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Are We Going Out Out? 8 Signs You and Him Are Really a Thing

Are you in the friend zone or are you going out with him? Read on to learn the signs to be looking for in order to know where are you really standing with him to avoid that oh-so-awkward us-conversation.

Are You Just Hanging or Really Going Out?

Saying that you are a couple or that you are going out might be something big for a guy. Before you put a label on your relationship, you have to make sure you’ve got the right impression. As interesting as it might be, men are more likely to introduce to friends and family a woman they’re dating after a month than women. In order to know for sure about the answer to the question “are we going out?”, there are some signs you should be looking for.

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Even the smallest things could point you to the right direction so ensure you won’t ignore them.

A List of Signs that You Are Not Going Out Just Like Friends But You Are Really Going Out Like a Couple

So what are these signs that could tell you whether or not you’re really going out with him or it’s just a fling that you will both forget about in a matter of days?

Making a common schedule

If you find yourself making weekend plans with him, you can be sure that you are going out out even though you never had “that” conversation. Until now it may have been only up to you to manage your schedule but now you may be discussing plans with him to make sure both your schedules will be free for a date. If this isn’t a sign that you’re a thing, what would it be? Planning for the future is always a good thing and it is even better if you have someone to share your plans with.

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Having the us-conversation

In case you have been going out with a guy for a while now and you already matched your schedules, you can be sure that sooner or later you will have the conversation. Most probably you will agree that you won’t see anyone else and that you will both make this relationship your number one priority.

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Never try to actively avoid this conversation or you might get hurt. You may assume that you are a thing only to find out that he doesn’t feel the same way. You should be the one to choose the time and the location and you should have the talk like the two adults that you are.

Are you comfortable around him?

At the beginning of a relationship most people prefer to enhance their positive sides and diminish their flaws. However, once you get past that point you can really say that you are an item. A time comes when you stop worrying about what he will think of you and just go with the flow.

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According to the going out sayings this is the place all couples should get to before they can truly consider themselves a couple. It is important for your partner to accept you as the way you are without wishing to change a thing about you.

Tell him everything

When something exciting happens to you, who do you want to share it with? If the answer is him, you definitely consider that you are a couple. At the beginning of every relationship women tell things about their boyfriend to their girlfriends. After a while the tables turn and women tell things about their girlfriends to their boyfriend (which, by the way, is absolutely normal). If you notice something like this, you can be sure you are on the right track and you just have to keep it up.

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Letting the world know

We are living in the era of social media and so you have to be very careful about your profiles. If you post a picture together with him people will be asking “is she going out with him?”. When is the right time to change your relationship status? If you both decide so, it is alright to express your affection in front of the whole world. However, make sure you won’t start posting endlessly on each other’s wall or you will become “that” boring couple.

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Meeting the family

When a guy wants to introduce you to his family, you can be sure you’re in. People will stop asking “is she really going out with him” because the whole deal will become pretty clear. He gets bonus points if he invites you to a family wedding. This is the perfect time to meet his extended family.

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However, you should know that not all families are what you’d call functional, so don’t judge him based on the way his family members act. Remember that people can’t choose family; you may also have an awkward uncle.

Having the first fight

In the majority of the cases the first fight is a turning point in every relationship. This is the time when people decide whether or not they’re in it for the long haul. As one of the going out tips, you should know that you are in a relationship if you feel comfortable enough around him to simply tell him you don’t agree with him.

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If he’s committed to you as well, he will be alright with it. He simply can’t expect you to agree with everything he says. After all, you’re two different people.

Could he be the one?

This is a question most women ask themselves sooner or later even if they are going out with a younger guy. Just the mere fact that you ask yourself something like this suggests that you are emotionally involved and you wish it was the real deal. At this point you just have to make sure that he feels the same way about you – and we get back to having that conversation again (if you didn’t have it already).

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It is important to talk to him before you pick out the curtains for your new home together. You don’t want to get ahead of yourself and then be disappointed.

Once you have gone through all these signs and you find that they all apply to your relationship, you can be sure that you are the definition of a couple and they should be writing going out songs about you guys for others to learn from.