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How to Get His Attention with 5 Things Guys Will Notice

If you are looking for ways to attract his attention and make it stick, then this article is for you. This simple advice may help you to your goal, and let you in on a few tips and tricks when it comes to hunting for a boyfriend.

Find out What Things Guys Notice about Girls

Since mankind exists, and thus the mating game, girls have been trying to figure out how to get that special guy's attention. Various methods have been used throughout the ages, from holding a lady's fan a certain way to signalize interest to those who can read the secret code, to modern day poking of unsuspecting guys on social networks such as Facebook. Some methods were indeed efficient, some less so, but those that did prove to actually work came out on top and are now at our disposal.

couple in embrace with woman pressing pointer finger on lips

Further in this article you will find some of the most important things guys notice about girls. Here are 5 tips to get a guy to notice you.

How to Get His Attention: Get a Guy to Notice You and Leave a Lasting Impression on Him by Using These Clear Cut Guidelines We Have Prepared for You

Attraction works in mysterious ways. Different people notice different things, and value them individually, according to their own scoring rules. However, there are some traits that are found to be universally appealing, and you could have all of them, or maybe you already do.

1. Body language

woman holding thumbs up standing with good back posture
Straight posture says it all

The very first thing a guy notices almost the very instant he sees you walking by, is your posture. He will or will note take not of you depending on whether you are slouching and dragging your feet or holding your back straight with a firm step. When talking to people, do not be afraid to look them in the eye. No need to stare too long, but avoiding eye contact completely gives off the impression of insecurity, even fearfulness. Keep your shoulders back, your chin up, and your walk firm. Your body language sends a message about you, and according to that message he will either perceive you as a confident, self-aware, and positive person, or as insecure, self-conscious and uninteresting. This brings me to my next point…

2. Be bold about it

women with noticeable glance
Exuberate an air of confidence

Admittedly, it's easier said than done, but that too can be achieved through a bit of practice and a few simple tricks. As mentioned before, posture is very important to maintain an air of confidence. And that's exactly what you need to get noticed.. Try to be comfortable in your own skin, and if you succeed, it will show. Have the courage to glance at him across the room a few times until your eyes meet. Don't break eye contact right away, hold it for a split second longer, so he knows that you were looking at him, and not just skimming through the crowd. A discrete, barely-even-there smile would also do nicely. This may be just what it takes for him to come up and talk to you, or at the very least mark you on his radar.

3. Conversation skills

Although shyness is not really a bad trait, it is one that makes you a bit more passive. If you are seeking to catch a guy's attention, you need to be active about it. In a number of subtle ways, of course. In a social situation with your "target", do not be afraid to speak your mind, and when you do so, make sure he reads you loud and clear. If you are too quiet, he might not even hear you, or not take notice of your words. You even may end up looking as if you're mumbling to yourself, and that funny joke you wanted him to hear is now wasted. Just be careful not to overdo it, speaking too loudly may come across as obtrusive, or just plain awkward.
Other than how you speak, you should take notice of what you are saying. Mind your vocabulary and always be assertive. Avoid any vulgarity, cussing, or being offensive to anyone or anything. If you want to state a negative opinion on something, be polite about it, and it's probably a good idea to use a euphemism. Make sure that you can always back your opinion and explain it if asked. It is always best to speak about things you know, and the confidence and ease will flow freely. This will only serve to make you look intelligent and sophisticated. The same can be useful for online communication as well.

4. Appearance

girl holding bag on street
Appearance isn't everything but that doesn't mean it's not important

The way you look is always important, but especially so if you're trying to impress someone. The trick is not to let it show that you are trying at all. When picking out an outfit, always try to stay true to yourself. If you are not really into skirts and high heels, don't force yourself into them. It will only make you feel costumed, and the unease will show. Wear whatever fits into your personal style. There is no point in wearing a good outfit if you cannot feel good in it. As mentioned earlier, men respond to confidence, so wear whatever you feel the most confident in.

5. Is less more?

woman in red dress revealing shoulder
How much should you reveal to make a point?

And now for the eternal question, how revealing should your clothes be? The most important and decisive factor should be your own level of comfort in showing some skin. If you like to wear short skirts, or deeply cut shirts, then do so. Just keep in mind that everything should be done with measure. As a rule of fashion, one should either reveal the upper part of the body, or the lower, but not both. Doing so might put you in danger of looking like you're going to the beach (unless you are actually going to the beach). Make sure that your clothes fit you properly, meaning that they are in your size. A dress will most definitely flatter your figure better if it isn't either too tight or too loose.
Secondly, you should try to dress for the occasion, not the person. If you're going to meet your target at a football match, don't turn up in formalwear. Overdressing may be very tempting when you are trying to look your best for someone and get noticed, but try to steer clear of it. Also, if you are to encounter him in an academic setting, adhere to the dress code, lest you attract an unwanted kind of attention.
And finally, it is a matter of both legend and science that red is the color of seduction. It is the symbol of love and passion in many cultures. According to your style, you can wear a red dress, or spice up an everyday outfit with red lipstick, or just a simple red scarf, and it may be just the thing to catch his eye.

When it comes down to it… just being yourself may be all it takes to get the attention you want from him

It all boils down to presentation. Show yourself off, the looks, the brains, the charismatic personality and anything else you got going for you. "Just be yourself" is probably the corniest and overused piece of advice ever, but in the end, it is true.