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6 Birthday Gifts for Your Best Friend Guaranteed to Be a Hit

For sure sooner or later you will find yourself looking for birthday present ideas for best friend. If you feel like you lack inspiration, take a look at our gift ideas that you simply cannot go wrong with.

Perfect Birthday Gift Ideas for Best Friend

While some people find it really easy to buy the perfect gifts for their friends, others might be simply struggling. If you are looking for gifts for your best friend, for sure you know what this feels like. The same goes for the great birthday gifts for boyfriend because they are just as difficult to find. However, there are some gift ideas that you simply cannot go wrong with. We have compiled a list of items you and your friend might like. Just make sure the gift you choose is suitable for the person in question; you don't want to be remembered for the inappropriate gifts you give.

woman in grey socks hugging coffee cup with feet

Things to get your best friend

1. Toe socks

The good best friend gifts don't necessarily have to be expensive and they could be as simple as a pair of socks. Naturally you shouldn't be thinking about socks of any kind, but those that have something special about them, such as the toe socks.

2. A good book

One can't really put a price on a good book and everybody likes a good reading. If you know about their favorite genre, you could add a new piece to her collection of books. Choose a piece according to your budget and her taste.

3. Homemade cookies

When it comes to birthday gift ideas for best friend, you should know that the homemade gifts are priceless. For sure you appreciate the gifts of this kind and your friend does too. If you know your way around the kitchen, you could offer her a basket of cookies.

4. Cute stationery

Spending eight hours per day at the office could bring anybody down. However, if you have some cute stationery, it could bring a smile on your face. If your friend is working in an office as well, this is something you should consider as a gift.

5. Some unique artwork

Everybody loves art. Naturally you don't have to think about the Mona Lisa. When looking for birthday presents for best friends you may consider a professional photo or a painting of a contemporary artist.

6. Give her a spa day

Everybody likes a little pampering every once in a while. Just think about spending an entire day getting massages, going to the sauna, having facials, and everything else that a nice spa has to offer. Maybe you could accompany her as well.

How to Find Cute Presents for Your Best Friend for Their Birthday or for Any Other Special Occasion That Begs for a Special Gift

So, which are the birthday gift ideas for best friend you could be thinking about? Give the matter some thought before making a decision.

1. Toe socks – always trendy

rainbow toe socks

For sure you know some people who always wear socks with interesting prints. When looking for best friend gifts, this is something you could be thinking about. Actually there are some sets of three or four pairs of socks of interesting and different patterns. These are also quite colorful, so you should make sure she actually likes them. As another option there are also the toe socks. These are the kinds of socks you can wear flip-flops with. Usually they come with colorful stripes. If your friend happens to be somewhat eccentric, this is the right kind of gift for them.

2. A good book always promises some fun

books in book store

Some people might think that people are too busy to read in this day and age, but if you're looking for birthday presents for best friends, this is one of the best ideas you could think of. In case you happen to have a friend who likes to read, try to find out more about the books she likes. Maybe she likes mystery novels and you could get her a book she didn't read yet. If you have a generous budget, you could also think about a first edition or a special edition. If you have a limited budget, you could consider used books too. There is nothing that could really diminish the value of a good book.

Since we are living in a digital era, when it comes to the birthday present ideas for best friend, you might also think about e-books. If she has an e-book reader you could get her a gift card for a given amount of money that she could use to buy herself the books she likes. This might be the best idea if you don't really know the genders she is into.

3. Homemade cookies – with all your love

sweet cookies

If you know your way around the kitchen, you should know that this is a place you could create birthday gifts for friends. There are numerous cookie recipes that even newbies can try and there is no way for them to go wrong. Once they are done, make sure you wrap them up nicely. Wrapping them in tinfoil and throwing them in a shoebox just won't cut it. As an idea, you could place a few cookies in a jar and add a piece of thin cloth to the top of the jar as decoration. It might also be a good idea to add a label to the jar saying what kind of cookie it is.

As another idea for gift for friend, you could also get a basket and place the cookies in it. The good thing about this idea is that she will be able to use the basket in the future as well even after the cookies are long gone. If you are really good with baking, you could give her a voucher for cookies of any kind she's like, when she'd like.

4. Cute stationery for every office worker

mini men at work measuring stationeries

Although not many people write letters anymore, you shouldn't dismiss the idea of offering some cool stationery when it comes to good gifts for friends. For instance there are some envelopes that come with a special message on the inside. While some of them make people laugh, there are also some that are quite offensive. You should make sure your friend has a good sense of humor or they might not appreciate your gesture.

In case you are looking for personalized best friend gifts, you should know that there are some companies that take orders for stationery of this kind. It's not only envelopes you could get but also sticky notes, notepads, or anything else you could think of.

5. Some unique artwork to bring some beauty in their life

painting of a woman

Art means something different to all people. When looking for gift ideas for best friends, you should make sure you get something suitable for their taste. You could be thinking about a painting made of blobs of color and ice cream sticks stuck to them. If this is not their style, you could also consider a professional photo of a landscape. Art made of letters and words is also trendy, so you could buy her letters she could stick on her wall. If this is something she would be willing to do so, you could get her abstract shapes, cats, or even polka dots to make her home a happier place.

If you are looking for something that would make her smile as presents for your best friend, think about nesting dolls. There are some dolls with the face of Kate Middleton that seem to be more than popular. In case she happens to constantly be in a hurry (and maybe even late), you could get her an artistic clock. There are some that have words instead of numbers. For instance, instead of the number one there is the word "late". This is because at five past nine she is already late.

6. Give her a spa day – just for herself

spa products

Spending an entire day at the spa is like a dream come true for most women. This gift for a best friend isn't really about the money, but about the time she should give herself. If you give her a gift card or voucher she will most probably use it even if she'd have other things to do as well. At the beginning it might seem much to spend so much time in there, but she will have a change of heart after the first facial and she didn't even have a massage yet!

Being a good friend means that you know what she needs even when she doesn't and maybe she needs for you to be there with her. In this case the cute presents for your best friend could be for you to go to the spa as well. You could spend some quality time together and you would also be pampered. Is there anything else better you could imagine? In fact that is the best use of your time: spending your time on yourselves while catching up with the latest stories.