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Agar Agar Vegetarian Gelatin Kanten Powder Fat Blocker

What would you do without fat blocking foods such as vegetarian gelatin in your diet?
Take agar Kanten powder for example. Satisfy your appetite eating less.

Agar Agar ("Kanten") is one of the unexplored areas of the Japanese diet seaweed snacks that never seems to make it over the surface of ripple left behind by craze-phase fad diet like the Banana Diet. Interesting fact about Kanten is that not only does it serve as a vegetarian gelatin substitute it also works as a natural fat blocker.

kanten is vegitarian gelatin

Quick Kanten Diet

All you have to do to go on the Agar-Agar Powder Diet is eat this vegetarian gelatin alternative every day! What makes agar agar so great when dieting is the fact that it contains almost zero calories it helps you reach the point of fullness without overeating as well as acts as a natural fat blocker.

Is eating agar agar healthy?

With less stress and wary feelings of being hungry throughout the course of your busy day you have more time to concentrate on more important things such as which exercise to do to tone your arms or slim down your waist getting rid of unsightly muffin tops. The agar powder diet may be just what you need to naturally reduce the amount you eat while lowering your body fat.

In this daily Slism, we open a discussion on how eating agar agar preferably before your meals may help you lose weight eating fat blocking vegetable gelatin on a Kanten diet. Fat blocking foods that mean fewer trips to the supplement store.

Easy Steps to Start Eating Healthy Agar Agar on the Kanten Diet

The Kanten diet starts by eating agar agar powder or agar based foods before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Other than that there are no strict dietary restrictions that you need to worry about after getting your daily serving of vegetarian gelatin. Just make sure to take you agar before your meals and eat the way you usually do.

Recommended Amount to Eat Per Meal

A good rule of thumb for knowing how much agar agar to add to your diet is that if you using dehydrated agar then this amount is roughly 5 gram. That means between 15 and 20 grams a day and you are set.

Note that when considering agar based foods, use your best judgment. That means consider the balance between nutrition, calories, and ultimately the impact it will impact your appetite during meal time.

Healthy Agar Snacks

  • Mizuyokan - A Japanese wagashi snack that is made using either red bean paste or great tea powder traditional made to complement the bitter taste of tea.
  • Anmitsu - A bowl of fruit served in an agar based syrup-like sweet liquid with consistency close to being called gelatin often served at cafes in Japan.
  • Kanten Jelly - A gelatin snack made by using agar agar Kanten powder taking many forms and flavors that works as a great vegetarian gelatin substitute.

Dietary Fiber in Kanten Prevents Overeating

The dietary fiber in agar agar powder helps keep your appetite bay keeping you from overeating.

That's why simply taking Kanten powder before each meal works like an alarm clock waking up your stomach telling you it's about time to stop eating.

The secret to naturally reduce the amount of food you eat may be as simple as taking Kanten powder before eating your meals.

Different Kinds of Agar Agar to Choose From

With Kanten blocks and even agar agar noodles there is more variety than agar powder to the mix. However, no matter what type of agar you use the results are the same.

Simply adding apples or other fruits for that matter, chocolate, milk and even tomatoes you can greatly expand on the variation of ways to eat agar.

The fact that you can always find ways for incorporating agar in your diet is what makes it such a versatile health food that never gets boring.

Benefits of Eating Healthy Agar Agar for Weight Loss

Agar Agar Kanten is rich in dietary fiber, works as a great natural fat blocker, and is an overeating preventative agent that you don't want to miss out in your diet. All you need to do to make your diet work naturally reducing calories by reducing your daily intake without feeling hungry is incorporation healthy Kanten in your meals.

No Calories

Even though the calories in Kanten are not literally zero that doesn't mean it doesn't come close to say that the calories you take eating agar agar is negligible and contain significantly low amounts of fat.

Guilt Free

Anyone who has ever been a diet knows how important eating guilt free is for success. After all eating and dieting work in balance. That's why eating foods less likely to upset this balance are a must not to mention make a great midnight snacks addition to foods you can get away eating late at night.

Better Health

In addition eating Kanten is said to be helpful in lowering cholesterol levels and preventing dangerous rises in your blood pressure while getting rid of constipation issues.

Common Misconceptions about the Kanten Diet

Although agar agar has the dietary fiber, calcium, iron, and potassium, it lacks in protein, fat, and other vitamins and minerals necessary to make your diet work. That is why going on an all Kanten powder diet is not recommended.

Not only will eating a diet solely based on agar won't work, the Kanten diet lacks the calories necessary to work as a replacement diet used to cut back on calories such as cleanse-like fruit diets.

On top of doing the Kanten diet it is most important that you maintain a baseline check on basic nutrition and energy your need to stay active.

Again, I would like to stress that the agar agar diet is tool if used right may mean wonders in your diet in terms of reducing calories and suppressing your appetite the right way eating.

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