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How to Be Beautiful: 6 Ways to Feel More Confident about Yourself

There is nothing more beautiful than a confident girl who knows how to enjoy life and feels good about herself. Learn how to achieve this by following these simple steps that will help you to both feel and look beautiful.

How to Be and Feel Beautiful

There are some days when you feel like the prettiest girl in the world, and there are some other days when no matter what you do nothing seems to boost your confidence. In order to find out how to be beautiful we have to answer the question what is beauty. We certainly know that beauty is a lot more than just appearance. It is a state of mind, an image of your inner self you project to others. If you are wondering how to be beautiful you have to begin with working on your non visible features so you can feel comfortable in your own skin.

Girl with sunglasses holding flowers.

Some days just clean hair and clean comfortable clothes will make you feel confident about yourself. Some days it will take a lot more. That is because our perception of ourselves depends on our attitude, our mood, and our thoughts.

How to Be Beautiful: 6 Ways to Boost Your Confidence and Feel Beautiful in Your Own Skin Every Day

In order to be beautiful, to feel beautiful, and to remain confident you have to work on your inner self every day, to keep yourself in good mood, good company and do thing that fulfil you and make you a better person. Here are some of the ways to feel beautiful that will help you boost your confidence and look your best every day.

Embrace Your Inner Beauty

Your appearance is reflection of your inner self. The way you feel or think affects the way you look in unimaginable ways. So before focusing on polishing your outer self, pay attention to seemingly non visible things. Concentrate on thinking positively about yourself and people around you and do things that make you feel good and positive about life.

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Surround yourself with positive people that bring the best out of you and that you feel good spending time with. Take up a hobby, embrace your creativity, be careful and thoughtful towards others and find beauty in everything in and around you.

Nurture Yourself

Beauty has a lot to do with care. Commit one day a week to pampering yourself and doing the things that please you. Start with a hot bubbly bath, then do all those girls stuff you need to do, such as plucking your eyebrows, painting your nails. Every now and then treat yourself with a good face mask that will help you remove dead cells from your face and maintain the healthy glowing skin.

Girl looking herself in the mirror and putting on perfume.

Taking care of yourself also means eating healthy and working out regularly. Healthy diet, rich in fruit and vegetables will help you to both feel and look great. Vitamins you absorb trough your nutrition will make your skin, hair and nails healthy, strong and beautiful more than any cosmetic product. Benefits of working out regularly are numerous. It affects both your body and your brain. It will help you reduce stress, feel more energized and positive. And of course you will improve your body, your posture and feel more confident about your looks.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Although beauty quotes usually teach us that clothes we wear don’t have to do anything with beauty, we have to disagree. Clothes you wear do not make you beautiful, but can definitely make you feel more confident and improve your self-image. Wearing comfortable clothes that suit you well boosts both your mood and your self-confidence.

Girl wearing a black top and a white printed skirt

Clothes that fit your body shape can hide all your flaws and accentuate the body parts you like on yourself which will help you fight your insecurities and look your best. You should invest in a few basic good clothes pieces that suit your body such as jeans that enhance your body type or shirt that accentuates your waist that you can always pull out of your closet when you need an instant confidence boost.


Your attitude is crucial when it comes to being and feeling beautiful. If you smile and always look on the bright side of life you will feel more positive and people will love being around you. We always find people who smile more beautiful than people with serious, frowning face expressions. Some people refuse to smile, because they believe smiling causes wrinkles, but the truth is it will make your face prettier than any make up.

Close up of a girl's lips smiling.

Accept and Embrace Your Flaws

Beauty is not perfection. A perfect person with proportional face features would probably be completely unnoticeable. On the other hand, there are many extraordinary beautiful woman who don’t have perfect body or face by any standards but whose charm and charisma projects the image of beauty.

Girl with long brown hair and huge pearl necklace.

It’s because they are aware of their flaws, but not afraid of them and they know how to draw attention to their best features. Your imperfections don’t make you less beautiful and should never be the reason to feel insecure. On the contrary, you should accept them as a part of you and don’t let them ever affect your confidence.

Be Moderate with Make up

You should definitely wear make up, especially if it makes you feel more confident and beautiful, but don’t overdo it. The purpose of make up is to make you look prettier without being too visible. So when it comes to make up, less is more, especially in the case of every day make up you wear to school or work. Another important thing is to find things and looks that work best for you. Not everyone looks pretty with red lipstick or smokey eyes.

Black and gray profile photo of a girl with long hair.

Find the right way how to accentuate the features on your face you like and hide imperfections by highlighting and contouring. Moreover, be careful to find the right colour palette for your skin tone. Pale girls will look the best with soft, cool colours, whereas girls with darker skin tone should go for gold, and warm tones. Enjoy experimenting and exploring, but make sure you don’t exaggerate.

Being beautiful on the outside is impossible without being and feeling beautiful on the inside. That’s why the road to beauty starts with embracing and loving your inner self, taking care of your health, body and your mind. In order to look beautiful to others, first you must be beautiful to yourself and that is achieved with being satisfied with yourself. How to be beautiful is not a question that has universal answer. Finding what makes you feel and look beautiful is individual thing but there are definitely some ways to be beautiful listed above you should follow that will help you in your pursuit of beauty.