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How to Not Be Boring: Your In-Depth Guide to Get His Attention

It is crucial to know how not to be boring in order to keep a relationship alive. There are some tactics you could use, but you should make sure not to try too hard or you will simply seem too desperate.

How Not to Be a Boring Person to Be Around?

At the beginning every relationship is thrilling and exciting. However, as time goes by, people get used to being around each other and at that point you might start wondering how to not be boring. This might seem a vague concept, but the good news is that there are several different approaches you could use to spice things up.

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Remember that this is not something that will get solved on its own. You will have to work for it. Every couple has boring moments, but if you learn how not to be boring and you go out of your way, he will never be able to be bored of you.

How to Not Be Boring and Make Sure That He Will Want to Spend More with You and He Will Ask You out Again

So, how to not be a boring person? What is that you could do to become a more interesting person to date or a more interesting girlfriend?

It’s all about content

Quality first

Although you may not agree with this, texting is an important part of your relationship because it ensures a means of communication when you’re not together. So now you may be asking how to not be a boring texter. The first rule you have to remember is to keep the topics interesting and light. Try to tackle out of the ordinary topics. Talk about random funny things instead of what happened during the day. Also try to maintain a sense of humor in your texts. He will look forward to your messages if they make him smile, in turn, he will strive to make you smile as well. You may think it silly, but the topics don’t really have to make sense as long as they’re funny or interesting.

Use statements instead of questions

But try not to overdo it

Another thing to know regarding how to not be boring when texting is that you should use statements instead of questions. You shouldn’t ask “How was your day?” You should say “I bet you had an awesome day”. In order to not to be boring you should try to be special when it comes to texting. All people start a conversation with the question “What’s up?” Most probably he will say “Not much. You?” Say something that he doesn’t really expect. Or say something random that you just witnessed or something that happened at work. If he doesn’t take initiative, you will have to.

Try something new

This rarely fails to succeed

You might think that it is a cliché, but in order to make things more interesting, this is what you will have to do. When wondering how not to be bored, you should make sure to try something new regularly. You could be thinking about hanging out with a new crowd, going to a new restaurant, going on a short trip, or going camping. You could also think about trying things you never did before, such as taking dance lessons or going indoor rock climbing. Activities of this kind will only bring you guys closer and they will make your bond even stronger. The more experiences you have together, the more things you will have that connect you.

Have something to look forward to

Plan ahead

You could always do some small things that you can fit in your everyday schedule. However, if you want something really interesting, plan something big, such as this year’s vacation. In order to learn how to not be boring in a relationship, you should have something to look forward to. Think of a destination you always wanted to visit, but you never got the chance, such as Thailand. The countries far away give the promise of great adventure and you will come home with amazing memories that you get to share with the one person you care about the most. This idea is most suitable for the more adventurous and spontaneous people.

There is need for some mystery

Mysterious woman’s face
It's where all the fun lies

Remember how much fun it was at the beginning when at each date you learned something new about him? Although at the moment you might think that there is no more mystery in your relationship, you could add some mysterious elements. This is the best way to make him think you are not boring. If you are spending too much time together, it will be impossible for him not to know everything. However, if you consciously spend some time apart, it will be impossible for him not to wonder what you have been up to. You could spend some more time with your friends instead of him. This will drive him crazy and he will only be thinking about you. Is there anything else a girl could want?

Be more proactive

Work on it

You might be one of the people who don’t feel the need to talk all the time. However, if only he talks when you are together, after a while it will become boring for the both of you. As one of the ways not to be a boring person, you should educate yourself to be more talkative. For sure you have a lot to share and now is the time. This will be a great exercise for you that you will benefit from on the long run. By doing this you will make an exercise for your personality and later you will be more talkative with the other people around you as well.

Surprise him

It's a twist!

Let’s face it: who doesn’t like surprises? You could be thinking about something simple, such as bringing him lunch to the office or something bigger, such as turning up at his door with a picnic basket and organizing and indoor picnic. You could also get tickets to a concert he wanted to see or to a sports event that he is interested in. Just think about the things that you would like to get to make sure that he will enjoy your surprise.

One of the best ways to not be bored is not to be boring. You shouldn’t try very hard, but make sure that every once in a while you do something special to keep the flame alive. This will keep your relationship alive too.