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6 Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend: Indoor and Outdoor Guy Gifts

Finding the perfect gift for a boyfriend - a problem that every woman has faced herself with. After all, things we like are usually so different. Here you can see some of the interesting birthday gift ideas for him he is sure to like.

Is your boyfriend an indoor or an outdoor guy?
No matter which he is - we have original birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend.
So, let the shopping begin!

Men and women like different things, which is why you are sure to run into some problems when looking for a present for your boyfriend. What we consider an appropriate gift and what they prefer to get as a present may be very different.

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Clothes and jewelery, even for men, are not often appreciated, but here are a few birthday gifts for boys they are sure to like. After all - men don't grow up, they just get bigger, and want different kinds of toys to be available to them. With that on your mind, dive in and check out this useful list of birthday gifts for men.

Getting Your Hands on a Birthday Gift a Man Can Appreciate Is a Hard Task, but Here You Can See Some of the Interesting Solutions to Every Woman's Problem - How to Make Him Happy with a Gift.

Finding a proper gift for your boyfriend can be a bit of a problem, especially if you haven't been in a relationship for too long. Men are much more practical when it comes to the gifts they like, so you most likely will not get away with a token memento like a bear with a heart on it or something like that - you need to find a gift that he will find interesting for more than a day.

To find a good gift, you need something to go with as to what are his hobbies and what he likes. Does he like cooking? Is he an artist? All of these things come into play when you are making a decision on this topic, so think hard. Here are some interesting gift ideas for men for you to consider.

Gifts for outdoor guys

Some guys don't spend too much time at home. They may be hiking, taking part in some kind of sport event or just chilling out, but they are often on the move.

A hands-free headset

Help him free his hands

Everybody has a smart phone these days, no matter if it's one of the iPhones or some Android based platform, and everybody spends time talking on the phone. A stylish hands free headset will allow your boyfriend to focus on other things while having a conversation with you - and he's sure to appreciate a gift like that.

A cool wallet

You can never go wrong with a wallet

A good wallet is hard to find, and since it’s not unusual for men to not take care of their things too well, it's something they need to replace every few years. An interesting wallet is a gift that will definitely be appreciated, and you can figure out a type of wallet he'll like reasonably easy. Is he a classy guy? Well, a smooth dark leather wallet with a subtle logo will do the trick. Is he a passionate sports fan of a particular team? You can find a wallet with his team's logo if you try, or you can find a place to order a custom wallet at. This gift is a nice idea for guys who don't go out much as well - if they're on the nerdy side, a Skyrim wallet is sure to grab their attention.

A flask

Guys who spend a lot of time on the move, biking, hiking or traveling in general can always use a flask, so don't be afraid to hunt for one in the local stores. Again, you should know the best if he'd like a cool print on it or if he'd prefer it to be a regular flask.

Gifts for indoor guys

The term "nerd" has stopped being an insult years ago and now you are very much likely to have a boyfriend who likes reading and spends a lot of time playing games or generally spending time at home. Well, they have their own preferences when it comes to getting a birthday gift.

A book

You do have to do some research, but if you want to make someone who likes reading happy - you get them a book! It's usually hard printed books - e-books don't make such impressive gifts. Find out what he likes - you can do so simply by asking him or just looking at his collection. Does he read comics? You can't go wrong if you pick up something from IGN's list of best comic for 2013. Is he into SF? Fantasy? Well, there are plenty of places to look for great books, and you can have them delivered in a few days usually, so they are pretty easy to shop for. Look at his library beforehand, and make sure the book you want to get for him is not a book he already owns - this is why it is usually the safest to go with new releases.

A console

Guys like their games as much as girls do

Now, this is an option if you can spend a decent amount of money, as they do not come cheap, but no nerd can resist having a new gaming rig in his living room. This is a good year for buying consoles, as there's a new generation of them out - you can either go for a brand new PS4 and Xbox console or get one from the previous generation at a discounted price. Make sure you talk to him about it beforehand - a PC gamer may not be thrilled about getting a console, and there are fan bases around different consoles that would not appreciate getting a console from the "opponents" camp (think nerd variant of aversion between football fans who root for different teams). A PC gamer may appreciate a good gamepad or a racing wheel if he is into racing games - ask him about his favorite games and see what he'll tell you.


Something easy on the eyes to look at

Indoor types like having interesting things around them, and that includes various pieces of art around them. Be it a poster of their favorite band on the wall, a framed poster for a new movie he is? excited about or just a very classy looking lamp, an arty piece that fits the space he spends most of his time in is a good choice.

And in case that you feel especially crafty these days, a little extra effort for a thoughtful gift is always appreciated. You can't go wrong with these, as these gifts for men are sure to attract attention and to show you are getting a present for him - not something you liked for yourself, but something he can enjoy.