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How to Talk to Your Crush with 6 Ways to Make the Best Impression

We know that talking to your crush may seem intimidating to you, and that is why we have divided into phases, letting you know what are dos and do-not-dos of the first conversation with the guy you like.

Talk to Your Crush and Make the Best Impression on him

Having a crush on somebody can be one of the most intense feelings in life. However, the symptoms are not always immediately recognized. It gives you chills so that you are tricked into thinking that you are coming down with the flu or you have caught a cold. You may feel feverish with the inability to sleep at night and the butterflies in your stomach may cause you to suspect that you have got a stomach bug. Mood swings and overall tension could be some of the additional signs that something "strange" is going on with you. As if all this weren't enough you will start gaining or losing weight causing your parents and friends to start worrying about you.

guy and girl talking by lockers

Don't be surprised by all this because love may take many different shapes but can be treated only with a dose of the source of its miseries. Just waiting for him to notice you, come to his senses and ask you out won't take you anywhere, really. You need to take life into your own hands and approach him first. If you are aware of this, and we know you are, and you have been wondering how to start a conversation with your crush, look no further because we have all the answers.

Being Shy or Not, Making A Conversation With Your Crush Can Be Nice and Easy If you Follow Our Advice. You Would Knock Him off His Feet Leaving Him Beg for More

Crush or be crushed? Here how to talk to your crush. Listed are 6 things that if you ever tried to talk to a guy you have a crush on, you wish you knew these things before talking to your crush.

Be Confident

Work on your confidence

Whatever you do always bear in mind that you need to look confident to be confident.? So, when thinking how to talk to your crush know that first impression is very important and you don't want to scare him off, do you? So, head up and confront him. Shyness and stage fright are not really good excuses, and you know that it has been time you overcome them. But be careful not to overdo it because looking too conceited would only drive him off.

Make Eye Contact

man and woman making eye contact
Talk to him with your eyes

The main reason you are stuck trying to figure out how to start talking to your crush lies in his eyes.
Eyes can reveal a lot about one's thoughts, about one's likes and dislikes, even if nothing has been uttered. Use this fact and invest some time in observing him. Before you start talking to your crush, see if he looks in your direction from time to time, whether he seems interested. In this way you will avoid making a fool of yourself by approaching a guy who is totally indifferent to you. However, if his face brightens up when he sees you and he doesn't lower his gaze the moment yours eyes meet but holds his look, then it's time for you to make a first move.

Good Preparation Makes Half the Work Done

woman and reflection brushing teeth
Freshen up

Your destiny is in your hands so prepare yourself the best you can. Personal hygiene of your body and clothes is the basis because you don't want some bad smell to surprise you. Then, and only then, are you supposed to proceed with make-up and accessories. Whatever you choose, be certain that those are the things you feel comfortable in, because you want him to like you the way you are. In addition to your exterior, the thing that you also need to worry about is your interior. You should be witty, well informed, well read and always ready to improve yourself and to expand your horizons. In this way you would be able to talk on every topic and make the guy with same qualities interested in you.?

An Innocent Smile and A Simple Sentence Will Do

students talking in courtyard
Just smile

The best opportunity to approach him is when there aren't many people around, in the hall, on the steps, on his way in or out. Before you say anything don't forget that even the stone cold heart can be melted with a warm innocent smile, making the words that will accompany it almost unimportant. But still, you have to say something and the safest thin g is that you mention something that connects you two. If you are at the moment in a restaurant, comment on the atmosphere, if you are working together or going to the same school and you know something more about his achievements, be brave and compliment him on something he did. This will certainly secure his attention to you for the next five minutes.

Strike While The Iron Is Hot

Since there is no time to waste make the best of these five minutes you've got. Chat him up without letting the conversation cease. Listen carefully to everything he says and some "transit topic" will come up. It would be nice if you could bring about music, and places where you like to go out, and in this way give him a hint about the place at which he can find you. Even if you see that he is interested to talk a bit more, you make some kind of polite excuse to go before the topics run dry. This will bring a role reversal in your relationship, leaving him wanting for more while you set off in triumph. But before you go don't forget to mention your name and offer your hand. You want to leave strong impression, so hold his hand tight and a bit longer while at the same time trying to maintain the eye contact. Let him know that you liked the conversation very much and that it would be nice if you did it again.

guy and girl talking by lockers

Warning! Things not to do

Avoid gossiping, that certainly won't make you attractive.
Don't bite your nails, scratch your hair or play with your jewelry, you would look untidy and too nervous.
Don’t be pushy if you see that he is not interested.
Don' make a jokes on him, he may be offended.
Don't lie about yourself. Sooner or later he would find out the truth and anything that you have accomplished by lying would be ruined.

Having all this in mind talking to your crush shouldn't seem like a complicated thing anymore. Try to do all this and your part of the work would be finished leaving him to make a move. If he likes you he will try to stay in touch with you and find a way to see you again and continue the conversation. If he doesn't do anything you should know that it is a clear sign that he didn't find you interesting after all. Whatever happens, don't despair because there are plenty more fish in the sea, and one of them is the right for you.