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Being Yourself: 10 Uplifting Tips to Be Who You Really Are

Getting back to being yourself might prove hard but if you believe in yourself and if you start building your self-confidence, you will realize how strong you actually are. Take our advice, be kind to yourself and start believing in yourself, and you will succeed.

Being yourself

Being yourself isn't easy in a society demanding that we all conform.
So where do we even begin to be ourselves?
There are times in our lives when we have to confront tough and emotional moments that have a specific way of tearing us apart. Such threatening moments are usually caused by us not being accepted by some people because of many different things that can affect our place in society. We all get lost in piles of emotion and sometimes they do not fully understand them, so they become prone to depression and can't find a way out.


How to be yourself

1. Stop trying to make everyone happy

2. Relax

3. Shine doing things you are good at

4. Smile more

5. Be positive

6. Don't let yourself be moved so easily

7. Be more accepting

8. Move forwards

9. Set standards

10. Express who you are

Great Advice to Remind You of Who You Really Are and to Show You Who You Really Want to Be in Your Life

Trouble being yourself lately? We have some great uplifting tips on how to learn to be yourself and being kind to yourself.

1. "You can't make everyone happy"

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Be proud to be yourself

This way you will attract people into your life that accept you for you. You will also filter people out who don't respect you. If you consider yourself a people-pleaser, then consider a lifestyle choice that fits your personality but also sets realistic expectations. You cannot please everyone; this is a fact. There will always be unhappy people that come and go in our lives. You can make someone else happy for a brief moment. That's it. We as humans don't have the ability to make everyone happy all the time. Accept this reality and do the best you can anyways.

If you find yourself so wound up over trying to make everyone around you happy, don't. Relax. Thinking too much is a distraction away from being yourself.

2. Relax

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Don't overthink

Thinking too much can cause us undue stress and it makes us constantly nervous about what other people are thinking about us.
Accept that there are some things you cannot control and do the best about the things you can control. The key to being yourself is to always be cool, calm, and collected under any circumstance. We cannot express ourselves if there is something always on our mind. Let the small things in life slide off your shoulders, because in the grand scheme of things they don't really affect us all that much.

One way to relax is to set yourself up for success. If you are good at something, do it.

3. Don't be afraid of doing things you are good at

One of the most important aspects regarding being confident in yourself

The most important thing to be aware of is that one cannot be itself if they're not confident in themselves. Finding things that make you smile is the best way to really find things you are good at. For example, if you are really good at singing and you do it only in your room or under the shower, it will never really help you as much as it could. Go out and sing to your friends. If it is really good, they will notice it, and they will back you up in every way possible. And when you get that kind of support, you'll see, everything else will come by itself. Make art, sing, cook, play instruments, do anything that you are good at and when people see how good you are, they will eventually give you credit for it and you won't even notice how your confidence will grow by itself!

You may be pressured to steer away from doing things you are good at. But don't let that keep you smiling yourself away.

4. Smile

Show people who you are through your smile

We all know that there are always those people who don't really smile that much and we must respect that. You can show people who you really are through many different actions, not just by smiling. However, it is smiling that will leave a mark on another person. Smile is our greatest weapon, regardless whether you are sad or depressed. Just try to smile and you will see how your life will start changing, how you will begin to change. The fact that you are sad doesn't mean you have to express that. There is one great quote someone said a long time ago and it goes like this: "The loneliest people are the kindest; The saddest people smile the brightest; The most damaged are the wisest". Now, if you think about this, if you really look into yourself and pull that smile out of the deepest pits of sadness, you will express your confidence and you will succeed with being yourself.

You may have had a tough past few weeks. But now that you look back, you realized how much staying positive helps.

5. Believe and stay positive

If you believe in yourself you will be able to achieve anything

Believing in yourself is something that you definitely want to develop because that is one thing that will help you find guidance. Have faith and trust in your own actions. Think about everything you do in a way that when you do it, it makes you happy. You will encounter many obstacles on the way to being yourself, but you must never lose faith in who you really are deep down inside. Find something that will guide you through your actions, something that is solid and that can't be broken easily. Relationships are always good to turn to guidance to, but be careful and don't let people deceive you on a way of being yourself. Only you know who you really are or who you really want to be, so trust yourself and have trust in your instincts.

As much as playing your part in matters, don't think for one second that you aren't allowed to be yourself off air unless being yourself is like breathing.

6. You don't need permission to be yourself

People are the biggest obstacle, if you are walking this path, remember that

There are those who will try to sell you their own opinion on who you should be, because not everyone wants you to be successful in life. We live in a society where people who have no true connections with you will try to stop you on your way to being someone you were born to be: yourself. Don't let those people bother you, just don't look their way and avoid unwanted and unrealistic criticism. Of course, always have in mind that there might be some people who really care, some people who see your situation with their own eyes and still want to help you. That's the type of people you need in your life: people who understand you, no matter what, and people who accept you for who you really are. You don't need people in your life who try to change you just because you are not what they want you to be. No matter how hard it is to let them go; you must do so.

Now that your circle is complete and you've surrounded yourself with people who accept who you are, it's time to give back accepting others.

7. Accept and you shall be accepted

Just remember that you should always be yourself; everyone else is taken

If you really want to succeed on your way to being yourself, you must accept all difference because people are different from you, and you never know what will happen to you. Think positively and have in mind that it's always easier to hate someone than to understand them. However, good people don't do that. No matter how hard it is for you to accept something, try. The gift of being yourself is the most precious thing one can have. No one can take it away from you, and you should never try to take that away from someone, because you will fail if you try.

Acceptance goes both ways. "How do you expect someone to accept you if you aren't ready except them?" Everyone has a past; accept it but whatever you do, don't get stuck in it.

8. Don't Be Stuck in the Past

barefoot woman in open field standing next to hay with arms lifted up high
Be in the now

To be functioning at your 100% self, you need to have your undivided attention on the present moment at all times.
If anyone has ever told you that you have your head in the clouds: that is a sign that you need to make a drastic change in your lifestyle. It is dangerous to think too much in the past, as you are never quite focused on the important things in your life which are happening in the present moment. The most important time in our lives should always be the right here and right now. If it's not, you are truly missing out on being your best self.

It doesn't matter if you were an astronaut, keeping to much of oneself stuck in the past is no way to move forward. Though having the emotional security to stop comparing yourself to others is one step closer to being yourself.

9. Set Your Own Standards

Don't compare yourself to others.

That is the most common path toward mediocrity; by following others' example. You should have a standard set for yourself for the way you want to do things. Forget society's rules set for what is right and wrong. Do what you think is right and never deviate from the standard you set forth for yourself. Never compromise your values for everyone. Otherwise you are only serving others' interests before your own. You need to value yourself above others or you will never be yourself, you will always be trying to be like others.

Setting your own standards helps you get away from having to compare yourself with others, which is a big step towards being yourself. "Where do I go from here?" You may ask. Go down the avenue to find your individuality.

10. Find Avenues to Express Your Individuality

What are you most passionate about? Find these things and find ways to incorporate them into your life as often as possible.

Your hobbies are who you are as a person. They complete you and allow yourself to express your individuality. Things like art and dance, for example, are ways for us to let go of our inhibitions and allow us to showcase our creativity. We as individuals strive to be recognized for our talents. So don't hold anything back in your passions. Reach for the stars and good things will always be sure to happen.

Sometimes you might forget how to be happy with yourself. If it happens, just keep in mind that being positive leads to being happy with yourself, no matter what other people say; you are who you are and no one can change that, never forget! Be kind to yourself and people will be kind to you too. It might look hard at the beginning, but when you start changing what you think has to be changed, when you stop walking on other people's roads, and when you start searching for good in people, eventually you will become something you were born to be: you will become yourself.