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8 Online Dating Tips to Meet a Guy Who Can See past Your Profile

For sure it crossed your mind what online dating would be like but you may have never actually tried it. You may be wondering what to expect from online dating and how much does online dating cost. You can find the answers to these questions here.

Succeed in online dating and finally meet a guy that is more than a pretty profile

Don't you wish online dating were easier? What's worst while you are trying to meet a guy worth seeing in person, you find out fast, "Guys are just as shallow online that they are in real person!"
"Why can't I find a guy that is can see past my profile?" you ask.
Are you looking for a Soulmate?
Tough luck
He isn't…
Actually, it's not as bad as you thought. There are more people in online dating than you can imagine.

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For sure you have heard stories of people have found their soul mate through online dating. Although this might make the whole business appealing, you may have some questions concerning your safety. A lot of women are asking "Is online dating safe?" Big-sis tries her best to make sure online dating is safe. However, even Big Sister has her limit. That is why you need all the online dating advice you can get. Just keep in mind, there is no need to be alarmed and you should make sure to have fun with it.

8 Tips for Online Dating and the Things to Expect from Online Dating That You May Have Never Thought About

So, here are some online dating tips that you will want to use:

Make your pick

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Don't pay until you are satisfied. That is "Thank you, online dating site X for helping me get a date!" Otherwise, stick to free sites.

The very first step you have to make when it comes to online dating is to pick one (or more) sites to sign up to. You may choose one site that you sign up to or sign up to all the sites you can find in order to cast a wider net. At this point you might ask yourself how much does online dating cost. While in some cases using the site is free (the owners making money from advertising only), in other cases there might be a one-time membership fee or a fee that you have to pay on a regular basis. In case you're not sure that this is what you truly want, you should go for the free sites.

Be selective

This guide to online dating should be an opportunity for you to be very selective. Since there are no consequences from looking online, you are free to not be serious about the process at all. It is similar to shopping online, where you can simply browse and then get involved at your earliest convenience. Online dating makes it especially easy to filter out the guys that don't match your criteria. It's a buyer's market, ladies. Take advantage while the going is good.

Being online is much like being… alive

Woman being disappointed with online dating
It's not about your success rate. It's about how many times you succeed in getting a date with a decent guy. Note that for girls in a steady-relationship that is once.

As one of the best online dating tips, you have to remember that online dating may not be what it seems to be. You might be a bit skeptical about having an algorithm help you find a date online, but you have to know that sometimes it works. However, you should think of it as ordering pizza for the first time from a new place. Things might turn out to be great, but you may not find the man you were looking for… or at least not during the first 10-15 dates. However, if you keep up with it, you can be sure to meet some great people.

Choose your name

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Don't use your gamertag name!

When it comes to internet dating, one of the things that you will have to think about is your screen name. This is something that the majority of the websites require and you have to make sure it's a good one. It should be a name that says something about you, but it doesn't say too much. Try to avoid names like "JennyLovesTennis". If you want to share your hobbies, you have an entire page for it. Although it may sound way too simple to work, you should use your initials and a number, such as PJ35. This will say something about you, but remember not to go overboard.

Keep it classy

A big no-no in online dating rules is to put your real name as your username. That lacks originality and is kind of redundant. Your username doesn't have to be anything creative or unique. Just a short name that you can remember every time you log in. Bonus point for something that is easily recognizable, so guys can remember how to search you up by your name.

Say goodbye to bathroom selfies

women fixing hair while taking selfie
Consider a picture of you in the bathroom as your last resort. Hence, no selfies; Nevermore.

In case you are asking does online dating work, you should know how to make yourself marketable to have a shot at success.
Keep in mind that the first thing that men look at when they're on your page is your photo. Although it is a major social phenomenon, a selfie may not be the best approach; people are just tired of them and they might make you look superficial. Instead choose a photo that you look nice on without trying too hard. You could also take a new photo for this purpose. It might be best to find a setting that you feel comfortable in.

Fun pictures, not boring

Like your username, keep your profile pictures classy. Preferably doing a fun activity or on vacation somewhere with friends. Stay away from the professional looking photos that make you seem like a boring stuffy person. You want the people visiting your profile to think that you are outgoing and fun. So actually put up pictures of you doing something, and you will get a lot more attention.

Let yourself be truly yourself

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Don't make yourself look better than you are in person; because if you do, the moment you finally meet in person, game-over…-

As one of the basic answers to what to expect from online dating, you have to keep in mind that the majority of people will to try to make themselves look appealing. Although this is something natural, you should make sure that you don't make yourself look too good. Think of your profile page as a first date; share the things that you would share during the first meeting. This way people will know exactly what to expect and you won't seem a "cheater" after they meet you and they realize that they aren't really who you were supposed to be.

Don't try too hard

Don't try too hard with your online profile tips. A good profile can be made in under 30 minutes. Just remember who you are and what you are trying to accomplish from joining this website. If you are here for fun, say it. If you are here for something serious, mention it. If you aren't truthful in your profile, the chances of you meeting someone equally as dishonest are more likely. Just remember to be your genuine self and you should be fine.

Have no strings attached

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A commitment. It means no worries? No, meet first. Yes, commit, later. Period.

As it has been mentioned before, people tend to… exaggerate when it comes to their profile. This is why you shouldn't start building a long distance relationship with a guy that you only know through the internet. Keep in mind that people cannot be impartial when it comes to their own personality. Before you make any claims about another person, you should meet them, talk to them, and then you will realize whether or not their profile was exaggerated. As it has been mentioned before, the same is true for you; people won't assess you only based on your profile.

There is no shame in taking a peak

Woman spying on profiles of others
Keep it short and sweet

If you are serious about dating online and you set up a few (or more) profiles, at some point you may find that other women are more popular than you. If this is the case, you should know that there is no shame in a bit of spying around. You should take a look at their profiles and see the things that they have and you don't. One of the most important things to think about regarding online dating for women is that they should show a bit of skin on their photos. Besides this, you should make sure not to write a very long description about yourself.

Time to be envious

The dating game online is all about competition. We would be lying to ourselves if we said that we weren't at least a little bit envious of others at time. There is no shame in sizing up your competition sometimes. It will make you want to improve yourself. Don't worry about showing up on other people's "viewed me" list. Take peeks at what you want to and don't be afraid of the consequences, whether it's a girl or guy. It's natural to be curious, and sometimes want something that others have. Don't hide your curiosity or you will never know the juicy bits of information that are out there online for you.

Getting in touch

Woman writing online dating email
Email address fist, phone number later; much later…

In the majority of the cases the online dating sites make it possible for you to send messages. After a few messages you might be tempted to give a guy your phone number, but this isn't such a good idea. Instead, you should give them your email address. This isn't too personal but it is more personal than your online profile. There are a lot of online dating email tips that you could use, but one of the most important tips is not to be clingy or needy. You can't expect them to answer your emails right away and this is something you shouldn't do either; let them wait for it.

Get the full experience

For the best results from your online dating experience, never forget to be proactive. Go after what you want and message as much as you can. Otherwise, being passive there will only be limited opportunities. It's possible that the kind of guy you want can't be attained just from being passive. It's the 21st century, so it's time to leave gender stereotypes at home and go after what you want. Otherwise you will only add further to your list of regrets.