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Dating a Committed Man: 8 Rules to Remember to Keep It Simple

Some people might have strong opinions on dating a man in a serious relationship. However, if you are sure this is what you want to do, there are some rules you should know about to make sure you won’t make a mess of things.

How to Date a Committed Man

Dating a man in a serious relationship might not be taking a step forward in the right direction for most people. However, there are some women who are seriously thinking about this matter. In case you are one of them, you should know that there are some rules you should follow in order to make sure that everything will go according to plan.


Don’t forget that in situations of this kind there are more people involved and thus more people could get hurt. For sure this isn’t your intention. In order to protect yourself and the people involved, you should make sure to play by the rules and never do anything reckless.

Dating a committed man dos and don'ts

1. Don't involve family

There will be times you will want to meet his parents, his sisters, and his dog; but no matter how tempted you are to meet the committed man's family, don't go there.

2. Do be clear

When dating the committed man you will be tempted to lay out your terms expecting him to sign on the bottom line not-even-looking. Don't do that. Make it clear what you relationship is and never will be.

3. Don't fall in love

Tempted you will to fall in love with him looking to get hitched. Do so but don't forget to fall in love with yourself first. Stop before it's too late to turn back. Do avoid committing to committed man.

4. Do take your time

If anything while dating the committed man, you have time. You will feel rushed. This makes planning your schedule ahead one of the keys to making your relationship work.

5. Do not over commit

You will be pressured committed man regarding seeing other people. If you do just straight out tell him "I aren’t the committed man..." You aren't even a man for that matter. He is stumped. And you can't help but ask yourself, "Why did I put up with it!?" Why? Because you're dating the committed man. That's why.

6. Do be creative

Women dating the committed man lack-not-creativity. You will go overboard. But don't let that stop you. After all, you are …

7. Don't make him breakup

One thing that happens later after dating the committed man for a while is … real commitment. You will think about what it would be like if he were to breakup. Give up!

8. Don't expose him

You will try to expose him. Don't do this. Exposing him will not get him to commit to you.

Find Out How to Date a Committed Man Before You Actually Start Dating Him to Know How to Handle the Situation

So what are the dating a committed man rules that you will have to follow at all costs? Can you follow them all or will you have moments of weakness?

You don’t need to know about his family

Don’t forget that you’re not a family friend. You are dating him for a reason and that reason isn’t to get to know his family. You don’t need to hear how his partner is nagging him or how his loved ones are doing. This isn’t your problem. When asking how to date a man in a serious relationship, you should always think about yourself first. If he is sharing something you’re not interested in, just tell him. Let him know that you’re not his personal psychologist and you don’t have to listen to all his problems; you have enough on your own and you’re just looking for a good time.

Always be clear

One of the rules you have to remember to date a man in a serious relationship is that you always have to be clear about what you want and he needs to do the same. In order for things to work you have to make sure that you are always on the same page. You can be sure that a time will come when one of you will want to end things. This was always a part of the equation. When the time comes, you have to know that it is alright; the only rule is that you have to clear about it. You have to tell him that this has been fun while it lasted, but it’s over now.

There will be no falling in love

One of the advantages (or disadvantages) of dating a man in a serious relationship is that there can be no emotions involved. This means that he can’t fall in love with you and you most definitely cannot fall in love with him. Things just don’t work that way. If he wants love, he should seek it with his partner. You are in this relationship for the fun and thrill and you’re not seeking any emotional response – or at least you shouldn’t be. In case you feel like there are some feelings involved, it is your cue to get out of the relationship as soon as possible.

Take some time

In case you are dating a man in a serious relationship, most probably time is an issue. This is why some women have a rule of having a long weekend per month. This means that you go somewhere together for a couple of days. Choose a place where nobody knows you. This way you will have all the time you want to yourselves and you can also go out in public and act like a couple. Although you might think this is difficult to pull off, some say that it is a non-negotiable rule to make sure that things will work just the way you want them to.

You will be active on the dating scene

You should never ever commit to dating only a man in a serious relationship. Go out there, meet other people and go on dates. In some cases he might not be okay with this, but remember that you are sharing him so he has to accept sharing you. Maybe at some point you will realize that there are plenty of fish in the sea and there is no point in settling for someone who can’t be truly yours. The truth is that it all depends on what you want and what your emotional needs are.

Let your creativity flow

In the majority of the cases the holidays bring routines to men in serious relationships – things they do every year. This is why you have to be creative for the holidays and bring something new to the table. He is with you because you offer the unexpected and a thrill and this is exactly what you have to give him. This will be exciting for him as well for you. You get to live out all the things you never did with other men and you have to be sure you make the best of it.

Don’t ask him to leave his partner

And don’t let him tell you he will leave her for you. You may be asking is it good to date a man in a serious relationship. The truth is that there are some advantages and some disadvantages. Regardless of what your position might be, you should remember that if he really wanted to leave his partner, he would have left her by now. If he tells you that he will, most probably they are just empty words. He is telling you this because he thinks this is what you want to hear. Let him know that it’s not what you want from him.

Don’t threaten to expose him

In case you ever think about threatening him with exposing your relationship to his partner, it means that you are emotionally involved and you are breaking the other rules. This is simply forbidden. You knew what you were getting yourself into when you started so it simply isn’t fair to threaten him now. He didn’t make you do anything you didn’t want to, so there is no reason for you to take it out on him or his loved ones. This is the time you should simply go and never look back.

You may be asking is it wrong to date a man in a serious relationship, but the truth is that it doesn’t really matter what is right and what is wrong; what feels right is what matters the most.