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Pay Attention to Detail: Live Better by Thinking Quality over Quantity

If you focus your attention to detail, you will appreciate life more. Details matter and it’s worth having patience in order to achieve great things in life. Anything that is worth doing takes effort and attention to details.

Having a Better Perspective by Paying Attention to Detail

Paying attention to detail is an important aspect of life that many have forgotten. In order to accomplish tasks more quickly with less effort, we are drilled to multitask and focus on the big picture. But sometimes we can lose focus of the big picture with too many distractions. Sometimes taking it slow is the solution and your quality of life will be better when you pay attention to details.

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“Details matter”: this is the philosophy of many successful people such as Steve Jobs, who understand the value of the small things. In order to achieve something great in life, he believed you must take small steps to get there. That means being a perfectionist and never settling for less than the best.

Disregard of Attention to Detail Could Cost You Dearly in the Long Run. A Great Vision Can Easily be Lost if You Don’t Know How to Achieve it

Knowing how to effectively incorporate all aspects into your life’s work can pay dividends. Learn how to pay attention to detail by having a sense of pride in yourself.

Pursue Your Passions

Because you deserve it

When you are truly dedicated to something, you will give full effort to seeing it through. Having passions is the surefire way of living a fulfilling life. When you are passionate about something, you are more likely to pay close attention to it. Passions deserve your undivided attention for you to be able to enjoy the small things in life. This is why if you have a job you love, you will be the most productive. It’s because you concentrate on the details that produce excellence.

Details Matter

Those who say otherwise are wrong

It’s the little things that people appreciate the most. That’s what keeps people come back to the same restaurants and bars. That’s what has people paying more for things when they could go to Walmart or McDonalds. It’s because the details matter to customers. The small things add subconsciously to the atmosphere of every location. People would rather be somewhere with colorful plants and tasteful artwork than a boring room with no windows.

Becoming Detail-Oriented

When you can escape the mentality that something doesn’t matter, you will be one step closer to becoming a detail-oriented person. Cleanliness and personal hygiene are two perfect examples of judging someone based on their attention to detail. More and more people are starting to take less care of themselves. And the result? More and more people who aren’t maximizing their full potential because they fail to maintain their focus to detail. Someone who doesn’t take pride in themselves is a cause for concern; it means that they stopped caring about themselves.

Enjoying the Process

Slow down and enjoy the process in order to fully enjoy something. Focusing on the details means you are fully immersed in something to the point you forget about the reason you are doing it for. This is dedication to one’s craft. Being a detail-oriented person requires you to understand that life is a marathon. By the time you reach the finish line, the memories of the journey are the ones that will stick out in your mind.

Living a Quality Life

Make the best of it

Think of it this way: when you are shopping, what do you look for? You look for products with the best value. Brand-name icons charge more for their products because they are well-crafted. That’s not always the case, but for the most part you can expect to get what you pay for. That is why you should dedicate your life to: emphasizing quality - because the rewards will be worth it.

Remember People’s Names

It's a toughie

The amount of effort it takes to remember people’s names is minimal and its impact can be life-changing. Research has shown that people respond better when their name is called. People’s favorite word is their own name. So, in order to get closer with everyone you come in contact with, why not say their name? The process to remember might not be as hard as you first thought.

It’s Not as Hard as You Think

Attention to detail is as simple as remembering someone’s name. Remembering someone’s name is as simple as writing their name down and constantly repeating it while looking into their eyes. You are getting a mental picture of their face while saying their name. There is no easier way to remember a name. Remembering names sets apart people because it shows that you truly care about others.

Focusing on Your Personal Relationships

Take that effort that you put into your passions and apply it to all aspects of your life. Treat your relationships like you treat your hobbies. Set aside a certain amount of time every day to make sure your boyfriend knows that he has a great girlfriend. Pay attention to the little things when you are with him. Get him a gift that conveys the most amount of thought possible. Small displays of affection are more meaningful than an expensive store-bought gift with no thought behind it.

Which Would You Rather Have?

Would you rather have fifty acquaintances or two good friends? Would you rather have five good friends or one best friend? Opt for quality over quantity and not quantity over quality, every time. It’s the details that make your friendships more meaningful. The memories of time shared with a good friend are some of life’s sweetest pleasures. Life isn’t always a numbers’ game. Sometimes you have to look inside at the details to understand how someone is really living.

Set a Standard for Living

In order to follow through with quality aspects in your life, you have to make quality a requirement. You have to set a standard and make quality a non-negotiable aspect of your life. Adopting a quality mindset is as easy as not settling for any less than you deserve. By setting a standard you are refusing to cut corners. You are dedicated to giving everyone your best and you will not settle for anything less than perfection.