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How to Gain Confidence: 8 Ways to Improve Your Self-Image

If you would like to be confident, but your insecurities make it difficult to feel good about yourself, check out our 8 things you have to do in order to build confidence and you will feel great in your own skin.

Gain confidence improving your self-image

You know those confident-outspoken-people who always get what they want even though they are not the prettiest or the smartest people in the world? Everyone has their own flaws and insecurities but some of us cope better with them than the others. It’s especially difficult for shy, introvert, self-conscious people who spend too much time dwelling on their insecurities to build confidence.

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When you let your insecurities dominate your self-image it gets impossible to be comfortable with yourself or with others.

How to Gain Confidence — 8 Things You Have to Do If You Want to Be a Confident Girl Who Feels Good in Her Own Skin

However, it’s easy to gain confidence, you only need to know how - the following steps will help you embrace your inner beauty and feel comfortable being you around anyone.

Get to Know Yourself

You’re probably thinking that you already know yourself well enough and that this is what causes problems - being overly aware of your flaws. But we rather think acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses so you can use them to your advantage. You have to connect with your feelings and your personality. Be aware of the things that make you special and unique, emphasize your qualities instead of flaws. Use your strengths to achieve your goals and awareness of your weakness to handle them so they don’t stand in your way.

Pay Attention to Physical Appearance

What better way to build confidence than to get in the best shape of your life

Although physical appearance is not the most important thing, it does send the message to other people about us. It also influences our self-image. Take time to groom yourself, to take care of your body and face. Eat healthy and do physical activities because they will make you more positive and you’ll also look better. You don’t have to wear ton of make up to feel pretty. Bring your body in shape and nurture your hair. Dress nicely because wearing the clothes that flatter your body will make you look great and feel great, so confidence will be easily achieved.

Behave Nicely Towards Others

Make others feel good

Confident people are never rude or negative towards other people. On the contrary, insecure people tend to be judgmental and critical toward others because of their own insecurities that set limitations to their mind. If you treat others nicely, they will treat you the same and you will be a good company. On the other hand, if you are negative, everyone avoids you and that won’t help you be confident. Be a good, positive person that brings the best in people and make people around you laugh, because making others feel good will make you feel great.

Speak Your Mind

If you want to achieve your goals, you have to fight for them and that means speaking your mind. Don’t pretend that you are okay with something when you are not, and don't compromise yourself just to make others happy. Stand up for yourself and stand for the things you believe in no matter what others say. You have to know when to say no and when not to follow the crowd, even though it may seem easier to just comply with others.

Improve your posture

This may seem trivial but your posture tells a lot about you and it really contributes to the image you send to the world about yourself. If you walk with your head down and your shoulders leaning forward you will look insecure and afraid. However if you stand straight with your head up you will look and feel confident.

Be Aware but not Discouraged by Your Flaws

Draw attention away from areas you are not that proud of

You should never be discouraged by your flaws nor let them rule your self-image. If you don’t really like your nose, try to think about things you do like on yourself instead and emphasize them with make-up. Putting on a little bit of lipstick, will draw anyone’s attention to your lips instead of the features you’re not really proud of. However, when people are positive and when they are smiling people don’t really notice any of the flaws. It’s all about the attitude and confidence of course.

Accept Criticism

Learning how to accept criticism is an important thing in building your confidence. When you stop feeling insecure and attacked when someone criticizes you and rather accept it constructively you can say that you stand with your two feet on the ground well aware of who you are. That doesn’t mean that you’re perfect-no one is but it rather means that you have a strong personality that cannot be broken easily and that you perceive criticism as a positive thing that will help you grow and develop.

Overcome Your Fears

Whatever your fears are you have to work on overcoming them in order to build your confidence. Fears are sometimes limitations we set to ourselves subconsciously and they prevent us from giving our full potential. Whether you are scared of talking to new people or just when it comes to the opposite gender, you have to rationalize the fear and analyze it. First you have to ask yourself What’s the worst thing that can happen when it comes to anything you’re afraid to do and you’ll see that the worst thing won’t be scary at all. Don’t be afraid to take risk, to be silly and carefree, free yourself of all worries and limitations and enjoy every day of your life!

No one is really born confident, confidence is something that you build as you grow and develop. As you get to know yourself, you become more aware of your qualities and confidence means complete self-awareness. You have to embrace everything you are and accept all your flaws and qualities, you have to work on yourself both physically and mentally, to do things that make you a happy and positive person and most importantly to be satisfied with who you are. You have to overcome your fears and fight and speak for yourself! Don’t be afraid of failure and don’t be afraid to take risks! Confident people are those who stand out in the crowd who are not afraid to follow and fulfill their dreams. Remember that the most important thing is how you perceive yourself so be sure to like what you see in the mirror every morning because that’ll be the image you project to others.