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Shirataki Noodles Japanese Health-Food: 3 Miracle Recipes

Is getting fat eating pasta starting to be the norm? See how you can change that, by making pasta with Shirataki noodles instead.
Don't get stuck eating regular noodles when you can enjoy pasta while consuming less than half the calories. Wow!

Shirataki is one food that sets the standard for healthy. That is why many diet centric people have started to use it in their cooking. Want to be able to eat ramen, yakisoba, and pasta without compounding calories?

With very little alteration you can make bar bending ramen and yakisoba noodles lighter than ever by using shirataki. Looking for low-carb alternatives to conventional pasta? Drop the calories in your past by choosing to eat shirataki pasta.

In this column we are going to introduce 3 recipes to transform you food a healthy choice fit for any diet.

3 Healthy Shirataki Recipes
Ramen Recipe
Yakisoba Recipe
Pasta Recipe

You are safe, because even if you use 1 bulb (180-200 g) of shirataki, that's only 11-12 calories!
Compared to rice (252 Cal per 150 g), shirataki has no more than 5% the calories of rice.

Shirataki Base Preparations

Shirataki can be used in many different dishes; but what may be worrying some people is the smell it gives off when not prepared right.

Although there might be people out there not phased by unclean shirataki in their food, the purpose is not to just get rid of the konnyaku smell shirataki has when unclean; its important to prepare shirataki before cooking to enable flavor to be easily added while cooking.

How to prepare shirataki for cooking

  1. Placing your shirataki in a strainer thoroughly rinsing with cold water

  2. Place strainer containing rinsed shirataki in boiling water for 3 minutes

  3. Remove properly prepared shirataki from boiling water and start cooking

I know you must be thinking, "That's it!" In fact, the little work you put into preparing shirataki makes a big difference in the flavor of your food when cooking. That's why it is much better to spend a couple more minutes preparing shirataki before moving on to cooking.

Shirataki Ramen (Shirataki Noodles) - 152 Cal / 1serving - Cook time:10 minutes

By using store bough ramen noodle soup, it is easy to incorporate shirataki into your ramen noodle soup.

Traditional ramen can have as much as 443 Cal. With shirataki noodles it is possible to lower your calorie intake by as much as 291 Cal. This gives you flexibility when choosing topping, adding corn and even hard boiled eggs to your meal.

What you are going to need

Ingredients for shirataki noodles

Ingredients for shirataki noodles & Calorie
Ingredient & Amount Calorie
180-200 g (1 bulb) shirataki 12 Cal
1 pack ramen soup base 98 Cal
20 g menma 13.4 Cal
10 g green onion 3 Cal
2 slices (14 g) cooked pork 25 Cal
1/8 sheet dried seaweed 1 Cal
300 cc hot water (for the soup) 0 Cal

How to make Shirataki Noodles

Cooking instructions for shirataki noodles:

  1. After preparing shirataki for cooking, cut into length of your liking
  2. Bring water to a boil in a pot, place ramen soup, and stir in soup base
  3. Place shirataki into pot of boiling ramen soup, continuing to apply heat for another 1-2 minutes
  4. Once finished, place shirataki and ramen soup in a bowl and then start to add menma, green onion, and cooked pork into the soup. There you have it, a low-calorie alternative to ramen noodles that is fun and easy to make.

Shirataki Ramen Review

[My First Shirataki]Living in Japan it is hard to know what to eat at times so sometimes you have to trust your gut.
Then there was Although I thought the soup had more of a salty taste than I expect, that's probably has something to do with the fact that normal flavor sticks to ramen leaving more or less the same flavor on the noodles. With one bite you will know instantly that it's Shirataki. It may be different, but when looked at from a calorie and flavor diet perspective is a miracle food that even people not on a diet won't pass up late at night when you stomach is empty and you just want something to eat.
I'll give it a 4 out of 5 because I was so hungry.

Shirataki Yakisoba (Fried Noodles in Sauce) - 209 Cal / 1serving - Cook time:15 minutes

Do you know how good Shirataki is for your body?? It may not be a super-food but it makes a great way to healthy up your diet.

However, the trick to making it taste good is all in preparation. Once you have that down, you can eat in bliss. Refer to Shirataki Base Preparations for special tips to make cooking with Shirataki taste better.

Unlike regular yakisoba, shirataki yakisoba doesn't contain 700 calories!

If you are craving yakisoba, but don't want to have to deal with the aftermath of putting so much calories in you body, make yakisoba with shirataki.

By using the same ingredients that come with yakisoba you buy at the store and vegetables lying around the house, you can make shirataki yakisoba too.

What you are going to need

Ingredients for shirataki yakisoba

Ingredients for shirataki yakisoba & Calorie
Ingredient & Amount Calorie
180-200 g (1 bulb) shirataki 12 Cal
50 g cabbage 12 Cal
50 g (moyashi) bean-sprout 19 Cal
20 g carrot 8 Cal
30 g pork 55 Cal
green seaweed crumbs 1 Cal
10g ginger 2 Cal
Bulldog chuno sauce 55 Cal
pinch of salt and pepper  

How to make Shirataki Yakisoba

Cooking instructions for shirataki yakisoba

  1. Cut cabbage and carrots up into sizes that fit your liking, and wash moyashi in cold water
  2. Cut pre-prepared shirataki into the length of your liking, suitable to be eaten as noodles
  3. Place shirataki in a hot pan, cooking noodles, removing moisture, and then take out of pan
  4. After removing water from the shirataki, add sesame oil and vegetable into the frying pan
  5. Add the shirataki off (3.) to the fried vegetables of (4.) and continue to fry together, adding salt, pepper and sauce for added flavor
  6. Remove from heat onto a plate and apply the finishing touches (seaweed crumbs, ginger) to the shirataki yakisoba you just made.

If you happen to have extra yakisoba sauce lying around, then it’s okay to use that too, if it fits your taste.

Shirataki Yakisoba Review

[New kind of Yakisoba]I thought that the Yakisoba my friend Satoh-san had me eat was awesome.
Not only was it packed full with veggies (which I just can't get enough of) but the sauce was simply delicious.
I wanted more, but to my dismay there were no seconds. As I thought, the thick flavor you get doesn't stick as much as Soba does, which in my opinion is the best! I give it a 3 considering how much less calories it has than regular yakisoba.

Shirataki Pasta - 126 Cal / 1serving - Cook time:10 minutes

Pasta hits the right spot in your diet with its crazy low GI (Glycemic Index). On top of that Shirataki has like no calories!!

Prepared the same way you would do making pasta, Shirataki makes a simple alternative to an already healthy meal.

For special tips on base preparations refer to Shirataki Base Preparations for a detail look on how to properly prepare Shirataki before cooking to bring out the best taste possible.

Let's start making tarako spaghetti with shirataki!

For people too busy to make sauce from scratch, using store bought sauce is okay.

What you are going to need

Ingredients for Shirataki Pasta

Ingredients for Shirataki Pasta & Calorie
Ingredient & Amount Calorie
180-200 g (1 bulb) shirataki 12 Cal
20 g (1/5 whole) tarako 28 Cal
10 g butter 75 Cal
1/8 sheet dried seaweed 1 Cal
parmesan cheese 10 Cal

How to make Shirataki Pasta

Cooking instructions for shirataki pasta:

  1. Peal of the skin of the tarako and place in a adequately sized bowl
  2. Cut pre-prepared shirataki into pasta noodle lengths
  3. Add shirataki into hot frying pan and cook until moisture is removed
  4. Lower frying pan heat, adding butting and mixing with shirataki
  5. Stop heat and add tarako to the pan, dressing the shirataki-butter mixture
  6. Add enough parmesan cheese that fits your taste
  7. Remove from pan onto a plate and start applying the finishing touches, shredded seaweed

When using store bought sauce, just add the sauce to the shirataki after completing removing moisture.

Shirataki Pasta Review

Best pasta recipe that anyone can make (5 out of 5)
It was just what I thought it would be like Tarako spaghetti with Shirataki. No surprise except for… This may actually be my favorite! Not only does it require like no special ingredient (nothing I can't go out and buy) all you have to do is put the heat on and yes it's done. Personally, I recommend this to you.

Cooked by Satoh (Thanks for the good eats Satoh!)

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