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What is My Type of Guy? 6 Types of Guys Who Could be The One for You

Finding the right person is one of the most important things in life. There are different kinds of guys, who can be caring and thoughtful in their own ways, but might not always be what you look for in a guy.

6 Types of Guys That Could Turn up to Be Your Mr. Right

When it comes to dating and falling in love, each girl has to deal with different types of guys until she comes across the Mr. Right. It can sometimes be a long journey, with a lot of attempts to find the one, who will meet your needs and wishes. There are moments, when every girl starts asking herself questions like: "What is my type of a guy?", "What do I want from a man?", or "Is he the one for me?" There is no doubt that none of the guys is a bad one, but is it the right match for you? You can always look for some answers by checking out types of guys to date or avoid, which is the perfect starting point.

guy trying to do magic

What is my type of guy?

1. Romantic

This is the guy who pays attention to small things, who will always remember to bring a rose to a date, watch the sunset with you and walk you home like a true gentleman.

2. Confident

There is always guy like this in your circle of friends. He may not have much to show with, but he is 100% secure in himself and with his feet on the ground and exactly knows his worth.

3. Artistic

If you want a bit of color in your life, thinking and acting out of the box, artistic type of guy will certainly do that for you. There are no boundaries or judgments with him, he understands it all.

4. Foreign

Cultural differences might lead you to think he will never understand you, but truth is that he will accept you for who you are more than anyone else.

5. Bad Boy

Breaking the rules, going against the world for what he wants, living a wild life in general, this guy can never be tamed. If you are a free spirit yourself, this is the one for you.

6. Your Opposite

That saying birds of a feather flock together don't quite apply when it comes to primal attraction. You want what you can't have and long for what is different from yourself.

Types of Men That Are Most Likely to Get Your Attention, Love and Be the One Perfect Partner You Were Looking for All Along

After you found out what types of guys not to get involved with, it is time to check out what types of guys do deserve your attention. Here are some types of men you might find interesting.

1. Romantic

man with flowers
A fairytale experience brought into life

A hopeless romantic type of a man will always do something to put a smile on your face, regardless of the date and time of the day. It can be something as simple as bringing a single red rose on your date, opening car door before you get inside, or putting his jacket on you when he notices that you might be chilly. He is simply paying attention to your needs and trying to make you feel as comfortable around him as he can. You can also see him taking you to a date, letting you order, making sure you are having a great time and afterwards walking you home like a true gentleman. Still, this type of guy will not get all the lights on him, so you might not notice him the first time you meet him. In this case, you'll just have to keep your eyes open, if this is the kind of a man you are interested in.

2. Confident

headshot of confident guy with suit over shoulder outdoors
Power boost

You see him as soon as he even makes a step into the room. If he is a performer, all lights are on him, and he knows it. Looking at him feels like watching a James Bond movie in person, with him in the spotlight from the beginning. That, however, doesn't mean that he is in everybody's face, showing off just how intelligent, charming and confident he is, looking for a confirmation of his greatness. He is absolutely sure in himself and is always with both feet on the ground. That kind of a behavior makes every woman instantly want him, because he is the one showing that he is dominant in the crowd without a question. There is always a guy like this in everyone's circle of friends. What also makes him really irresistible to women is the fact that he is never threatened by his girl's male acquaintances. So a girl can have a nice, peaceful time with her friends and not worry about her boyfriend calling her and checking up on her during that time.

3. Artistic

marble statue of a guy
Creativity is the main thing

A laid back lifestyle with lots of situations where you can turn ordinary everyday things into something new is what you can expect with an artistic type of man. He is everything but ordinary, follows the social rules, but in his own way and makes the day shine brighter and in different colors. He will use his creative thinking to win the girl of his dreams over, by painting her or singing her a serenade under window. And no woman is left feeling indifferent towards any man when she knows that she is the main inspiration for this man's work, that she is his muse. This kind of man will make you feel unique and special in any corner of the world, regardless of the circumstances. An artistic guy will live in the moment, and with a lot of creativity in everyday life. Sometimes, he might leave you speechless for what he had done to show his love for you and you can rest assure that he will be original at what he does.

4. Foreign

couple on scooter
Different cultures, different views

Someone with a lot of charisma and charm, who has a lot of knowledge about different types of things and is totally open to experiencing new traditions and meeting new culture, is the foreign guy. What makes him so interesting is the fact that his way of seeing the world around him is somehow different and he can sometimes be maybe a bit mysterious. He is captivating and fun, has a lot of interesting things to say about his own culture, his own people and is sometimes also able to give you a possible solution for the problem, just because he can change the perspective of the view. This type of a man will always appreciate you for who you really are, respect your cultural differences, and he is always up for a challenge of understanding a specific mindset. When you happen to come across this type of a man, be sure to know if you can do the same for him and his culture, because there is nothing that he will appreciate more than you trying to be involved in his life in that way.

5. Bad boy

guy with coffee cup walking down colorful street alley
Rebel and live in the moment

This is the type of the guy that makes you frequently think about what kind of guy are you attracted to. He is wild, lives on the edge, in the moment and breaks almost all rules, unless he can benefit from them. This is the kind of guy who cannot easily get settled, especially when he is younger. Still, you would be surprised just how much attention and care he can actually give you. On the contrary of the popular opinion that those boys only look after themselves and don't think about the rest of the world, underneath their thick skin, they are just as sweet and caring as teddy bears. And it's exactly that wild nature they possess, that catches your attention, because they stay true to themselves, know how to express their feelings openly without fear of consequences.

6. Your opposite

intimate salt and pepper
The opposites DO attract

When you feel like having a romantic night, he would rather watch a football game. If you want to go out jogging, he would rather be hanging out with his friends. And if you, by some miracle, manage to find something that you two would be doing together, each of you would be planning its own way of doing it. You can get the feeling of a constant challenge of winning him over or sometimes that you are with the wrong person and start asking yourself "What kind of guy is the right for me?" Just remember, playing hard to get is his natural state. There will always be more things that you just love about him, things that he does to show his appreciation for you and how much he cares. And although his moves are not what you expected them to be, it is more than certain that he will be there for you in his own way.