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Vegetable Soup Diet Recipe for Low Calorie Meal Ideas

Vegetable soup diet recipes never get better than this.
With ingredients like raw tomato and celery that you can count on there is nothing to lose now.

Vegetable soup diet recipes and weight loss plans help you bring low calories to your meals without having to put your appetite on the chains of self-deprivation. With so many variations on soup diets out there the limiting factor in your stress free diet is only you.

What makes a good vegetable soup?

Those of you who remember the 7 day vegetable soup diet may be familiar with dieting on vegetable soup. Even if you are already seasoned in the ways of Soup Diets you will surely love the vegetable soup diet recipe for health in this special take on the vegetable soup diet.

For soup diet enthusiast and people just getting started out alike feel free to use this page as a reference to what it takes to make good vegetable soup that doesn't make you fat perfect for the vegetable soup diet.

In this healthy Slism, we introduce a simple but effective vegetable soup recipe to accompany any soup diet plan with emphasis on the vegetable soup diet that you don't have to worry about because it's so low in calories.

Quick Vegetable Soup

Vegetable Soup Makes Reducing Calories in Your Diet Easy

The fact that soup made with vegetables can be made while staying low calorie is what makes the vegetable soup diet one of the most attractive soup diets out there alongside the cabbage soup diet. Eating vegetable soup has little effect on your weight even if you happen to overeat.

Not having to worry about gaining weight when you overeat allowing you to satisfy your appetite without the stress of strict rules for eating that more often than most are almost impossible to realize. Vegetable soup is gentle on your blood sugar meaning feeling less hungry.

In addition to holding nutritional value the ingredients of vegetable soup are rich in dietary fiber that is said to be great for your skin not to mention relieving constipation. Getting more vegetables in your diet has been seen as a great way to detox your body.

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What Ingredients Make Vegetable Soup So Low In Calories

The reason why it is said you can slim down losing weight only eating vegetable soup is that it is so low in calories. It's no secret that vegetable soup like other soup diet works great if you are looking for a way to cut back on calories in your diet without starving.

In general, the ingredients used in vegetable soup consist of cabbage, carrots, and mostly onions. For best results in your diet adding tomatoes and ginger is highly recommended.

Cabbage is 23 Cal/100g. This means by adding 200g to your vegetable soup, the total calories added is only 46 calories. On the other hand, onion is 37 Cal/100g, slightly higher in calories but not something you have to worry about causing you to gain weight.

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Recipe for Vegetable Soup both Nutritious and Low Calorie

Who doesn't want to start on a vegetable soup diet? Follows is a simple and effective vegetable soup recipe to get you started if that is what you want. Remember you may want to add tomato and ginger for best results.

Vegetable Soup(2-3 servings)
Ingredient Amount Calories
Onion 1/2 33Cal
Carrot 1/2 28Cal
Cabbage 1/4 59Cal
Ginger 1 thumb 7Cal
Tomato OR
Canned Tomatoes
2 medium
Garlic Approx. 6Cal
Celery 1/4 29Cal
Shimeji Mushroom 1/2 stalk 22Cal
Consomme Soup Base 2 cubes 24Cal
Salt and Pepper A pinch 4Cal
Water 600ml -
Total Calories 275Cal

Note that the total calories above are that for vegetable soup contains a medium sized tomato. When using canned tomatoes this amount to around 292 calories allowing you to stay below 300 calories per meal while on the vegetable soup diet.

How-To Make: Step By Step Cooking Instructions

  1. Cut all vegetables prepared beforehand into suitable sizes for consumption
  2. Place vegetables in a suitably sized pot with water and apply heat
  3. Add extra water when needed to make up for water content lost as needed
  4. Add consomme, garlic, and ginger once carrots are soft enough to stick with a toothpick
  5. Stew for a period of 5 to 10 minutes adding salt and pepper when you are finished

There are a lot of different variations to the recipe above as you will see. For further reference see fat burning vegetable soups to take your vegetable soup diet even further.

What the Vegetable Soup Diet Really Is

On most diets it is to what it seems customary to worry about what you eat always asking yourself If I eat this is it going to make me fat? Just so we're on the same page, that's not the vegetable soup diet.

The point to going on a vegetable soup diet is to not have to worry about the amount you eat eliminating stress in your diet. How this is done is by incorporating foods such as vegetable soup in your diet so it doesn't matter how much you eat you won' get fat.

Even though there are no limits on your calorie limit, don't let that stop you from exercising regularly like you should if you want your diet to go all the way. In that respect, doing workouts that require you to use your whole body is recommended.

  • Vegetable soup diet recipe

    Vegetable soup diet recipe

    Simplicity when you cook starts when you can make vegetable soup from scratch saving you time and money you can spend elsewhere.

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