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Words of Gratitude: 8 Gestures to Show Appreciation in Any Situation

Who would have known that being likeable could be so easy? Just remember to slip a few of these words of gratitude into your next conversation to ensure making friendship, or keeping the relationships you already have. Keeping friends is always easier than making new ones.

Words of Gratitude that Will Never Lose Their Value

Sometimes we forget our manners, but just remembering to show your appreciation in any way possible can go a long way. If you can’t return the favor, then at the very least pay attention and return the favor with kind words. These simple phrases or forgetting to use them often enough can make or break business opportunities, friendships, and relationships.

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Guys love a girl who shows gratitude for even the smallest of things. So make your boyfriend feel appreciated with some of these words of gratitude. It can make a good relationship great and turn around one that’s going downhill.

Words of Gratitude You Can Start Using Right Now to Expand Your Social Circle and Make an Impact on Other People’s Lives! Be the Change that You Desire in the World and Treat Others the Way You Want to Be Treated

Be the change that you desire in the world and treat others the way you want to be treated. Here are some simple, yet effective words of gratitude to help get you started.

“Thank You”

The simplest and most basic of all ways to show gratitude, when used effectively, can have the biggest impact. “Thank you” shows the other person that you accept their compliment or value their presence. Some people believe that the more you use it the more the value of the words diminishes. You should not be one of those people. These two words cannot be overused and their value cannot be overstated. If you get in the habit of saying “thank you” with a smile and eye contact, it is one of the simplest and most powerful tools you have to have opportunities thrown your way.

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“I Appreciate Your Help”

Highly underrated phrase with a powerful message of gratitude to leave a good impression on anyone you come into contact with. Appreciation can often be showed in your actions, but not in every situation. Any time when you don’t think you can return the favor, make sure to let others know your appreciation with these four words. Going out of their way to help you will be acknowledged and they will remember that you are a grateful person. Don’t ever make someone feel like their effort was wasted on you, or they will be less likely to want to help you in the future.

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“That is Very Kind of You”

Another highly effective, yet underutilized phrase in today’s society. It’s kind of old-fashioned and rarely said by young people. However, being grateful in exchange for being thought of as ‘uncool’ is a worthy trade. Next time someone compliments your appearance, consider mixing it up: throw in a “that is very kind of you” instead of a “thank you” and watch their face light up! As with all of these words of appreciation, the impact is lessened if you have a serious look on your face, so remember to smile!

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“I’m Glad (You Like it/You Feel That Way)”

This is a very important one. These words show approval for someone else’s feelings and this creates an emotional bond. It seems like such a small display of gratitude, but becoming comfortable using this phrase will get you results. You are projecting a positive attitude and making a statement of agreement. It’s a much better version of saying, “I agree” or “I know, right?” This phrase of agreement doesn’t show arrogance and is a better way to connect with people emotionally.

“You Made My Day!”

You might hear this maybe once every year, on average. You shouldn’t use this all the time, but it is just such a positive statement to make, that you are selling yourself short if you never use it. Save this for those very special occasions when you can’t really express how grateful you are in words. Well, now you can! Say “you made my day!” with as much enthusiasm you can muster. You are letting them know that their actions have influenced you so much that they actually had an impact on your life in only one day. As far as words of gratitude go, it doesn’t get any more meaningful than this one.

“Don’t Worry About it. It’s the Thought that Counts”

This one is convenient for when someone is offering a small token of their generosity, or playing down their gift as nothing special. Whether or not you are genuinely grateful for their effort, you must convince them you are, at all costs. Nothing feels worse than having your generosity go unnoticed. So if you are in the unfortunate position of unwrapping your birthday gift in front of the other person, be braced for disappointment and be ready to say these words with empathy in your voice. You know what it feels like to have your generosity ignored or played down, so don’t be the person to do it to others.

Return a Compliment with a Compliment

You may not do this too often and you might not return a compliment immediately after receiving one. It depends on the situation. People often give vacuous compliments for the sake or obligation of keeping up appearances. For example, “You’re so smart”, or “I like your fashion sense”. Sometimes it’s difficult for some people to respond well to these, because a simple “thanks” or a nodding head is sufficient acknowledgement. If a compliment given to you is vague, compliment them back, but make it a more meaningful one. For example, your friend says “You look nice”, return the compliment by commenting on how she changed her appearance, like “Thanks! Did you do something with your hair today? I like it!”

Smiling and Eye Contact

Last but not least, your social standing is not quite complete without the correct body language. Just smile, because being grateful means being happy. Eye contact serves a special purpose as well. Look people in the eye during and after they have done an act of kindness: this shows you were paying attention. If you say any of these wonderful phrases above without the body language showing your appreciation, the impact is lessened.