner or later the truth will come out.

2. Look your best and improve your best

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When it comes to clothes and you are asking "does he think of me", you can be sure he does if your clothes are always clean and ironed, otherwise you won't make a very good impression. Being charming is one of the most important tools you have. No outer trinket can ever do for you what an inner glow can. This is something a man will remember long after you part ways.

3. Smell good – have your signature scent

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It is a known fact that scents can evoke memories. It will make him remember you, even if he won't know from when and where. When wondering "is he thinking of me", you should make sure you have a signature scent. Also ensure that you don't overdo it. Women who reek of perfume are remembered for all the wrong reasons. When choosing a perfume, you should make sure that it works for you. This isn't something you know by instinct; you have to go by trial and error. By the time you meet the right man, you will have nailed this.

You might say "I think he loves me", but you might be allergic to perfume. If this is the case, you should skip wearing scent entirely. All people have a natural scent that is attractive to other people on a subconscious level. If you don't seem to be able to find a perfume that suits you, you might want to have a perfume created just for you. Although this is more expensive, you can be sure nobody will ever smell the way you do.

4. Be a cheerleader and a morale booster

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Men like to be praised. Naturally you shouldn't overdo it, but give genuine compliments to him so that he will know you appreciate what he does or the way he looks. When asking "what is he thinking when he looks at me", you want to make sure that there are only positive thoughts. For this you should be a good listener. Let him speak and tell you things about himself. There is a time for everything. There will be the right moment for you to speak about yourself as well. However, make sure you don't share too much; you should leave an air of mystery so that he will come back for more.

You can make him feel special by repeating his name throughout the conversation. This will create a link between the two of you and it also gives him a sense of certainty. Praise the things you like about him. Mention his thoughtfulness, caring ways, and considerate nature. This is the kind of behavior you want him to keep up with. There is nothing wrong with letting him know he impressed you. Tell him about the things he does that mean a lot to you. Show interest in his interests. Create a bond between the two of you that he will remember. Although you might not always agree with him, appreciate and acknowledge his point of view.

5. Body language – all those little things

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There are some little things that ensure you won't have to ask yourself "does he still think of me". Maintaining eye contact and mirroring his movements are just a few of these. Mirroring is one of the best things you could possibly do. It creates a connection on a subconscious level so it will be impossible for him not to think about you. Another "tool" you should think about is the gentle touch. This gives a sense of friendliness and warmth, creating a lasting connection. It will wake trusting and affectionate feelings in the other person. Naturally, you shouldn't overdo it. You don't have to get touchy-feely and you don't have to slap him either. Nevertheless, the best thing you could do is to smile at him. This will linger in his memory for a long time to come.

6. Be yourself – you can't be anyone else

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Regardless of the situation, you have to make sure you are your true self. For instance, if you want to make sure he will be thinking of your texts, you have to maintain the same tone you use when you talk to him. Otherwise it will seem fake and guys can pick up on that very fast. The same goes for instant message, phone calls, and emails. No situation should ever make you want to change the way you are only so that he will like you better. He won't; he will just notice how hard you try and that doesn't really help you. He should be the one trying hard.

Staying on his mind isn't as difficult as it may seem as long as you know what you're doing and how to get there.