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How to Get Smart: 8+ Not-so-Obvious Things You Can Do to Get Smarter

If you wonder how to get smarter, there is good news! You can get smarter if you stimulate your brain every day and put effort to regularly practice. Check out this things you can do to exercise your brain and get smarter while having fun.

8+ Things You Can do in order to Get Smarter

If you have plenty of free time on your hands, why not invest it in doing things that will make you even smarter? Even if you don’t have much free time, doing some of these activities on a daily basis can really help you to be, feel and look smarter. In order to get smarter, you have to put both your body and brain in shape and this is achieved by exercising and increasing the intake of healthy foods that make you smart.

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Then you have to find things that will stimulate your brain and expose it to new, unknown situations so that it can start processing new kind of information. If you want to know how to get smarter, and what makes you smarter just continue reading.

Ways to get smarter

1. Grow your mind

2. Play music

3. Creative art

4. Puzzles and mind games

5. Work your heart out

6. Pick up a book

7. Use your time productively

8. Study languages

9. Make intelligent friends

The best way to get smarter is to surround yourself with smart people. The things they say will rub off on you and you will become intelligent by association.

Get Smart Easily: Invest Your Free Time Wisely and Employ These 8+ Tactics to Exercise Your Brain and Get Smarter

And trust me: It won't even get boring. And it's certainly worth the try.

Feed Your Brain

Eating healthy benefits both your body and mind and makes you feel more energetic and satisfied with yourself. In order to function well, your brain needs healthy, quality food. Stay away from fast food and food rich in carbs because they will make you feel tired and sleepy.

Food that makes you smarter and that helps your brain work faster and more effectively are rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins (especially B6), and Omega 3 fatty acids which help your brain stay healthy for a long time. Blueberries are considered to be one of the most beneficial food when it comes to brain, and actually one research showed that they improve learning abilities. Apart from blueberries, food that makes you smarter and that your brain can benefit from are fish, especially salmon and tuna, and green vegetables. If you are having a sweet tooth opt for dark chocolate because it’s rich in fibre and antioxidants and it will provide your brain with enough energy. Include these foods that make you smarter in your everyday diet and your brain will be grateful!

Learn to Play an Instrument

Generally, learning a new skill stimulates your brain to work harder, improves your cognitive abilities and your motor skills. In addition, listening to music is also very beneficial for your brain, so combining learning and music will definitely activate and stimulate your brain. When you are learning to play an instrument you usually start with pieces of classical music and that’s really the kind of music that makes you smarter.

Paint and Draw

Even if you are not born artist you can still benefit from hobbies such as painting and drawing. First of all,you embrace and enhance your creativity. Secondly, painting or drawing stimulates your brain because you have to create new pictures and images in your head before you find a way to put them on paper. By doing this, you are opening new possibilities, new ways and approaches to solving problems and your brain is put into exercise you need to get smarter.

Train Your Brain by Playing Games

Games like sudoku, chess, and crossword puzzles are very stimulating and can help you learn how to approach problems in many different ways in order to find a solution you need. By doing these activities on daily basis you’re putting your brain into practice that will enable you solve more difficult problems you encounter in your life and approach every new situation with a clever strategy.


Being physically active and staying in shape is equally important for your body and your brain. Apart from being super beneficial for your body, exercise stimulates production of brain cells, so exercise makes you smarter, literally. After exercising you feel more energetic and more concentrated so you can devote to doing hard mental activities. Yoga and meditation help you to get rid of negative energy and stress, and put your body and mind in the state of calmness and relaxation which is also very beneficial for your brain.

Read Books

Reading will broaden your imagination, creativity and, of course, your vocabulary and knowledge of proper grammar usage. Besides this, it opens new worlds and new places to you; and by experiencing all these new things your brain works hard to make all the necessary connections between the imaginary and the real world.

Use Your Free Time Wisely

Instead of procrastinating on social networks and wasting your free time on dull, unstimulating things, try doing something new. For instance, watch a documentary programme on things that interest you. It will help you learn new things in a fun and stimulating way, because you have both a scientific story and a film in one thing. Watch and read news so you are informed about the world around you. The Internet also opens new possibilities for you to exercise your brain. You can start an on-line course and learn something new or do stimulating logical or language exercises.

Learn a New Language

Learning a foreign language has numerous, unimaginable benefits for your brain. It’s proven that people who speak two or more languages have higher IQ than people who speak only one. This is because in order to learn a new language, your brain is in constant work of making connections between concepts of vocabulary and grammar in your native and foreign language. Learning a new language also help you process new information better and enhances your memory as well as your speaking and auditory skills. Nowadays, with the Internet and a variety of courses on-line and new, fun ways of learning languages, you can master a foreign language and boost your intelligence without conscious effort.

If you thought you can’t be smarter than you are, you are obviously wrong. Getting smarter requires time and effort, but your intelligence can by boosted by exercising your brain and feeding it with healthy foods. Making yourself smarter can be interesting, and by investing your time in doing these 8+ activities we listed above, you will definitely stimulate your brain and help yourself get even smarter. Improving your cognitive abilities will improve the quality of your life, open new possibilities and enable you express yourself better and solve problems more quickly and effectively.