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6 Universal Dating Rules to Make Sure You Have Fun on Dates

The rules of dating are not very complicated as long as you know what you want from this relationship. In order to know how to act, you should take a look at the list of rules we have compiled for you.

Rules of Dating for Successful Encounters

Everything in life has some rules, so you should also learn about the rules of dating. Some might say that in love everything is permitted, but it is important not to take things too far so that you will both have a good time. Depending on the relationship you have with the other person, different rules might apply. For instance, there are the casual dating rules that apply to the women who want to have some fun and don’t want anything serious. There are also some rules that apply to all kinds of relationships and that you should know about as well. Just read on.

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1. Play the field

Nobody ever said that you must date only one guy. The dating rules aren’t strict enough not to allow you to have some fun. As a matter of fact, the more guys you date, a better idea you will have about what you want.

2. Don't wait for things to happen

In modern times it is important to remember that you don’t necessarily have to wait for a guy to ask you out. You can’t just sit around and wait for things to happen. Take matters into your own hands and make dates happen.

3. Get connected online

Some might say that people spend way too much time online, but when it comes to dating tips for women, it is advisable to be active on social media. This is a very good way to get to know someone better and to flare up the flames.

4. Follow your urges

Have you ever heard the saying “Carpe diem”? This means that you should live all moments to the fullest and if you feel like going out with a guy, you should do it. Sometimes you have to give in to your desires without overthinking things.

5. Be more open

You might be a control freak who wants to keep everything in hand, but the dating rules for women say that you should always have an open spot for men to fill. Always be prepared for the unexpected and let men sweep you off your feet.

6. Be honest with him

Honesty is the best recipe, remember? If you don’t enjoy your date with someone, you might think that the best thing to do is to tell them you’ll call, but you never do. The truth is that people appreciate honesty more than such sneaky practices.

Dating Tips for Women to Make Sure That Both You and Your Partner Will Have a Blast at Your Next Date

Interested in some dating tips for women? Read on about what you should do to make sure you will have a lot of fun while dating.

1. Play the field of dating

When it comes to dating rules, you should remember to think of all guys as people who have a new experience to offer. Each person you meet will be different and they will all change your view of the world a bit. You shouldn’t dismiss a guy just because he is focused on his career while you care more about volunteering, for example. In order for you to figure out what you really want from a guy and who would make you happy, you will have to meet a lot of people and you will also have to go through numerous unsuccessful dates.

According to the third date rule, it is possible that there will be no sparks. However, that doesn’t mean that it was time wasted. At least you know what kind of men you don’t want around. Keep in mind that all men have something to offer, so you shouldn’t rule out any category.

2. Don't wait for things to happen – make them happen

Have you ever seen movies of women who sit around waiting for their true love to come around, but he never does? Well, they would need some dating for dummies tips. As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t just sit and wait for him to ask you out. Gather all your courage, walk up to him, and ask him out with a wide smile on your face. You can be sure that he won’t say no. You can start a conversation with a guy anywhere. He may be a colleague from work or a guy you usually see at the gym.

By passing on opportunities to get to know people you can never know what other possibilities you pass on. Maybe you meet the love of your life, but you never know it, because you don’t even try to connect with them. The dating rules for women tell you that you really have to go out there if you want men to notice you.

3. Get connected online – use social media

There is no better tool to get to know a guy better than social media. The second date rules tell you that there is nothing wrong with connecting with a guy online after you had your first date. This way you will learn more about him and you could also use social media to connect at another level. For instance, you could send him a song that reminds you of him. If you use Facebook, you could also leave a comment on a photo or on his status. You can be sure that you will take things offline pretty soon.

However, there are some things you should be mindful of when you take it to the online world. Men don’t like dating women, who are too pushy. If he doesn’t reply to your message, it won’t do any good if you leave him another five messages. He will get back to you as soon as he can, or maybe he simply doesn’t want to talk to you. Also think about your security when it comes to the rules for online dating.

4. Follow your urges and indulge

One of the first date rules you will have to remember is that you can get a first date anytime, anywhere. If you see a guy you like, you could talk to him and ask him out even if you are in a professional setting. In many cases women find all kinds of excuses not to approach a guy. These are only imaginary “problems” as your mind is trying to stop you from getting into an unknown situation. This is why you should act even before your mind manages to scare you off.

You might be interested in the three date rule, but you also have to remember that you have to get there first. It doesn’t happen every day that you meet someone you like, right? So when it does, you have to make sure you don’t let that opportunity slip. Even if things don’t work out, at least you know it’s not because you let an opportunity pass you by.

5. Be more open towards people

There is nothing wrong with wishing to control all aspects of your life. However, the 3 date rule tells you that you should leave an open spot for men to fill. You don’t always have to know your schedule a month ahead. For instance, if you decide to buy concert tickets, you should buy two, but don’t decide immediately whom you will invite. Just let things happen and you will make your mind up at the right time.

The rules for dating say that you can never know what will happen the next minute. This is why you should be available for new and possibly spontaneous plans. If your schedule is packed with all kinds of planned activities, you won’t be able to go out with that cute guy you just met unless you postpone a meeting with your girlfriends. Don’t forget that you need a certain level of flexibility in your life.

6. Be honest with him in every situation

Maybe the two of you will never get to the 3rd date rule, because there will be no third date. This is something that he needs to know. You might think that you are protecting his feelings if you say you had a wonderful time even if you didn’t, but that’s not true. As a matter of fact, guys seem to appreciate honesty a lot more. In case you think you didn’t really get on well, you should let him know so that you will both be able to get on with your lives.

As some of the after first date rules, you should make sure you are polite and you don’t make a scene. You can never know when you will run into each other in the future and there should be no hard feelings. Maybe you will meet in the future and you will hit it right off.