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How to Build Self Confidence: 11 Quick Ways to Feel More Confident

Life can be tough if your self-confidence is not high enough, you may be missing a lot of interesting things, but that doesn't have to be the case any more because we can help you to improve your life style. A road to building self confidence begins here.

Building Self Confidence

Do you feel insecure when interacting with other people? Does this insecurity increases when there are a lot of new faces around you? These are just some of many signs that may indicate that your self-confidence is on the blink. The good thing is that no electrician will be needed to repair this fragile trait of your personality. All you need is already within you, but just to help you started and keep you on the right track, we are going to equip you with more confidence.


Ways to build confidence

1. Balance your lifestyle

2. Give a positive aura

3. Keep your back straight

4. Live independently of others

5. Use your time efficiently

6. Exude femininity

7. Know your strengths

8. Everything is a learning experience

9. Be more assertive

10. Drop dead weight

11. Mind your hygiene

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After some time you will realize that what others think is not really important, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't work on yourself.

1. Restore Your Inner Balance

stretching outdoors
Love yourself

How does your internal dialogue look like? Are you your worst enemy and most outspoken critic? If so, maybe it's time that you reconsider all those negative thoughts and challenge them. The truth is that you can't really expect for other people to love you if this is hard even for your yourself. So, when you get up in the morning and look yourself in the mirror don't start picking on your flaws immediately but try greeting yourself with something nice like: 'Hello sunshine! or 'Hello pretty!'. Try to focus on the good sides of your looks and cherish every little detail that is a part of you. When you manage to restore balance within you and to start your day in some of the above mentioned ways, you will gain self confidence and people will notice that and reward your efforts with glances of admiration and compliments.

2. Polish Your Image

washing face
Take care of yourself

Building self confidence in women is very unlikely to happen without taking care of yourself. In short, don't expect to be confident if you go around smelly and untidy. Taking a shower every day is essential. Consult with the professionals and get a hairstyle and make up that suits your shape of the head and features. Your clothes doesn't have to be glamorous, but just something you feel comfortable in so follow your own instincts on this. The trick is to know the appropriate clothes for every occasion. If you overdo it you will probably stick out too much and as a result become too nervous, which is not really what we had in mind.

3. Practise Good Posture

sitting in chair
Make yourself look more capable

Stop slouching and scrunching up if you're concerned with building your confidence. Straight up, shoulders back, chest forward and head up. Don't lower your gaze either, instead look up. Don't move in a lazy way, like you don't have the idea of where you are going. Make your every movement and gesture decisive but at the same time graceful. Just by making these few improvements you energy will instantly change from negative to positive and people will start perceiving you as more capable and ready for any challenge that life may throw at you.

4. Being independent equals being self confident

The expression 'no man is an island' is not really applicable in this context. Quite the contrary, if you've been wondering how to gain more self confidence, being an island is the right way. In other words, learn to do things on your own. Stop being dependent on others for every little thing in your life, be it your family, friends or your significant other. Throw away the security blanket and stop hiding behind other people. Experience life to the fullest by learning to make the decisions on your own, even if it turns out that you are wrong. Go shopping or for a walk. Cute boys will find it easier to approach you if you are alone. This will give you time to get to know your self better and to meet some new people. In addition to all this, people will became more interested in you because of your strong and mysterious new self, totally opposite to the old needy you.

5. Be Productive

The root of our insecurity is often in being too self absorbed. We spent hours in front of the mirror obsessed with the way we look, forgetting that the external appearance is just a small part of one's self. The solution lies in changing your focus from yourself to the people around you. Make yourself more productive by being useful to those who need help. Learn to listen and respond to other people's need, be generous and helpful and the next time you look in the mirror you will not see clothes, make up or accessories but just a good person ready to bring happiness in other people's lives. Besides this, to build self confidence you should learn to devote time to improving yourself. Stop procrastinating and learn that new skill that you've always wanted. Take your time to prepare for that test, and go there without the single ounce of nervousness. Persistence in anything you do will make gaining self confidence easier for you.

6. Be a Lady

When you apply in your life all the above tips on how to build self confidence you will find yourself surrounded by the admirers of every kind. Some of them will want to become your friends, but there will probably be more of those interested in you in a more romantic way. As a consequence, this cloud of popularity will bring a shower of compliments and the crucial thing is to accept them in a right way. Don't just blush and shrug your shoulders, but smile and say: 'Thank you!'. If you are afraid of looking too conceited, try returning the compliment. But don't forget to be honest about it, because a false compliment will do more damage than good.

7. Understanding Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Nobody knows you better than yourself. In order to improve confidence in yourself it helps to know the things you are good and can excel at. You pursue these things in order to gain confidence. Then when you have built up your confidence from mastering one of your better skills, you can start to tackle things outside of your comfort zone. Someone with already high self confidence is better able to improve on their weaknesses. It all starts with finding out what you're good at first. Then you can use that one skill or passion as the building block for the rest of your successes in life. Your strengths can help you snowball into a strong and confident person.

8. Visualize Everything as a New Learning Experience

Take the good with the bad. Accept compliments humbly and use criticism as a tool for improving yourself. This is the meaning of being a ‘lifelong student'. You never stop learning and view life and knowledge as a journey with no destination in sight. With this mindset you will go through life never too high and never too low. You have to constantly remind yourself that there is logic behind reason and that everything will work out the way it's supposed to in the end. It's better for your mental health to remain positive no matter what the outcome is. This is the driving force for someone with very high confidence and self esteem.

9. Stand Up For Yourself

Nobody respects a push-over. Sometimes you have to be assertive in order to accomplish your goals and further yourself. There's a fine line between being assertive and over-aggressive and you have to beware not to cross it. Being assertive shouldn't mean disrespecting other people and stepping all over them to get your way. Then you are no better than the people who took advantage of you when you were a push-over. To be assertive you need to learn new skills in order to stop being so gullible in the way you communicate with people. Confidence comes from the power knowing that you are in charge of yourself at all times. Nobody can make you feel inferior or use you to achieve their own desires.

10. Drop any Dead-Weight

Anything holding you back from achieving your goals is an obstacle that you most likely could do without. Whether it's negative friends, lifestyle choice, anything. It's time to start making better decisions with your life. This is the crucial last step in building self confidence that was held back by dead weight in your life. Anything that makes you feel like any lesser of a person should be avoided or eliminated at all costs. There is no time to keep things close to you that hold you back, because that is time that could be spent becoming successful. In order to have a confident mindset, you should surround yourself with people and things that fit your image of self confidence tips. Sometimes all that's necessary is a slight change in your routine.

11. Pay attention to personal hygiene

The key to gaining self-confidence is to start with your appearance. Make sure you look at yourself in the mirror every morning and look your best to give the best impression to others.

Wanting to admit that or not, we all want to make the best impression on others. On some days we find this especially hard and feel desperate while only one question rings in our minds: 'how do you gain self confidence?'. You can relax now because we have enlighten you by showing you the ways to build self confidence and never feel insecure again. By being self confident you'll get more out of your life. You will attract only the people who are also confident making the way for many more opportunities which will bring the success in every aspect of your life.