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6 Convincing Arguments as to Why Chivalry is not Dead Yet

Dating a guy with gentleman manners or being in a relationship with a chivalrous guy is something every girl dreams about. Although they don’t wear shiny armor any more, there is nothing bad about having your Prince Charming in real life.

6 Solid Proves That Gentlemen Still Exist

Very long time ago, knights in shiny armors used to stick to their chivalry code, not letting innocent hurt and did their best to show courage and justice in order to win over the lady they liked. Throughout the times, situations changed and people did their best to adapt. There are now so many sure ways to get a guy to ask you out when you see that they have problem approaching you. But, what is important is, that the chivalry code and gentlemen with good manners are still there. They may be not as numerous as before, but there are some guys who prove through their gestures that chivalry still exists and they don't care what the rest of the world will think.

woman and her knight

Chivalry is not dead

1. He opens doors for you

Opening the car doors or doors to the building, the restaurant is something that you can rarely see these days, but, he is one rare gentleman with chivalry manners as well.

2. He lets you have the last bite

One of the kindest ways for him to show you how much he cares is to share a meal with you as well as leaving you the last bite of his favorite food.

3. Spends time with your family

Guys who don't plan to be there for a long time, don't bother getting to know your family. So, if he makes an effort and even accepts them as his own, you're sure he's going to stick around.

4. Supports your girly interests

It doesn't matter how girly the movie you're watching is, or if you need to go shopping for new shoes, he is there to share it with you.

5. Sends you flowers

Getting the flowers on a special occasion is the usual thing, but if he sends or brings you flowers out of the blue, with no reason, you can be sure you got yourself a keeper.

6. Protecting you

Things like walking on the car-side of the sidewalk in order to protect you from you getting splashed with puddle water shows that chivalry isn't all dead.

6 Gestures That Prove Chivalry Can Still Be Found and That There Still Are Guys with Manners of Gentlemen

In past times, there was order of chivalry, men with a certain behavior code. Today, it somehow seems that most of men have forgotten about that. Still, there are true gentlemen left. When dating, girls say it is hard to find the man who will treat women like they are ladies. But, what if you're not looking closely enough? He may be right next to you.

1. Opening the doors is a small gesture with great meaning

Nowadays, the world rarely appreciates good things and courtesy. Men, who used to be fine gentlemen with impeccable manners and a lot of diverse and interesting conversation topics, are today often considered odd and weird, at least. Guys usually grow up with the belief that a man has to be rough to show that he is a true man. Still, for winning a girl's heart a guy needs to be a true gentleman. Seeing a man opening doors for you seems like not much of a trouble and, in fact, it's not. But, take time to appreciate the effort he puts into such small detail, because he is more than willing to get out, rush a bit in front of you, and do something that will make you feel like a lady. That small chivalrous act is something that is rarely seen these days, but aren't totally gone. When you start thinking about how gentleman and manners are all gone nowadays, just remember that guy from your neighborhood, which helps you with your groceries. Gentlemen are wearing modern suits, but they still exist.

2. Saving the last bite of his favorite food for you

There is a saying that the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach. And there is nothing that men appreciate more than good meal. Have that in mind every time you see your darling saving the last bite of his favorite food for you to have. It's not about him not being able to take another bite, because he can. It's not even only about sharing the meal with you, which is also one really important thing for them, but is also about giving you what he likes the most and showing you, in a way, that he puts you on the top of his list of priorities. Chivalry and romance always go hand in hand and there is no doubt that he really likes you if he is doing this. Also, you'll see that most of the guys with gentleman manners know how to treat a woman and make her feel special by paying attention to the simplest things and various details, which usually guys don't notice.

3. Your family is his family

When you're dating with a guy, there is usually some time before you decide to take him meet your parents. After this time passes and he does meet every member of your family, there is a period of "what now". That can make an unusual atmosphere at times. It depends on his intentions towards you, how your family and your boyfriend are going to interact with each other, believe it or not. If a guy is there just for some fun (not one night stand, of course, but also not something more serious like marriage), he will be friendly, at most. But, if he is in for the long haul and he want to show you just how serious he is, you will often see him having a "father-son"-like conversation with your dad or really having fun with your brother or sister, like they have known each other their whole lives. His chivalry manners will also be visible as he starts helping your family out whenever he can.

4. You can do all your girly stuff with him

It's pretty usual and somehow expected from a girl to do all so called "girly stuff", like watch romantic movies with a box of tissues next to her, always be in the need of new makeup, constantly talk about fashion and hairstyles all the time, be sometimes angry or upset because of something that is important only to her, etc. And that is exactly what most of guys find maybe a bit irritating at times. Usually, girls tend to have their night out so they could talk about all those things without someone being bored with that. When it comes to dating a true gentleman, chivalry is not dead. With this kind of man, you can be as girly as you like and he is there to support whatever you are doing. He will even find out which is your favorite movie and take you to the cinema to watch it together. He won't make fun of you when you start crying to one of the scenes from "Titanic" or "Romeo and Juliet". Instead, he will be the one hugging you even harder and giving you another tissue. When you are dating a true gentleman, you can be a lady with no problem.

5. Look for a hidden message in flower bouquet

Sending flowers may seem a bit corny and like a cliche nowadays. It used to represent a man's longing for his beloved one. Usually, guys remember to give their girls flowers in two situations: on anniversary or some other important day and when they've done something wrong and they want to apologize. At times, it's only one of those situations, because they forget the other one. What is great about chivalry gentleman is that he will bring you not any, but your favorite flowers just because he was thinking of you, with no other hidden agenda. His main goal with this action is to see you smile, because he knows how to appreciate that. If you are already in the process of chivalry dating, then you already have the notion of how careful he is. Getting a flower bouquet from him always means looking for that hidden note inside and seeing that he is really thinking about you all the time.

6. He is your modern knight in shiny armor

If he is really your modern prince Charming, pay attention to what he is doing when he's around you. Whenever you go out on a date, or take a walk in the park, your man is pretty protective over you. That doesn't mean that he will fight with any guy who looks at you, that would be simply foolish of him. However, that does mean that he will do his best to keep you warm by putting his jacket over you, as soon as he notices you're shivering or pick you up and carry you over a huge puddle, so you don't get your feet wet. When it rains, he will take his jacket off and cover you with it, regardless of him being totally soaking wet after that. Those types of actions show that chivalry isn't dead yet and that there are still gentlemen, who know how to appreciate a woman.

One of the great things about chivalry romance and dating chivalry is how much effort a man puts into making his woman feel special. And it's obvious that everything he does, he does from his heart and with purest intentions. So, if you happen to come across one and start dating him, be sure that you will most probably end up not wanting to let him go ever again.