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How to Become More Attractive to Men with Very Little Effort

Getting to be the eye-catching girl in the room is a wish many girls have. "How do I become more attractive", if that's the question that's on your mind, then you can turn to these simple methods which will quickly get you to where you want to be, with little effort and some willpower.

Easy Ways to Become More Attractive to Guys

You've most likely asked yourself at some point if you are attractive enough - after all, look at the movies, shows and music videos that dominate our culture, with beautiful and attractive women all around us. How can we fare against them? It's not that hard, actually, but it is a journey that most women embark on alone, and make critical mistakes along the way.

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There are ways to be more attractive that don't necessarily include being filthy rich and having to do things that are completely against your nature - and it's not all about natural born beauty, it's about how you carry and present yourself, these things play just as large of a role when it comes to attracting attention as what you're born with and what can you buy. Confidence, positive habits and outlook are the most attractive things men can see on a woman, and are just as powerful of a weapon in your arsenal when it comes to love as your looks.

The All-Popular Question "How Can I Become More Attractive" Is Being Answered Here, You Can Read up on Ways to Make Yourself More Appealing

1. The importance of grooming

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Most people confuse beauty and attractiveness. But they are not the same - beauty makes you pleasing to the eye, but it takes thorough grooming to keep yourself attractive for men.

Your smell

Attractiveness is something that relies on all senses, so you need to smell nice and to be nice to the touch - this is where grooming comes in as a very important step in becoming more attractive. Tastes are different, of course, some men like light, flowery scents, some enjoy heavy scents, but you should always wear something that you find enjoyable and look how you want to look.

Your look

Less is more - you may hear different from other girls, but putting on tons of makeup and changing your hair color every few weeks will not attract the right kind of guy - go natural and look good doing it, men who turn their heads to look at you when you are like that are men who you want to pay attention to you.

2. Dress attractive to be attractive

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You don't have to wear the most expensive clothes to stand out and attract men, but it helps to know what looks good on you and what is appropriate in a certain situation.

As far as dating and nightlife goes, it's proven that wearing red makes you more attractive - if you can pull it off! If you're asking yourself how to become more attractive, you don't have to look further than a good looking dress that doesn't show much, but hints at a lot. Naturally, you have to pay attention to the situation, if you're going to spend the night walking, you don't want to wear high heels, if you are going to spend the time in a somber and serious situation, avoid bright colors. Dress for the weather as well, not just for the occasion - if it's cold outside, you don't want to wear something revealing and thin, you need to keep yourself comfortable. You can look attractive even in something baggy, if you combine your colors and the theme of your outfit properly.

Try figuring out your style, you will notice that attractive people always have their own personal style, some personal quirk they plan as their strength, and you need to figure one out for yourself when you ask "how can I be more attractive". Get a big mirror for your room, one of the full-length ones that let you assess your figure fully, and get experimenting, preferably with another girl to keep you company, having a lady friend point out what looks good on you and what doesn't is certainly helpful.

3. Play to your strengths

Just be yourself; you are wonderful

No person is without good qualities, and it's in our nature to only look at the things that make us look bad. A good part of how to be more attractive to men consists of knowing what your good sides are and how can you make them more prominent. Maybe you have a dazzling smile? Put it to good use - laugh at his jokes, smile at him when you see him. If you've got a nice figure, don't be afraid to flaunt it - tastefully, of course, you don't want to overdo it. Are you a good cook? Making a dinner for your friends and showing yourself a good chef, showing the side of you that you don't usually present is sure to show your qualities. Sit and think hard of what you do well, and how you can make it look better, it's an important part of how to be more attractive.

4. Keep a positive attitude

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Keeping a positive attitude is more important than it seems. Nobody enjoys seeing someone frown and be gloomy, but if you put a smile on your face and think better of people, they will think better of you. It's not just guesswork, it's a scientifically proven fact that keeping a positive attitude can help you be more attractive to men. If you can be more confident about your abilities, if you can appreciate qualities of others, with compliments, with support, with a smile on your face, you will stand out, and in a good way. Don't complain about your looks and don't bemoan them - you will notice that attractive people seldom complain about how they look, they keep smiling and take their looks in stride - it's that kind of confidence in yourself that draws men in.

As you can see, it doesn't really take that much for you to become someone worth looking at. One thing to remember when doing all of this - you are doing this for your own sake, and you are supposed to have fun, or at the very least enjoy the process - that's how you know that you've found someone worth looking appealing for, if preparing to dazzle him with your presence is a fun way to spend your time and a question "how can I be more attractive" is asked not out of negative view of yourself, but from wanting to be even more appealing.