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6 Unhealthy Habits of Miserable People: An Optimist’s Perspective

Your mental and physical health are in your hands. What you decide to put in your mouth and into your mind will change your future. So decide to live more carefully and avoid falling into any of these six habits.

Miserable People Remain Miserable through Choice

Unhappy people are a dime a dozen. Unhealthy habits are so common and it’s dangerously easy to fall into one of these traps ourselves. Miserable people need company to share in order to wallow together in feelings of despair. Choose to stop spending your time crying and look forward to a better future. Your actions from this point on will decide your future, so make the most of the limited time you have here on Earth and choose happiness.

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Instead of choosing to fit in with people who bring you down, set a positive example for those people to be inspired by.

We All Know These Types of People. Learn from the Mistakes of Miserable People and Choose to Live Without Doing Any of these Six Things

Six unhealthy habits, that are easily avoided and can easily be corrected, are what stands between a dark past and a bright future.

Miserable People Don’t Make Themselves Their Top Priority

If you love your boyfriend more than you love yourself, the relationship won’t work. Why? Because: If you don’t respect yourself, nobody else will. If you are eager to please everyone all the time, you will never be satisfied with your life. Does this sound like yourself?

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Take a good long assessment of your life up until this point and acknowledge your past unhappy relationships. If you can remember more people take advantage of your kindness than you can count on one hand, there’s a high likelihood that you suffer from low self-esteem.

I Have Low Self-Esteem, What Do I Do?

Start taking care of you and your needs before anyone else’s. Think before you decide to lend a helping hand next time. If it’s out of your way or unnecessary, show some restraint. People don’t like being told “no”. So instead, tell them indirectly. Say something along the lines of, “I’d love to help, but I’m in a hurry to get somewhere”. People don’t like it, but they will respect it and won’t think of you as a pushover any longer.

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Miserable People are Easily Obsessed: Their Lifestyle is Not Balanced

We all have obsessions, but limitation is the key. For example, everyone has to eat. But building your life around eating and making your entire routine focused on your meals can start to wear on your after a while. Mix it up from time to time. You should be building your eating habits around your life instead. Eat at different times of the day if you can, and don’t make a big deal if you skip a meal here and there.

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Apply this to every aspect of your life. Don’t live to work, work to live. Stop building your schedule around certain things and instead start making things only a part of your schedule. You don’t have to adhere to them every day, or even regularly. Throw in some spontaneity once in a while; it’s the spice of life.

Miserable People Have Too Much Free Time

Are you needy/clingy in your relationships? Do you daydream and ruminate about things you cannot control? There is only one real solution to feeling busy: it’s actually being busy. We need things to occupy ourselves, as we as humans crave a busy schedule to have a sense of fulfillment. Free time is a nice vacation from the dullness of monotony, but only in small doses. Work on filling your schedule with social obligations, work, hobbies, and vacation time. Living unproductively is a one way ticket to mediocrity.

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Miserable People are Distrustful of Others

Trust is a two-way avenue. In order to be a trustworthy person, you must give trust first. Trust is shown; you can’t persuade someone that you trust them in words. Sometimes you must take risks in order to have people trust you; it isn’t easy. If you sense that someone could potentially be an important part of your life, you must go out on a limb and lower your guard to them.

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If you felt you have been betrayed one too many times in the past, then use that to your advantage. Instead of being distrustful, choose to be cautious instead.

There is Such a Thing as Being Too Trusting

When it comes to your personal life and everything you hold in high regard; be careful about who you share that information with. If you tend to be too trusting of family and friends and less trusting of strangers, maybe you should find some middle ground.

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The key is to start thinking of everybody the same. People’s lives are constantly changing and you have to be aware that the people you were close to yesterday might drift further away tomorrow. Things aren’t always as they seem; adjust your expectations of people on a day-to-day basis and you will begin making better decisions.

Miserable People Have No Self-Control

Something very important that happy people share in common: they are able to delay their need for instant gratification. The longer you hold out, the more self-restraint and patience you show while reaching out to your goal; the bigger the reward. A fisherman who catches the biggest fish in the pond has either the best luck or the most patience. A fisherman who catches the biggest fish consistently has both luck and patience. He’s lucky because he’s patient.

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Save that last piece of cheesecake for a special occasion. Don’t buy that pair of shoes until you’re sure you’ll have enough money left to cover that rent. The anticipation leading up to your reward is what makes it all worthwhile.

Miserable People Spend Too Much Time Multi-Tasking

Many people carry chronic stress with them throughout their daily life. This can stem from having too much on one’s plate. They are always unsatisfied because they have a habit of biting off more than they can chew. One way to make things simple is to focus on one task at a time to minimize stress, i.e. don’t multitask.

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Make a list of your problems, with the most important ones prioritized at the top. Get to them in orderly fashion when it’s most convenient. I’ve noticed that lately it seems that we are all in a rush to get as many things as possible done: As quickly as we can. And what for? Life’s not a race; it’s a marathon. Slow down, success can be achieved at any pace.