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Girls Guide on How to Date a Guy with 5 Steps for Dating Him

One of the key to dating well is enjoying yourself and ensuring that your date will ask you out again. This is not really difficult especially when you are self assured. Here you will find pointers on things to do on a first date with a guy and things that can be put in place to get him to ask you out again on a second date.

Land a dream date with your crush

Nobody likes boring dates that seem to lead to nowhere. There are also many times when dates go well but at the end of the date nobody makes a move to ask the other party out on a second date. Maybe they are disinterested in going out again or maybe they missed to window of opportunity to ask. Presenting yourself in a positive way and putting yourself at ease can do wonders.

girl listening to guy talk

Dating a guy can be fun and exciting as long as you look beyond just being compatible and be yourself.

Girl's Guide for Dating a Guy and Getting Him to Want to Make Excuses That Allow Him to Talk to You Let Alone Ask You out on Dates

When a guy likes you, chances are that he is full of excuses. Left and right, he says this and that to the point that if you didn't happen to like him, you would see him as coming off a little bit naggy. This is only one example of what you may encounter in the first levels of the game, dating a guy.
There are some people who find difficulty going successfully beyond the first level of the dating game, or if they do, they don’t go very far. Dating should be fun. A step by step process where you learn as much as you can about each other, while enjoying each other’s company. But simply put, some people just don’t know the things to do on a first date with a guy so that he can more than likely ask you out again and get the relationship moving to the next stage. They begin to think that maybe something is wrong with them or maybe their date is just not right for them. But did they really give it enough time to grow?

Give him something to look forward to

If you need to know how to get a guy to date you just think about why you want to go out with him in the first place. You might have noticed things about him that you like and want to learn more.  But what does he see in you? Does he want to know more? Why is he going out with you? Give him the answer to these questions by leaving a great impression on him. Ensure that you leave enough mystery about you that will spike his curiosity. Even if he knows the basics about you, the dating scene is where you explore the beneath the surface personality and analyze if you are both compatible.

Engage him

If you want a memorable date you will need to understand how to date a man and have him thinking that you are amazing. Being yourself and being sure to indulge in engaging conversations will keep him interested and keep you motivated. The conversation can be about anything you wish but knowing what questions to ask on your first date can prove valuable. Keeps the conversation going by staying on safe topics such as family and other things that might be familiar and comfortable? There are no set dating rules and knowing what to do on a first date with a guy will certainly help to create engaging conversations.

Get him to ask you out again

Most times we focus on how to get a date with a guy and what to say on our dates that we forget to ask ourselves what we want to achieve at the end of it. Surely we would want to move forward with a second date especially if we enjoyed ourselves immensely. How do I get him to ask me out again? It is not that complicated. Give him information, but leave enough spaces in your talks so that he will want to arrange a second date to find out more about you. If he realizes that you had a good time with him, this might increase your chances of getting asked out again. He might be shy or unsure about how you feel but look for tell tale signs that he is interested in you. Don’t allow boredom to sneak into conversations among you. Keep it flowing by giving little information about you, while holding back just enough

Do leave a great impression, but don’t come on too strong

Dating for most of us will eventually lead to a relationship. I mean that is why we date in the first place right? Most of us also want it to be fulfilling and long-lasting. Even if on our first date we recognize something in him that suggests that he might be our knight in shining armor, sometimes containing our excitement is best. Let him know you really like him (after all he is your crush), without seeming overly eager to snag a husband. Be prepared to let him know you had a good time, this will boost his ego and let him know he did something right. This is a sure way of letting him know you are not clingy. How to get a guy to date you exclusively is to let him have a little space without you being overbearing.

Drop the pretense, in fact don’t even begin to think about it

Everyone prides themselves on making a good impression; but in learning how to get the guy you like to date you and then pretending to be what we are not is not a good option. This can cause problems down the road and might be a turnoff. If you know all the ins and outs of how to date a guy then there is no need for making him think that you are what you are not. The truth is nobody is perfect. If you present the idea that you have no imperfections he will end up having the wrong ideas about you and you might end up having stumbling blocks trying to correct it later on. If he really likes you, then knowing your faults will help him know what to do. After a first date with a guy, if he asks you out after seeing that you are just as human as he is, then he will stick around without you forcing him to.

Bottom Line on How to Date a Guy: Remembering the Most Important Thing to Keep in Mind While Dating a Guy, Have Fun

The key is to remember to have fun on your date. Let your hair down and approach it positively. Your mood might significantly reflect on your dating partner, and this can prove to go in your favor. Being uncomfortable and uptight can play off negatively on your date making them uncomfortable and edgy. Once you get the hang of how to date a boy you will be dating and enjoying yourself in no time.