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How to Clean Your House Fast: 6+ Tips and Tricks for a Shiny Sparkling Home

We all want our house to be clean and sparkling but with our busy lives and limited free time sometimes it seems like a mission impossible. Fortunately these tricks on how to clean your house will help you save both time and energy and still have your home spick-and-span.

6+ Tips That Will Help You Clean Your House Quickly

For most of the people cleaning the house is a boring, time-consuming chore we all have to do, as we all, naturally, like to have our living environment neat and clean. What is even more annoying is that no matter how much you clean the house it always seems that you’ve missed something. Hiring a professional cleaner would probably be a nonsense and a waste of money when you can do it by yourself.

Three sponges and a detergent bottle.

If you want a clean home you have to take in consideration many things besides cleaning itself because a lot of hygiene in your house depends on your and your family’s daily habits. If everyone cleans after themselves, there is a lot less work when it comes to the regular, weekly cleaning.

How to Clean Your House

1. Prepare a schedule

2. Keep yourself busy

3. Eliminate bad smells

4. Stay environment-friendly

5. Don't procrastinate

6. Organization is key

7. Get stains out

Get rid of those annoying stains in your couch or other pieces of furniture with natural and safe chemicals such as rubbing alcohol. A simple solution with a little bit of elbow grease normally does the trick.

Clean Your House Like a Professional - With These 6+ Tips and Tricks Your House Will Always be Clean

If you want to know how to clean your house both effectively and quickly, check out these 6+ cleaning tips and tricks and make your house a pleasant and enjoyable place.

Set the Cleaning Schedule

Good organization is crucial in everything you do and the same goes for cleaning. It is important to have a plan and know exactly when and what you are going to do, especially if you are a busy woman who doesn’t spend much time at home.

Pick a day or two in a week when you are going to clean your whole house from top to bottom and make a list where you will write everything that needs to be done and, as you clean, cross out the finished things. This will help you to stay focused and not forget about anything.

Do Something Every Day

If you are wondering how to keep your house clean during the week, there’s a simple answer: Do something every day and don’t let the mess accumulate. When you wake up in the morning, make your bed immediately, order the clothes that you might have left on a chair last night and collect all the garbage. If something is spilled, clean it right away before it gets smelly or sticky. Don’t let your newspapers, magazines, bills and other papers pile up. Throw away everything you don’t need or, if you do need it, store it in a box or a folder. We all keep unnecessary things in our home: The problem with them is that they easily pile up and create a mess.

Get Rid of the Odours

You have to pay special attention to the places that could produce a lot of bacteria and odour, such as kitchen sink, refrigerator or trash can. Kitchen sink has more bacteria than the toilet and it can be the source of unpleasant smells. To fight this, wash your dishes regularly, right after meals if that’s possible and clean the sink every time with antibacterial cleaner.

Check your refrigerator every day to see if there is any spoiled food and throw it away. Clean the shelves inside regularly because food stains can be the root of bad smell and if there is smell that won’t go away even after the cleaning, put coffee in a cup and let it stay in the fridge for the night. Coffee is magical when it comes to absorbing unpleasant odours.

Trash can can make the whole house smell like garbage, and to avoid this clean it once a week.

Go Green!

There are many things you have in your kitchen that can help you clean like a pro. Using natural ingredients for cleaning has many advantages. Firstly, you are not poisoning your living space with strong chemicals and secondly natural ingredients can be as effective as chemicals when it comes to removing stains and bacteria.

Even if everything is clean in your bathroom, if you have hard water stains on your faucet, shower and mirrors it will still look dirty. Use a simple trick and clean the stains with a fresh lemon. They will disappear instantly and your bathroom will smell wonderful.

Vinegar cleans grease easily and baking soda can clean your kitchen sink and remove odours from your fridge, and it can also be used for cleaning silver. Together, baking soda and vinegar make an excellent tool for removing stains from carpets.

Do Not Postpone Doing the Laundry and Folding It out

The situation with laundry is similar to the one with dishes - you just cannot allow them to pile up because then you are left with no clean clothes and a big mess. Avoid getting the laundry basket full by remembering to do the laundry every day and do not postpone folding it out. Having clean clothes, clean sheets, curtains and table cloth will make your house smell divinely and look a lot cleaner. Iron everything after it has been washed and organize it nicely in the closet.

Organize Everything

A lot of mess is created due to poor organization. Avoid mess in the kitchen by organizing your kitchen cabinets smartly. Store everything according to its use so you always know where to look for when you need something.

The same goes for your clothes. Do not let your clothes pile up on your chairs or bed, put them away in your closet every day and avoid creating a mess.

Don’t let the dishes pile up: After every meal take the time to wash them. No one likes this but it is one of those chores that is better done sooner than later to avoid getting a mountain of dishes in your kitchen which will be even harder to deal with.

Finally, don’t forget to prepare old clothes for cleaning in advance because you will definitely get dirty and put the necessary cleaning tools in a basket which you will carry with you around the house.

The key to always having a clean house is not spending too much time on cleaning, but rather cleaning smartly and regularly. Good organization and doing something everyday are crucial when it comes to efficient cleaning. By employing these home cleaning tips, house cleaning becomes a lot easier, less stressful and it leaves you with more free time to do things you like.