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8 Long Distance Relationship Survival Tips to Feel Closer

A lot of people are afraid of long distance relationships and they are asking how to keep a long distance relationship. It requires a lot of commitment and you have to be sure that this is what you truly want. For all the rest there are tips that will help you through.

Bridge separation in a long distance relationship

You can be sure that you're not the only person asking how to keep a long distance relationship. This is a question that many people asked before you and the good news is that there are some tips for long distance relationships that might work for you as well.

girl making a call on a pay phone

Although each relationship is special and you may have some specific circumstances, the main point is for you to be sure that this is what you truly want and you have to want to make it work.
When asking how to survive long distance relationships, you may need some help from more experienced people.

Ways to Feel Closer than ever despite Being Stuck in a Long Distance Relationship

So, how to deal with a long distance relationship?

1. What your relationship is all about

couple talking on phone right next to each other
Ask yourself what you want out of your relationship first

In case you are asking how to have a long distance relationship, the first thing you have to do is to define what you have. You may decide that you will just be friends, or be friends with benefits, or you will have a real relationship. The key to keeping a long distance relationship alive is to know your boundaries. This way both partners will know what to expect from the other and thus there will be no surprises and no disappointments. Setting boundaries will save you a lot of pain and nobody will be able to accuse you of anything if you know where you're standing.

2. Honesty is of the upmost importance

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Honesty is a key factor for making a long distance relationship work

The people asking how to do a long distance relationship ought to know that the most important aspect they will have to focus on is honesty. One of the problem areas that couples have is their sex life. This is something that you will have to discuss at the beginning of your relationship. It is just normal for you guys to have needs, so you have to decide whether or not you'll be exclusive. Keeping long distance relationships alive is possible only if you don't have to handle jealousy and you don't have to wonder what the other person might be doing.

3. Be patient

Patience is a virtue, especial when it comes to keeping a long distance relationship alive

Let's face it: the majority of people aren't really patient so this is something you will have to really focus on when it comes to how to deal with long distance relationships. As one of the ideas for long distance relationships you have to make sure that you keep yourself busy when you're not together. This way time will fly by faster and you won't mind the waiting that much. If your everyday life and your job aren't enough, you might also consider doing some volunteer work. The most important thing is not to get unrealistic with your expectations.

4. Encourage your partner

woman encouraging man doing push ups
A little bit of encouragement goes a long way when miles apart

Being away from family and friends (and you) isn't easy for your partner. This is why when it comes to how to keep a long distance relationship alive it is very important for them to be encouraged by you. When you're talking on the phone, you should ask them how things are going and then start talking about things that they are good at. Encourage them to be the best they can be. This way dealing with long distance relationships will become a lot easier. Your partner won't feel so alone and you can be sure that they will do the same for you too.

5. Lose the traditional relationship notions

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Taking things slow helps you cover greater distance

If you are asking how to handle long distance relationships, the first thing you have to understand is that your relationship isn't like all the other relationships so you can't have the same expectations. However, one of the greatest advantages is that you get to take things slow and this way you will get the chance to get to know each other and to build a real relationship. Not meeting that often will make things more difficult, but the good thing about a long distance relationship is that you will appreciate more the time spent together.

6. Facing uncertainty

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When life throws you lemons, look on the bright side, free lemons

One of the biggest problems you have to fight when it comes to dealing with a long distance relationship is uncertainty. Even if you trust your partner, there will still be times when it will hit you. In order to avoid problems, you have to make sure that you don't put your life on hold. Focus on the things that you would like to achieve and get in action. If you are asking how to handle a long distance relationship, you have to ensure that your mind gets used to the idea of being in a relationship and still being single.

7. Don't give up on romance

romantic dinner plate
Romance is however you make it

Even when asking how to do long distance relationships, you have to remember to keep the spark alive. You may not live in the same city, but you don't have to give up the idea of romance. There are a lot of long distance relationship tips that you could use to bring the spark back. For instance you should take the time to go on a romantic dinner or have a romantic picnic in the park. If you guys have stressful jobs, you may also get a romantic package at the spa. There are a lot of activities for long distance relationships that will make you love each other more.

8. All those little things

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Small gestures yield unforeseeably big rewards

As one piece of long distance relationship advice you should make sure that you don't forget about those small gestures that make every relationship special. Sending flowers is one of the ways to make women happy, but it's not the only way. For instance you may order take out for your partner when you know they won't have time to cook. The people asking how to keep long distance relationships alive ought to know that one of the best ways is to be thoughtful. Consider the needs of your partner and try to fulfill them from the distance. You can be sure that they will appreciate your effort and they will return the favor when the time comes.
Keeping a long distance relationship is no easy task to be honest, but it isn't impossible either.